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ITW Food Equipment Group

ITW Food Equipment Group

ITW Food Equipment is a comprehensive suite of elite brands that delivers top-tier commercial kitchen equipment solutions for foodservice and hospitality businesses worldwide.

ITW (Illinois Tool Works) Food Equipment Group is a reliable one-stop shop in this competitive arena. The Group boasts a rich heritage of supporting culinary professionals for over a century as a subsidiary of (ITW), founded in 1912. This family of premium manufacturers, headquartered in Troy, Ohio, represents a global workforce with around 50,000 employees in 56 countries across 5 continents.

ITW Food Equipment believes in the magic created by delicious food. The powerful connection between people and food brings people together and fosters long-lasting relationships. This passion fuels the Group and its member companies. The brands under ITW design, engineer, manufacture, and sell reliable, high-performing warewashing systems, cooking equipment, refrigeration units, food preparation equipment, and integrated service offerings. ITW thus frees professional chefs and restaurateurs to focus on what matters most – creating memorable dining experiences for their customers.

ITW Food Equipment’s mission is to furnish culinary professionals with innovative and dependable equipment solutions. The ITW family of brands achieves this mission by clinging to three core values: a commitment to continuous improvement, a focus on environmental responsibility, and a customer-centric approach that prioritizes exceeding expectations. This translates into world-class, eco-friendly, ENERGY STAR-certified products, countless patented technologies, Kitchen Innovation awards, and long-lasting customer loyalty.

ITW FEG (Food Equipment Group) aspires to be the key to your success with energy-saving and durable equipment, supportive after-sales service, and a customer-driven approach. All its manufacturers are passionate about food, committed to innovation, and prioritize sustainability. These ITW Food Equipment brands are:

  • Hobart
  • Traulsen
  • Vulcan
  • Baxter
  • Bonnet
  • Foster
  • Berkel
  • Avery Berkel
  • Centerline
  • Colged
  • Dexion
  • Elettrobar
  • Elro
  • Gamko
  • Gaylord
  • Ibexoven
  • MBM Italy
  • Peerless
  • Perfecta
  • Redgoat Disposers
  • Somat Company
  • Stero
  • Vesta
  • Wolf


Hobart CL44EN-BAS+BUILDUP 44" Conveyor Dishwasher - 200 Racks/Hr-High/Low Temp

Hobart manufactures warewashing, food prep, cooking, food waste management, and industrial cleaning equipment. The company has a rich history dating back to 1897. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with excellence in warewashing solutions for commercial kitchens. Hobart’s most notable achievement is its pioneering role in developing the automatic dishwasher. The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes conveyor dishwashers, flight-type dishwashers, undercounters, glasswashers, and pot & pan washers. Over the years, Hobart transferred its know-how to food prep equipment. The user-friendly mixers, food processors, meat saws, scales, and wrapping equipment enhance workflow in professional kitchens.

Hobart is most renowned for its industry-leading service network. Hobart’s unmatched services support your equipment throughout its entire lifecycle. The team of over 1,500 factory-trained technicians provides installation and maintenance services across 125 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The company promises a 4-hour response time to customer demands, 100% direct OEM parts, 40,000 SKUs in stock, and next-day air shipments for parts. Hobart is a stark illustration of ITW Food Equipment’s customer-focused approach.


Traulsen AHT232WPUT-FHS 58" Two Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator w/ 4 Solid Doors,

Traulsen is a leading provider of refrigeration solutions for ITW Food Equipment. Traulsen manufactures a complete line of refrigerators, freezers, blast chillers, worktops, refrigerated prep tables, milk coolers, and wine coolers. The brand proudly engineers, fabricates, assembles, and tests all its products in its Fort Worth, TX manufacturing facility. Its focus on energy efficiency, with an extensive selection of ENERGY STAR-approved units, durability, and advanced technology since 1938, earned Traulsen a reputation as the gold standard in the commercial refrigeration market.


