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The Legacy Companies A Leader in the Food Service Industry - Chef's Deal

The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry

The Legacy Companies, a collection of many different brands, is a company that has specialized in the food service industry. They have been manufacturing food service equipment for commercial and retail environments since 1998.

The Legacy Companies is dedicated to high-quality production and protecting the heritages of each brand under their umbrella. Due to their high standards and diligent scrutiny in producing and selling their products, The Legacy’s equipment became known as durable and reliable. While their headquarters is located in Florida, they offer services in over 130 countries and strive to build equipment that can stand the test of time.

The History of Legacy Companies

The Legacy Companies was founded in 1998 as two separate companies. Greenfield WorldTrade and Asbury Foodservice evolved into what we know today as The Legacy Companies. However, the history of the company as a whole goes further back, thanks to the many different brands it contains in its body. While each brand has its mark to contribute, the oldest one is Blakeslee which invented commercial dishwashers in 1880.

The Legacy Companies, as it can be understood from the name, pays close attention to the legacies of the brands it encompasses and ensures every achievement is honored and recognized. A timeline of some of the notable milestones in the company’s history can be found on its website. 

Today Greenfield WorldTrade’s name continues to represent the company internationally, while the domestic services can be accessed through The Legacy Companies.

Brands Under The Legacy Companies 

All the brands below listed unite under the Legacy with their major contributions to the food service industry and the value of their heritage in their respective fields. 

Adcraft VS-300 Countertop Vacuum Packaging Machine w 11inch Seal Bar, 3-Oz. Oil Bottle, 2 Filler Plates - The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry

1. Admiral Craft

Admiral Craft has recently joined The Legacy Companies and has become a valuable part of this large family. Admiral Craft has been in the industry since 1952 and is mainly known for its affordable prices and superior product quality. They have over 2000 products in their catalog and 70 years of experience. Their products can be accessed through several brands, such as Adcraft, Black Diamond, Grista, and Lunar Ice. 

Avanti CFC436Q0WG Convertible Refrigerator Freezer - The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry

2. Avanti Products

Avanti is famous for its compact appliances. It strives to offer you the best for limited spaces. The company has been on the market since 1972, and its products range from retail products to commercial equipment. 

3. BevLes

Bevles has been in the industry since 1946. They channel their long years of experience and energy toward creating the strongest and most durable products, such as proofers, racks, and cabinets. 

Blakeslee G-3000 Door Type Undercounter Glasswasher, 30 Racks/Hour capacity - The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry - Chef's Deal

4. Blakeslee

Blakeslee is the oldest company in The Legacy Companies. Founded in 1880, Blakeslee is responsible for the invention of commercial dishwashers and many other firsts in the food service industry, such as the creation of the first underslung conveyor on a Flight-Type Machine in 1965. Today, their commercial products and appliances are indispensable pieces of equipment in many establishments ranging from hotels to restaurant kitchens. 

5. Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice is famous for its sharp-edged innovations in knife sharpener markets. The company, founded in 1985,  has been striving to produce the best knife sharpener in the world since then. Alongside this big mission, they also provide high-quality grinders, waffle-makers, and beverage products. Their dedication to innovation sets them apart from other similar brands.

6. Excalibur

Excalibur, established in 1973, is a brand dedicated to offering functional yet transformational products to its customers. They focus on food dehydration and preservation and work hard to provide a healthy way for you to prepare and store your food. Excalibur dehydrators are leading products in their fields and are known for their reliability. In addition to dehydrators, you can find slicers, grinders, fruit crushers, and preparation tables in their catalog. 

7. General

General was born in the 1940s through the vision of the Harry Wiener family. It was a radical addition to the food service markets in its time and continues to amaze with its innovations. They first got famous with their manual slicers, which promised to make meals as pretty as they seemed in pictures. They continued to advance their slicer technology throughout the years and expanded their inventory by manufacturing mixers, food warmers, ranges, microwaves, and countertop equipment. Their recipe book from the 50s remains valuable to the food service industry’s heritage. 

8. Greenfield World Trade

Greenfield World Trade is a division of The Legacy Companies. Partnering with the companies under The Legacy Companies, they offer international services to many countries worldwide. 

