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Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Conpany - Chef's Deal

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company is in pursuit of the exceptional with its 150 years of experience. Since starting their adventure in the food industry, they have been pursuing excellence and striving to bring high-quality equipment and passionate cooks together. They have a long history dating back to 1865, and many products within the company’s body. 

History of Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company started its journey as a metal workshop in Kentucky in 1865. This manufacturer’s origin made quality material and production a core element of their business early on. The workshop operation, later on, joined the Hart Manufacturing Company. On the other hand, Vulcan’s name did not appear until 1890, but once it did, it became an important part of the company and the sector.

Today, thanks to their dedication to research and development, the Vulcan name is associated with great products and services, and the company is among the globe’s biggest commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers. 

Why Choose Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company?

Many qualities set Vulcan Restaurant Company apart from its competitors.

  • The company has 150 years of experience under its belt, and this experience reflects in the quality of its products. Instead of taking a chance with a new brand, you can go with Vulcan, which has reliable products.
  • Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company has been an Energy-Star partner for the past 13 years, and they continue to be committed to saving energy and being sustainable. By investing in a Vulcan product, you will be saving energy and money
  • Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company offers long periods of warranties on most of its products. Having a big brand backing you up for the first years of your business can be crucial and truly life-saving. Thanks to long warranties, you’ll have no issues with your machines’ longevity and have help whenever you need it. 
  • Vulcan Equipment Guides are great tools that help you find what you need. If you aren’t sure what will be good for your kitchen and need help, you can benefit from their short questionnaires to figure out what you need. 
  • The brand is a part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, and thanks to this alliance, Vulcan customers have access to the world-famous Hobart Service. In case of an emergency, help is only a call away. 

ITW Food Equipment Group

ITW Food Equipment Group is a collection of high-quality and famous brands in the food industry. It embodies several brands, including Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company, and has everything you might need in your kitchen. The brands that are in this group are:

  • Vulcan
  • Wolf
  • IBEX
  • Berkel
  • Hobart
  • Baxter
  • Traulsen
  • Gaylord 

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company Products

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company debuted in the food industry with cooking stoves but has come a long way since then. They have a large catalog of products you can pick from and furnish your kitchen. You can count on these to be energy-efficient and reliable. 

1.     Vulcan Braising Pans and Tilt Skillets

Vulcan VG40 Gas Tilting Skillet Braising Pan - Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company -Chef's Deal

Theyoffer more functional features than their industry counterparts. Vulcan tilt skillets and braising pans are easy to clean thanks to their coved interior corners and possess a beautiful shiny finish to compliment your kitchen. 

2.     Vulcan Commercial Fryers

These commercial fryers are easy to use and clean. They are efficient equipment that can yield great results and recover fast for the next batch. They come in different models and sizes. You can invest in gas or electric-powered fryers as well as floor models or countertops. 

Vulcan VACB60 62" Countertop Achiever Gas Charbroiler, 11x17K Btu Cast Iron Burners - Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company - Chef's Deal

3.     Vulcan Charbroilers

Vulcan charbroilers are the quality standard in the food industry. They possess heat deflector panels and features such as infrared burner technology. Plus, Vulcan has patented grate designs in these machines. They are highly durable and productive. 

4.     Vulcan Griddles

Vulcan griddles possess great features that make them extremely efficient and reliable. Vulcan’s IRX infrared burner technology makes gas models spend less fuel. Both electric models and gas ones come with RapidRecovery griddle plates to increase your production rates. 

Vulcan VIB2 Gas Deck-Type Broiler - Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company - Chef's Deal

5.     Vulcan Broilers

Vulcan broilers have gas and electric-powered options. In addition to the different power modes, you can also find design options. Upright models are commonly used to make steak and other foods in short periods. Salamander models cook and broil at high temperatures. Cheesemelters are also a form of broiler, and they are used to melt the cheese and create good toppings. 

6.     Vulcan Heated Holding Cabinets and Drawers

The company’s commercial holding cabinets and drawers are a great addition to any kitchen. If you are running a relatively small business, you can invest in a non-insulated holding cabinet as an economical choice. Insulated models are the ones for you if you have a bigger kitchen and a greater need for efficiency. In addition to the many options the brand offers, they also have long periods of warranty for most of their products, which is a great benefit for kitchen products. 

Vulcan MINI-JET Full-Size Electric Combi Oven w/ Programmable Controls, Boilerless-Chef's Deal-Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company

7.     Vulcan Ovens

Vulcan ovens are reliable pieces of commercial restaurant equipment. They are easy to use and clean and possess great features, such as even heat distribution. These features guarantee delicious and evenly cooked meals and peace of mind for you and your staff. 

Vulcan combi line-up has a great selection for your kitchen. Combi oven cooking is a straightforward and efficient way of cooking. Some models from Vulcan’s line-up have a good range of sizes for every kitchen and features such as self-cleaning. 

Vulcan K6ETT Countertop Electric Kettle -Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company -Chef's Deal

8.     Vulcan Kettles

Vulcan kettles are famous for their accuracy and ease of use. They can be used to prepare soups, stews, broths, and similar foods. 

9.     Vulcan Ranges

Vulcan ranges are necessary products to produce consistent results over time. Finding the range that will fit your kitchen best can be difficult, but thankfully, Vulcan has you covered. You can also access a short questionnaire on their website to determine your needs and the best range. 

Vulcan C24DA10 Floor Model Direct-Steam Convection Steamer - Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company - Chef's Deal

10.  Vulcan Steamers

Vulcan steamers come in many shapes and sizes. Steam cooking is a great way to cook delicious fast meals; you can find one that will fit your kitchen just fine. These products have special features such as auto-fill to ensure your steam never runs out and LWE (low water energy), which reduces water usage by 90%.

Vulcan Refrigerated Chef Base - Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company - Chef's Deal

11.  Vulcan Chef Bases

Vulcan chef bases are made to maximize your workspace and smoothen your workflow. Thanks to its built-in temperature monitors, you can spread heat evenly across the unit and cook everything in one place. 


Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company can single-handedly furnish your kitchen and support you and your business. Such accessibility and offers are crucial for new businesses and entrepreneurs. They have over 150 years of experience and a good reputation in the industry thanks to their innovative and high-quality machines. You can start shopping from Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Company products and get this giant’s experience in your corner. 

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