Vulcan VC44GD Full Size Gas Convection Oven with Double Deck, Solid State Controls

Vulcan, founded in 1865 as a stove company, is the sustainability champion of ITW Food Equipment LLC. The Baltimore, MD-based brand delivers high-quality, robust, and energy-saving cooking equipment, which earned Vulcan the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for 16 straight years. Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company is the first food service equipment manufacturer to receive the Sustained Excellence award. The company owes this well-deserved recognition to the performance and high efficiency of its ENERGY STAR-certified griddles, ovens, fryers, boilerless combi ovens, and holding cabinets.


Baxter OV320G Single Deck Full Size Gas Convection Oven with (8) Pans, Touch Screen

Baxter is the ITW Food Equipment family’s baking expert. It has evolved from a regional player in 1958 to a global name associated with quality, consistency, and innovation in professional baking equipment. Today, the brand offers commercial ovens, proofers, retarders, oven racks, water meters, and ingredient bins. Baxter ovens’ success hinges on 3 key features: consistent heat distribution, optimal airflow, and a reliable steam system. Baxter’s most unique property is its industry firsts, such as developing the first ENERGY STAR-certified rotating rack oven in 2016.


Bonnet is one of the European manufacturers under the ITW Food Equipment corporate umbrella. The brand has provided customized catering equipment solutions in its 3 France-based factories since 1830. It has been a member of the ITW FEG since 2006. The experienced and talented Bonnet specialists work closely with customers in the foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, and educational industries to design, manufacture, and install the specific cooking, food prep, serving, or other necessary appliances.  Bonnet is most renowned for its focus on ergonomic design to maximize space use, reduce employee fatigue, and enhance overall efficiency.


Foster is a European powerhouse within ITW Food Equipment LLC. The company has set the standard in sustainable commercial refrigeration solutions in Europe since 1968. This UK-based manufacturer is a leader in eco-friendly practices. The company continuously invests to make its reach-ins, blast chillers, prep tables, and bar refrigeration units more energy-efficient. Foster’s attempts to reduce businesses’ carbon footprint made it the first commercial refrigeration manufacturer to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard in 2016.


Berkel X13A-PLUS Automatic Gravity Feed Meat Slicer with 13" Round Stainless Knife- 1/2

Berkel is the slicing master in the ITW Food Equipment family. The Doral, FL-based company started its business in 1898 by producing the most reliable meat slicers. Over the years, Berkel blended its experience with innovation and extended its product line to encompass bread slicers, food processors, and vacuum sealers. The company’s legacy has risen on a commitment to reliability, elegance, and durability, perfectly captured by its signature red logo. The famous Berkel RED means high-precision performance and stunning aesthetics refined with meticulous craftsmanship, time-tested techniques, and cutting-edge technology.

Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel represents ITW Food Equipment’s legacy of innovation in weighing and labeling systems. This British brand has always adopted an innovative spirit, resulting in many industry firsts, including the first electronic scale in the 1970s and the first PC scale in 2000. Every Avery Berkel scale results from close collaboration with small and large retailers to understand their specific challenges and optimize their efficiency and profitability.


Centerline is the ITW FEG’s value-driven kitchen solutions provider. The company emerged from Traulsen and Hobart brands’ efforts to upgrade kitchen efficiency and address the diversity in business size, menu, style, and output demands. Heavy-duty equipment that promises high-volume production and uses the latest technology is not always the right fit for every food service establishment. Centerline by Hobart food prep units and dishwashers and Centerline by Traulsen refrigerators cater to this gap in the market, offering a reliable and affordable choice for budget-conscious businesses.


Colged is the Italian warewashing specialist under the ITW Food Equipment umbrella. The company has invested in innovative technologies to forge flexible, integrated dishwashing solutions since 1957. Colged infuses the Italian design principle combining durability, sleek look, and advanced technology into its dishwashers to make them withstand the demanding conditions in high-volume kitchens. Today, Colged manufactures over 120 professional and industrial dishwasher models and exports them to 80 countries.


