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Fast Food Restaurant Equipment List

Fast food restaurant equipment is one of the main considerations to be focused on if you want to attract customers in the competitive food business type like fast food, whether you run a fast food restaurant or start from scratch.

Fast food has a huge lover group and covers a big part of world cuisine and food serving businesses. The US is the leading country having the world’s largest fast food industry, and there is even a national fast food day.

A fast food truck, chain restaurant, or casual dining restaurant, no matter the type, you can find fast food serving establishments anywhere. What makes a restaurant a restaurant is surely the kitchen. So you have to make a difference among your competitors, and fast food equipment is the key element that will help you. It would help if you had the proper commercial fast equipment to create striking food on your fast-food menu to offer customers confidence and assurance.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

From fryers to ovens, various fast food restaurant cooking equipment is required to operate a fast food business.

Black Diamond BDGF-150/LPG Floor Model Gas Fryer w/ 2 Fryer Baskets, 70 lbs. Fat Capacity - Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

1. Commercial Fryers

When we say fast food, what comes to our minds is mostly fried food. French fries, fried chicken, onion rings, cheese sticks, etc., must be deep-fried. And here comes the commercial deep fryers as one of the main fast food restaurant equipment. Various types of commercial fryers are designed to meet the different requirements of different kitchens. Depending on your kitchen layout, budget, and available space, you can choose from a countertop or freestanding fryer model with a number of tanks from 2 to 6. And considering your access to a gas line, you can also opt for an electric fryer.

Atosa USA ATMG-48 48" Countertop Gas Griddle with Manual Controls - Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

2. Commercial Griddles

Commercial griddles are another fast food restaurant equipment that you will use frequently. A griddle operates with a metal plate that absorbs the heat from underneath burners. Its flat surface allows you to shallow fry the food, and it’s perfect for browning burger bread or melting cheese. You can use a griddle for cooking various food, from burger patties to sausages, pancakes, and even steak. There are types of griddles in terms of the heat source, such as electric and gas, or shape, size, and operating styles, such as teppanyaki, drop-in, or induction griddles.

3. Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens are the key fast food restaurant equipment, like all commercial kitchens. You will need a commercial oven for various tasks in a fast food business. The type of oven you need depends on what you will use it for.

Sierra SRCO Single Deck Full Size Gas Convection Oven with Thermostatic Controls - Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens employ fans blowing hot air, making them cook faster and even more than standard commercial ovens. They are good at baking pastries, pies, and cookies and are ideal for toasting and roasting.

Combination Ovens

A combination oven is a hybrid of a convention oven and a steamer. This adaptable oven type can perform multiple functions, such as frying, smoking, steaming, grilling, and baking. Using this one unit, you can cook a variety of things, eliminating the need for extra equipment and saving you money.

Ovention F1400 Conveyor Electric Oven - Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Conveyor Oven

The conveyor oven cooks the food placed on the belt by passing it through the heated chamber over a set time. You can adjust the conveyor belt’s speed and the oven’s temperature for consistent cooking. A conveyor oven provides even cooking using forced air impingement and radiant and infrared heat.

4. Commercial Ranges and Ventilation

Commercial ranges are the key components of commercial kitchens. You can opt for an electric or a gas range, depending on your preference. Gas models are mostly easier to adjust the heat, cook consistently, and are a cheaper option. Electric models are easy to use and clean and a perfect choice if you don’t have a gas line near.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

It would be best if you had a ventilation hood along with your range to filter smoke and grease particles from the air and remove the risk of a grease fire. Using a hood will create a clean and healthy environment for your staff by controlling airflow and room temperature. Due to specific codes concerning commercial kitchen hoods, your hood must be at least 6 inches beyond your range.

Food Prep Equipment

Food prep is the first step in creating delicious meals. From prep tables to meat slicers, prep equipment is one of the essential fast food restaurant equipment and will reduce the workload of your employees, help keep your kitchen organized and work flawlessly.

Univex UFP13 Continuous Feed Vegetable Cutter/Food Processor - Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

1. Food Processors

Food processors are commercial kitchen equipment used for quickly chopping, slicing, shredding, or pureeing food. The interchangeable disks or blades provide various cutting styles, considerably reducing food prep times and waste. There are types with different features, so considering what you will use them for will help you choose the right one.

2. Commercial Meat Slicers

Commercial meat slicers are another practical food restaurant equipment for serving sandwiches, burgers, or pizzas. They are ideal for having the perfect slices of cheese, veggies, or deli meat to make delicious sandwiches or burgers.

Vollrath 40760 60 qt Commercial Planetary Mixer, Floor Model, 3-speed -  Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

3. Commercial Mixers

Investing in a commercial mixer is a good idea if you want to use hand-made bread for your sandwich and burgers or have desserts on your menu. Selecting the type of commercial mixer depends on how often you will use it and the volume of food you will use it for. Floor mixers are high-volume models that can mix a huge amount of ingredients in a little time. For a smaller business, you can opt for a countertop mixer.

4. Food Prep Tables

IKON ISP72M 71" Three Section Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table, 27 Pan -  Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Prep tables come in various sizes and models. Stainless steel prep tables are highly durable. Refrigerated prep tables are a great option for keeping the ingredients at hand that needs to be held at safe temperatures. They come either in the shape of drawers or with doors. Especially if you are serving salads, sandwiches, or pizzas, the prep tables with storage bins keep the ingredients organized and facilitate the chef’s work considerably.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigeration is necessary for fast-food restaurants to keep the food fresh for extended periods. It would help if you had commercial refrigeration to comply with food safety and health codes.

Blue Air BSR49G-HC 54" Two Glass Door Reach-In Refrigerator, Bottom Mount -  Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Commercial refrigerations are high-capacity units of different types and sizes. Walk-in coolers and freezers are easy to use, perfect for your staff, but if you have available space in your kitchen. These huge cold rooms can hold a high amount of ingredients. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers will come in handy since it is easier for staff to find what they are searching for and is more economical. undercounter refrigerators and freezers are ideal for placing frequently used items to grab easily and without leaving your place when needed.

Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Hygiene is what keeps a food service business running. To meet health regulations, provide a clean environment, and offer safe food to clients, you must invest in suitable commercial dishwashing equipment.

CMA Dishmachines EST-FL Door Type Single Rack Front Loader Dishwasher, Low Temp -  Fast Food Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Commercial dishwashers are essential components of food service businesses, not just because of the ease and speed they provide, but because they are necessary for complying with the health codes and assuring customers about the establishment’s hygiene.

From commercial glasswashers that are perfect for washing glasses without the risk of cracks and scratches in bars to high-capacity conveyor dishwashers ideal for high-volume operations, you should choose the best dishwasher for your fast food restaurant, considering your specific requirements. (You can also check out our blog post for detailed information about commercial dishwashing machines.)

Commercial Sinks

Commercial sinks are to ensure cleanliness and food safety in fast-food restaurant kitchens. Commercial sinks should be carefully used due to the local codes and can be classified as handwashing, rinsing, drop-in, and mop sink. Wash stations come with 1 to 3 compartments in various sizes to meet the requirements of the kitchen.

To Sum Up

Fast food restaurants have been rising in number recently due to the high demand of people. Especially in the US, almost 84.4 million people eat fast food daily! So starting a fast food restaurant is a smart and profitable idea. To manage a food service business and offer customers high-quality and delicious food, you need the proper and quality fast food restaurant equipment.

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