9. Legion

Legion was originally founded in 1897; however, it has changed names. What started as a venture to manufacture high-quality silver products for hotels and restaurants evolved into a major company responsible for providing food enthusiasts and top chefs worldwide with the necessary equipment to create delicious meals. Among The Legacy Companies, Legion is distinguished by its stainless steel and copper cookware. 

10. Maxx Cold – Maxx Ice – Maxx Scientific

Maxx Ice MIM260NH 24" Half-Size Cube Ice Maker With Bin w/ 265 lbs/Day Production, Air-Cooled - The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry - Chef's Deal

These three companies are all separate product lines introduced by Maxximum, and The Legacy Companies include all three branches in its body.

Maxx Cold and Maxx Ice are product lines dedicated to manufacturing refrigerations, freezers, chef bases, wine coolers, ice machines, and similar products.

Maxx Scientific, launched in 2015, is a line for medical and laboratory purposes. They offer various equipment to store a wide range of products such as vaccines, blood, and chemicals. The machinery of this line is specially designed to meet the delicate storage requirements of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and assist workers in these fields in preserving their products. 

11. Nautilus

Nautilus is famous for its water distillers. The Legacy Companies takes pride in the fact that they introduced stainless steel water distillers to the homes of many customers from 1989 onwards. You can find water filtration systems and hydrogen water products through Nautilus. 

12. Omega

Omega was founded in 1985 by Robert Leo to manufacture juicers based on consumer requests. Leo and his team managed to design and produce many juicers that made a mark on the beverage industry. Today, it is possible to find many juicers and dispensers from Omega. It is significant to note that centrifuge, masticating, and pulp ejection style juicers are special to the brand and only available through them. In 2009, Omega joined The Legacy Companies and expanded its global distribution. 

Sapphire Manufacturing SMTPS-3072L with Prep Sink(s) Work Table - The Legacy Companies: A Leader in the Food Service Industry - Chef's Deal

13. Sapphire

Sapphire Appliances is a New York-based brand that focuses on quality above all else. Their attention to detail and thorough control processes ensure high-quality results. With Sapphire Appliances, you are bound to get good customer service. Their in-house and in-country customer service makes it easier for you to get the help you need. They strive to make your kitchens shine like Sapphire!

14. Vinotemp

Vinotemp has been setting high standards for wine cellars, coolers, and similar products since 1985. They design and distribute state-of-the-art products and aim to offer customized, reliable services. They cover everything from corkscrews to wine cabinets and ensure you have everything you need. 

15. Vinturi

Vinturi was established in 2007; the same year, they debuted their first aerator. The product aimed to reduce the long process of decanting wine into mere seconds to offer excellent wine from the first sip to the last. The aerator is designed to infuse your wine with the just right amount of oxygen to enhance its taste and quality. Vinturi aerators are perfect for wine enthusiasts, and their contribution to the industry is a proud part of The Legacy Companies. 

16. West Bend

West Bend was founded in 1911 in Wisconsin. With over a century of experience under their belt, they produce a wide range of kitchen equipment to make life easier for everyone. Their versatile catalog and high-quality production make them a top choice for many customers. 

17. Yonanas

Yonanas, on the markets since 2011, defines its mission as “creating yummy goodness that’s fun to make.” The playful mission translates into their products as well. Their frozen dessert makers are designed to make low-cost and healthy desserts and soft-serve ice creams for customers. They are recognized as a major lifestyle brand and aim to foster a customer base who will opt for healthy options. 

18. Zeroll

Zeroll is a pioneer in the market of smallwares and ice cream scoops. In 1932, upon seeing a woman struggle while scooping ice cream, Sherman Kelly decided to come up with a better product. He was ready with his design in 1933 and established the company in 1935. Significantly, the scoop he came up with did not undergo any changes since and continues to be a staple of many establishments. You can purchase these revolutionary scoops alongside other products they make in Zeroll, such as frozen treat makers, spades, and deco spoons. 


The Legacy Companies is home to many different brands in the food service industry, which are pioneers of their respective sector and continues to revolutionize the markets even today. Their remarkable legacies are growing and being introduced to global markets thanks to the efforts of The Legacy Companies.

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