Dexion is the modularity champion within the ITW FEG. The Italian brand provides modular cooking, warewashing, and refrigeration equipment for foodservice and catering businesses. The qualified Dexion staff works closely with customers throughout the purchase process, from placing orders to shipping, to develop products and systems matching their unique demands. This customer-oriented approach extends to after-sales services. The experienced and supportive Dexion technicians maintain contact with customers over time for the correct equipment installation and maintenance.


Elettrobar is ITW Food Equipment’s “Benefit Maker” in industrial warewashing systems. The Italy-based manufacturer has produced over 2 million dishwashers since its inception in 1969. The brand’s legacy has been built on its successful balance of the 3 Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. Its fame grew further after it joined ITW in 2000. Elettrobar has international acclaim for its patented technologies that minimize environmental impact by reducing water, energy, and detergent consumption.


Elro is the master of digitalization solutions in the ITW Food Equipment family. The Swiss brand has manufactured multi-functional, high-speed, and robust braising pans, steam kettles, ranges, and combi steamers since 1934. The digital controls in these appliances allow operators to remotely optimize HAACP data like recipe management, energy use, and the cooking process. Elro’s digitalization extended beyond smart equipment after it became an ITW member in 2010. Elro Connect application collects operational data from connected cooking equipment and provides valuable insights into kitchen performances, resource consumption, and potential areas for improvement.


Gamko is the beverage cooling professional within the ITW FEG family. The British brand has offered an increasingly comprehensive range of bottle coolers, glass frosters, keg coolers, and waste disposal coolers for the demanding needs of bars, restaurants, and hospitality establishments. Gamko’s innovative Maxiglass technology, featuring a fully foamed shell, represents a game-changer in beverage chilling. This advanced insulation improves temperature retention by containing cold air for longer. MG3 Series bottle coolers boast up to 30% energy savings and 10% greater capacity.


Gaylord is the lord of ventilation in the ITW FEG kingdom. The Tualatin, OR-based brand has been in the ventilation industry for over 75 years, building a reputation for unmatched durability, dependability, and attention to detail. Gaylord’s policy centers on 2 priorities for foodservice operators: energy savings and labor optimization. Safety is another hallmark of the company. All Gaylord products undergo rigorous testing and obtain ETL Certification to comply with North American safety standards.


Ibexoven is the high-speed baking champion of the ITW Food Equipment brands. The Glenview, IL-based Ibex changes the age-old compromise between speed and quality in baking by bringing the proven solid-state RF technology to commercial kitchens for the first time. The RF technology bakes food from the inside out, significantly accelerating cook times. Ibex rapid-cook oven “Heats, Learns and AdaptsTM” to deliver faster and more consistent results. This intelligent system monitors and adjusts cooking parameters.

MBM Italy

MBM is now a major producer of professional cooking, refrigeration, warewashing, food prep, and serving equipment, admired throughout Italy and across the globe. MBM Italy is ITW Food Equipment’s versatility master. It has broadened its product offerings since 1972 to include almost everything a commercial kitchen needs for success. It further expanded its global reach after joining the ITW family in 2000. MBM’s Domino Pro Series modular cooking equipment is PROfessional, PROactive, PROficient, PROfitable, PROgressive, PROvident, and PROtagonist.


Peerless CE131PE 30" Triple Deck Electric Countertop Pizza Oven with Digital Controls

Peerless is the ITW FEG’s peerless partner in industrial bakery solutions. The Sydney, Ohio-based manufacturer was founded in 1907 and joined the ITW family in 2008. It has the trust of high-volume bakeries worldwide, equipping them with appliances and tools renowned for innovation, sanitation, quality, and exceptional longevity. Its high-capacity mixers handle large batches of dough, automated sandwiching equipment streamlines sandwich production, continuous mixers offer multiple batters and filling applications, and product handling equipment helps move and manage dough products.


Perfecta is the ITW Food Equipment family’s Latin American leader in the bakery and foodservice markets. The Brazilian brand has steadily grown into a major player in the domestic market since its establishment in 1973. Perfecta’s acquisition in 2012 by ITW made it the largest company in the bakery equipment sector across Latin America. The product line includes a range of dough preparation equipment, bakery ovens, and pizza ovens.

