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National Fast Food Day: The Day of Fast and Delicious Food!

National Fast Food Day 2022 falls on Wednesday, November 16th. So take your day off to hit the bottom of fast food on this day!

Fast food is every meal that takes a little time to prepare and is served in a package. Taking its name both from the swift preparation and consuming time, fast food can be seen as a good alternative for busy people to eat on the go; still, it is mostly loved through the delectable and toothsome options that become an addiction.

Everyone has a favorite menu and a special place to enjoy different fast food. When we hear the word fast food, probably some greasy, fatty, and unhealthy food comes to our minds. But lately, healthy, plant-based, and vegan options have emerged for those wanting.

National Fast Food Day - A Hamburger with Salad Bowl - Chef's Deal

History Of Fast Food

Fast food won its popularity in the 50s in the USA. After automobiles became popular, a niche requirement for road-bound travelers emerged, generating a hot and quick meal. Hamburger joints were the first instance of fast food, firstly produced by Walter Anderson, who started as a food truck owner selling hamburgers. After the rising demand, he opened the first White Castle, the first fast-food business.

While the fast food industry began with burgers and sandwiches, it came a long way over time. Nowadays, there are various options for fast food, from pizza to tacos and fried goods. And the US now has the world’s largest fast food industry comprising 100 countries.

How to Celebrate National Fast Food Day

We prepared a short list of celebration ideas for you to take this advantage and have a fun day with your loved ones, celebrating national fast food day.

1. Getting Full of Calory:  Devote your day to this special occasion and spend all your day eating different fast food each meal. Start your day in a coffee shop for a fast breakfast, enjoying a protein box and coffee. Make your next station for a hamburger to relish a juicy burger with a shake. You already broke your chains; finish your day with finger-licking fried chicken because it is national fast food day!

2. Healthy Fast Food:  If you don’t want to get a huge amount of calories a day and you care about your eating, discover healthy menu items in fast food restaurants. You can find unique tastes for the sake of the day.

3. Home-Cooked Fast Food: Cooking with your children or friends is always quality time. So why don’t you do it on national fast food day? Gather in the kitchen, try different fast food recipes add special touches, and enjoy. Additionally, you will know what’s inside, making it safer for the children.

National Fast Food Day - Mini Hamburgers with Fries, and Salad - Chef's Deal

Discover The National Fast Food Day Deals

Many chain fast food restaurants offer special discounts and coupons after national fast food day. It is so easy to find a coupon, search through a newspaper or just download the restaurant’s mobile app. Fast food restaurants give high importance to loyalty. Using their app, you earn more points toward high discounts as you eat more. Here are some of the deals and discounts fast food restaurants offer.

Healthy Tips For The Fast Food Restaurants

Do you care for your health and mind the calories of your every meal but still can’t resist to excuse and enjoy fast food sometimes? Or just don’t have time and need a quick meal? Here are some tips for making it healthier and the healthy options from some popular fast-food chains you can consume with a peace of mind.

  • You can replace fries with salad.
  • Grilled food is always a more healthy option than fried one.
  • Opting for water instead of sugary drinks will considerably reduce the calories and sugar amount you get.
  • Opting for soup is a healthy option from a fast food restaurant. Don’t forget to order broth-based ones.

National Fast Food Day For The Foodservice Business

As a food service business owner, you can take advantage of national fast food day with smart and profitable ideas.

  • Offering deals or freebies on special occasions is what customers love and expect. Providing discounts through a mobile app is a good idea if you have one. Or you can offer a “buy one get one” deal on national fast food day, attracting customers enormously.
  • Instead of a discount, creating a special menu relevant to the meaning of the day is another appealing idea. You can add different items to your menu that is special only for the national fast food day.
  • For the people who care about their health and the calories they get daily, providing a healthier menu prepared with low fat and more greens will be a promising innovation and expand the number of your target clients.
  • Lastly, for the sake of this special day, you can renew your fast food equipment and/or buy new specialty equipment to offer your clients various delicious food items. From commercial fryers to griddles, you can find numerous fast food equipment that greatly facilitates and fastens your work.


The special days are great advantages to spending quality time with your loved ones. Thanks to the healthier cooking styles and equipment, fast food is the desired meal for everyone. You can take a break once a month or more, depending on your diet, or opt for healthier options fast food restaurants offer. No matter your eating habits, recline and enjoy some delicacies on this national fast food day with your family or friends.

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