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13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories 

Ice machine accessories enable your ice makers, which are irrevocable for food service businesses, to function properly and remain sanitary, ensuring the longevity of your equipment and making them easier to operate.

Why Do You Need Additional Ice Machine Accessories?

Ice makers are widely used pieces of equipment in the food service industry and have some unique features. But you also need some additional commercial ice machine accessories to operate them more efficiently, increase their features, provide missing qualities and enhance their performances, especially if they have gotten older.

13 Ice Machine Accessories to Increase Your Equipment’s Performance

You can find an array of accessories to increase your ice maker’s functions. It would be best if you make some prioritization and choose the best options for your business’ capacity and needs to add your inventory.

1. Ice Scoops

Ice scoops are small additions that could make your job very convenient. Instead of using their hands or glass, your staff could benefit from an ice scoop. With the help of these ice machine accessories, you can minimize the chances of contamination since direct contact with the product would be reduced. Before handling your products, don’t forget to regularly clean the scoop and your hands!

2. Ice Shovels

These accessories are similar to ice scoops but a bit larger. Shovels will be more convenient if you take up more ice in one go from the ice bin. 

Maxx Ice MIB580 30" Ice Storage Bin For Ice Machines w/ 580 lbs. Storage Capacity - 13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories - Chef's Deal

3. Ice Storage Bins/Containers

They are ways to store your ice if your ice maker does not have sufficient storage space. You can get an ice storage bin based on your capacity and keep as much ice as possible. There are many sizes and models for your convenience. If you don’t have much space, you can invest in an undercounter model, and if you need to move around with the ice, you can get a mobile ice caddy. 

4. Bin Adapters

Bin adapters allow you to smoothly connect ice machines and ice bins. Even though most units are connected already, there can be gaps between the two parts due to the size differences. It is important to obtain a proper bin top to cover any gaps that might let air and germs into your unit.

Hoshizaki HS-5562 Remote Monitoring System for Cuber Ice Machine - 13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories - Chef's Deal

5. Remote Monitoring Systems

These ice machine accessories enable you to monitor the operation of your ice maker. They can serve as a safety net for your business and help you avoid the problem, notifying you before you run out of ice. Plus, the maintenance team can use these systems to diagnose the issue and intervene more precisely. 

6. Ozone Generators

Ozone is a natural gas that acts as a sanitizer and is often utilized in water plants to sanitize the water, and there are smaller versions designed for ice makers. Ozone generators work on electricity and regularly release small amounts of ozone to treat the water that enters the machine. It kills bacteria and mold and reduces bio-film build-up. These ice machine accessories will greatly minimize your staff’s maintenance responsibilities.

Hoshizaki HS-5061 Condensate Drain Pump - 13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories - Chef's deal

7. Condensate Drain Pumps

They allow you to use your ice machine in different settings. Ice machines require a drain to function. If you don’t have access to a floor drain, you can benefit from condensate drain pumps to accommodate your ice maker.

8. Automatic Cleaning Systems

These ice maker accessories release cleaners or sanitizers to eliminate minerals and other sediments. They maintain an automated cleaning cycle to ensure no dirt or bacteria accumulation happens in your unit. The cleaning cycle is followed by a couple of rinses before production is initiated again. Most of the newer models come with an internal cleaning system already installed, but if you are using an older machine, it would be best to purchase it. Check the details of your equipment to find a compatible cleaning system since all models might not fit all ice makers. Thanks to these ice machine accessories, you will spend less time on maintenance and cleaning. 

Hoshizaki HS-5442 Replacement Alkaline Chamber for DWM-20A - 13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories - Chef's Deal

9. Replacement Alkaline Chambers

They help to improve the quality of your water by reducing the water’s hardness and taste. It is a small step to enhance the quality of your ice. 

10. Ice Machine Sanitizers

Ice machine sanitizers are products specifically manufactured for anti-micro bacterial ice machine cleaning. Due to constant water flow, ice makers are prone to slime and algae growth as well as mineral and limestone build-up. It would help if you used these sanitizers with the cleaning system of your machine.

11. Ice Bags and Ice Baggers

Bagged ice can be good for easily selling and carrying ice around your establishment. Ice bags are made of durable material to carry large amounts of ice without breaking, and ice baggers can bag the ice for you. These machines are quite useful in hotels and convenience stores. They can quickly pack your ice with minimum contamination risk and get them ready for you.

12. Ice Totes and Ice Buckets

They are used to transport and carry ice from one place to another. Ice buckets are often used in hotel rooms and have a better aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, ice totes are often larger and used within commercial environments to carry ice.

Hoshizaki HS-5245 Tamper Proof Kit for 30" Air-Cooled Machines - 30"W x 32 1/2"D - 13 Must-Have Ice Machine Accessories - Chef's Deal

13. Tamper-Proof Kits

Tamper-proof kits for ice machines are manufactured for additional security measures. In settings such as correctional facilities, you require extra durability and security. These kits can replace commercial ice machine parts, such as the front panel, to make it more suitable for such environments. 


Ice machine accessories can help you increase the longevity of your ice makers, reduce the time needed for maintenance and enhance the efficiency of your ice production. You can make a checklist based on the items listed above and purchase the equipment you need for your kitchen. They are bound to make your life easier and your ice better quality!

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  • Thank you for sharing this informative article on must-have ice machine accessories for restaurants. As a restaurant owner, I found this article to be very helpful in understanding the different accessories that can enhance the performance and efficiency of an ice machine. The article highlights the importance of accessories such as water filters, ice scoops, and storage bins in ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the ice produced. I also appreciate the emphasis on safety measures such as the use of ice machine cleaners and sanitizers.

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