RedGoat C10P-R Disposer

Red Goat Disposers

Red Goat Disposers is the trusted name in high-performance waste reduction solutions within ITW Food Equipment LLC. Restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities purchase Red Goat’s high-capacity disposers manufactured in Lancaster, PA. These disposers are ideal for handling large volumes of food waste, with motor power options spanning from 1/2 to 10 HP. These disposers operate quietly without disturbing guests.

Somat Company

Somat D5+BUILDUP Waste System

Somat Company is ITW FEG’s forward-thinking waste reduction pioneer. It has aimed to transform wasteful to sustainable since its foundation in 1962. Somat joined forces with ITW in 1999, gaining access to a global network of expertise and resources. This synergy enabled Somat to go beyond simple garbage disposals. The company provides businesses, schools, hospitals, cruise ships, and government institutions with a full waste management line incorporating waste grinders, extractors, dehydrators, and pulper systems.


Stero SUL-1 24" Undercounter Dishwasher, 33 Racks/Hr - 26 Gal/Hr-Low Temp Electric Ta

Stero is ITW Food Equipment’s go-to brand for high-volume warewashing solutions. The brand has set the industry standard for rugged construction while maintaining user-friendly operation for over 75 years. Stero’s conveyor dishwashers, door-type dishwashers, undercounter units, and other warewashing systems exceed NSF standards, ensuring the highest levels of sanitation to protect public health.


Vesta is the caterers’ one-stop shop within the ITW group of brands. Since 1993, the company has supplied catering professionals with all sorts of cooking equipment, from combi ovens and fryers to griddles and salamander broilers. Thanks to the far-reaching ITW network, its 400+ products are available in over 150 countries.


Wolf C36S-6B 36" Gas Restaurant Range w/ (6) Open Burners, (1) Standard Oven,

Wolf is one of the most experienced commercial cooking equipment manufacturers in the ITW Food Equipment family. The Baltimore, MD-based company has manufactured top-of-the-line cooking equipment since 1934. Wolf’s ovens, ranges, fryers, griddles, charbroilers, and cheesemelters have become the number one choice for professional chefs across North America.

ITW’s Innovation and Technology Commitment

Innovation is a cornerstone of ITW Food Equipment’s manufacturing policy. Over 1,000 team members from the Group’s brands hold at least one invention, and around 70% of ITW patent applications result in commercialized products. This customer-driven innovation approach has resulted in groundbreaking cooking, refrigeration, and warewashing equipment technologies. Energy-efficient infrared charbroilers, life-extending refrigerator condenser coils, and maintenance-friendly dishwasher deliming systems are examples of how ITW FEG pushes boundaries to improve efficiency and workflow in commercial kitchens.

Innovation is an endless endeavor in ITW Food Equipment to enhance efficiency, performance, and ease of use in commercial kitchens. Some patented technologies across various ITW brands include:

  • VersaOven™ by Baxter (National Restaurant Association Award Winner): This space-saving marvel combines steamer, rotisserie, convection, and combi oven functionalities into one unit.
  • Solid State Radio Frequency by Ibex: This technology delivers unparalleled heating speed, lifespan, and reliability, ensuring consistent browning and even cooking throughout your food.
  • HT Series Scales by Hobart: These intelligent scales offer network connectivity, in-model training, and innovative features like universal gesturing controls for ultimate flexibility and power.
  • StayClear™ Condenser Coil by Traulsen: This innovative condenser technology dramatically reduces dirt build-up, maintaining efficient operation and extending compressor life.
  • Boil Out Bypass™ by Vulcan: This feature on fryers allows easy removal of boil-out solution without contact with crucial components, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.
  • Smart Touch™ Digital Control by Baxter: This user-friendly control system simplifies operation, optimizes baking and cooking efficiency, even reduces energy consumption, and facilitates recipe management
  • SmartConnect365™: This suite of apps monitors and manages your kitchen remotely with this suite of apps. Get real-time data, alerts, and insights on equipment performance across various ITW brands.

