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Commercial Refrigeration Shelving - Chef's Deal

Materials and Types of Commercial Refrigeration Shelving

Commercial refrigeration shelving is the key component to preserving and expanding the storage spaces in your kitchen. All commercial kitchens require a freezer and cooler with proper storage and display to maintain quality and freshness. Commercial refrigeration shelving enhances the aesthetic of a business and improves the customer experience. To maximize storage space and use your units as efficiently as possible, you should know the shelving possibilities for refrigeration products. 

Why Does Commercial Refrigeration Shelving Matter?

Commercial refrigeration shelving is useful for many reasons, but two of them stand out the most: customization and replacements. 

  • Most refrigerators and freezers come with pre-installed standard shelves, but there can still be opportunities for customization. Depending on your products, you might want more room, remove racks for tall items, or add shelves to store shorter items. Customizing your unit’s interior structure will give you more freedom, provide alternative storage ideas, and allow you to create a more efficient storage model. 
  • Also, refrigeration shelves can show wear and tear over time due to daily use. They could have chips and damage on the surface or even rust. For the safety of your products and your health, you should pay attention to the sanity of your shelving and replace them if need be. Doing the necessary replacements in time can protect your items and contribute to the longevity of your machine. Plus, you can always opt for slides instead of regular racks to make the products more accessible to your staff. 

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Shelving Materials 

Different products have different storage requirements. Commercial refrigeration shelving manufacturers have this fact in mind; therefore, it is possible to find various types of shelves. 

  • PVC Coated Wire Shelves are the most common type of shelves in the refrigeration sector. They can be found in many machines, including household fridges and display freezers. They are reliable and easy to find. 
  • Chrome Plated Shelves play the crucial role of grabbing your customers’ attention. They have a shiny finish similar to steel, and thanks to this shine, they work wonders in display cabinets. You could opt for this option for glass-doored cabinets and visible areas to your customers to create a clean look and attract attention. While this solution is cost-effective and a good alternative to stainless steel, you might have some problems with rusting if you are in a humid environment. 
  • Stainless Steel Shelves are durable, reliable, and shiny, just like their chrome-plated counterparts. They are pricier due to the material in question, but they are worth it if you can spare some money. Thanks to its nature, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and heat, which can come in handy in different storage areas. 
  • Wooden Shelves can be found in wine coolers and storage units for similar liquids. Wood famously absorbs moisture and plays a role in preserving the taste of your beverages. 
  • Zinc Shelves are inexpensive and corrosion-resistant options. They are common in commercial environments and a good choice if you are searching for a cheap solution. While zinc is similar to chrome-plated models in terms of appearance, it is worth keeping in mind that it is relatively less effective against corrosion. 
Metro 5n357k3- Wire Shelving - Chef's Deal
  • Epoxy Coated Shelving is another solution to moist environments. The epoxy coating makes the shelves suitable for resisting moisture and rust while increasing longevity. They can be especially useful in walk-in units. Plus, you will have some great color options with epoxy-coated models!
  • Wire Shelves are quite common in medical storage units and more. The wire is the basis for many shelf types, and depending on the coating and customizations, it can gain new qualities. One of the biggest benefits of wire shelving is that it allows free air circulation within the unit and prevents frost formation. 
  • Polypropylene Shelves are a durable and reliable alternative to metal and steel shelves. They are resistant to corrosion and capable of carrying heavy loads. Plus, they are very easy to clean. 
  • Metal Racks are manufactured as flat and solid racks to carry heavy loads. They can be found in walk-in units and incorporated into machines that store heavy products. 

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Shelvings 

In addition to the various materials, you should also consider the type of shelf. To make life more convenient for you and your staff, there are many different models to choose from. 

  • Sliding Shelves are an easy solution to reaching products in full refrigerators. These models can be especially useful in medical units and make accessing everything stored in the machine easier. Simply sliding the rack in and out, you can organize its interior and even take it out completely to clean. 
  • Wave Wire Wine Racks are, as the name suggests, shaped in a wavy manner to accommodate wine bottles horizontally. This form makes it easy for establishments to store and classify their wine collection in an accessible way. This method could be applied to different beverage storage units too.
  • Mobile Shelves for walk-in units are another possibility that you can consider. Thanks to their small wheels, these models can be pushed around easily, and you can organize your unit as you wish and move around easily with this flexibility. 
  • Stationary Shelves and Racks are, as opposed to their mobile counterparts, fixed in their places. While this limits your ability to transport and organize, the fixation can be a benefit. Most shelves carry heavy loads, and a stationary model can prevent accidents in cases of earthquakes and such disturbances. 
  • Wall Shelving is a good solution for walk-in refrigerators and walk-in freezers. Wall shelving entails the placement of shelves on the walls and offers various benefits. It keeps the products off the floor in a walk-in with possible foot traffic and saves space by putting every inch of your unit to work. Please consult your seller before installing wall shelving to your unit to ensure it is suitable for such customization. 


In conclusion, commercial refrigeration shelving offers much potential for your business to create efficient and visually appealing storage space to help improve customer experience. Customizing and replacement of shelving ensure the quality and freshness of your products. All models of commercial refrigeration shelving options strive to provide resistance against corrosion and longevity. While some have more advantages compared to others, you can easily find an affordable and suitable model that will meet your needs. It is worth considering replacements and upgrades with a wide selection of materials and types.

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