Sustainability Initiatives

ITW Food Equipment’s mission goes beyond equipment: sustainability is another pillar. ITW views environmental responsibility as an ongoing journey. The Group has consistently gained the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award since 2008. The range of ENERGY STAR-certified products by ITW brands approached 400 as of 2023. Several of its brands pioneered sustainability practices: Baxter became the first to produce an ENERGY STAR-rated rotating rack oven in 2016, and Foster became the first to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard for carbon reduction in commercial refrigeration.

ITW Food Equipment constantly helps conserve resources and minimize environmental impact by blending cutting-edge technologies and sustainability. Here are some examples across ITW brands:

  • Advansys by Hobart: This energy recovery system captures wasted dishwasher heat and steam. The captured energy then preheats incoming water, resulting in significant savings of up to 50% reduction in energy costs, up to 90% reduction in water usage, and over 50% savings on detergent, all while enhancing washing performance.
  • EcoPro Cabinets by Foster: These cabinets boast innovative thermal break technology and hot gas door heaters. This combination improves efficiency, reduces temperature loss within the cabinet, and minimizes condensation.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified Models by Traulsen: These refrigerators and freezers achieve exceptional efficiency thanks to a unique airflow system. This translates to energy cost savings of up to 45% annually for businesses.
  • Expanded In-House Recycling Plan by Somat Company: This recycling initiative recycles 219 lb (99,337 kg) of paper, 35 lb (15,876 kg) of plastic, and a minimal amount of glass on an average week.
  • PowerFry5 by Vulcan: This fryer utilizes a patent-pending FivePass™ heat transfer system. This innovative technology delivers both maximum efficiency and shorter cooking times.
  • Precisio Oven by Bonnet: This oven features a Full Cleaning System®, which uses up to 50% less water than standard high-efficiency ovens, contributing to significant water conservation.

Global Presence And Market Reach Of ITW

ITW Food Equipment operates globally, spanning continents and providing solutions for commercial kitchens worldwide. Its extensive network ensures businesses of all sizes can access industry-leading foodservice equipment brands. This global reach is complete with a combination of direct sales offices, a network of distributors, and after-sales teams. ITW FEG’s large-scale infrastructure enables its brands to research and understand the specific needs of different markets, tailoring product offerings and services accordingly.

ITW Food Equipment has a strong presence in almost every part of the world. It encompasses 24 commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers from various countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its brands cater to a diverse customer base, from independent restaurants and hotels to large chain operations and institutional kitchens. This dedicated international coverage boosts ITW’s customer-centric business approach.

ITW’s Customer Support And Service

ITW Food Equipment Group supplies more than equipment: it always supports its customers on-site or remotely. The SmartConnect365 suite of apps enables remote equipment monitoring, providing real-time data analysis and alerts to refine performance. This technological prowess combines with a dedicated global network of about 2,000 technicians and representatives equipped with all the tools, skills, and experience to respond to customer demands promptly. Therefore, customers can access the best sales support, service, and genuine OEM parts anytime, anywhere.

ITW FEG particularly boasts its service network in North America, with strategically located technicians within 50 miles of 95% of its customers. ITW achieves this through its Hobart Service brand, the only nationwide installer, and servicer of commercial food equipment, guaranteeing a single point of contact for all customer needs. The 24/7/365 can center is always available, and Prosurance coverage offers a guaranteed 4-hour response time for critical equipment issues. 125 local counters, a massive inventory of 40,000 SKUs, and next-day air shipments ensure uninterrupted, prompt customer support anytime and anywhere in North America.


ITW Food Equipment Group is more than just a collection of brands; it’s a trusted partner dedicated to your success. Premium brands from major parts of the globe join their expertise, experience, and commitment to serving people to always provide the best and most advanced kitchen equipment solutions. ITW strictly guides and monitors its brands’ policies and practices toward achieving sustainability and protecting the environment. Most importantly, ITW FEG prioritizes a customer-driven approach to ensure its products directly address the specific needs of chefs and foodservice operators worldwide.

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