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Victory Refrigeration Company: Innovative Designs and High-Performance Products

As the primary need in a restaurant kitchen is to keep ingredients at safe temperatures, commercial refrigerations have been a staple part of kitchens all along. Durability and high performance are what food service managers are looking for in refrigeration equipment. One of the leading companies in the refrigeration industry globally, Victory Refrigeration Company products are of the most outstanding quality.

The roots of Victory Refrigeration Company date back to 1944, when the owners, Ray Constantini and Tony D’Angelis, started as a metal shop. They were firstly serving a shipyard in that war era. After the war was over, the search for a new job began. The expanding foodservice business bounced an idea in their head. Many restaurants, coffees, and other food service establishments began to take their roots. And so, the need for commercial food service equipment emerged, pathing the way for job seekers. This is how the Victory Refrigeration Company began its journey of becoming a leading refrigeration company.

Victory Refrigeration Company Product Line

1. Victory Refrigerators

When choosing the right refrigeration equipment, there are some main points to consider for a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or store. The needed capacity depending on the volume of the business, the size considering available space, and the features of the units are the main points. Victory Refrigeration Company offers a wide selection of refrigeration equipment available in different sizes, models and is equipped with unique and energy-saving features.

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Reach-in Refrigerator
  • Victory Reach-In Refrigerators

Victory Refrigeration Company’s reach-in refrigerators are designed to keep a huge amount of product at safe temperatures. Victory reach-in refrigerators let you hold and preserve a plenty amount of food while organizing at the same time. Commercial reach-in refrigerators are available in different models such as one to three compartments, the door type (glass or solid), and bottom or top-mounted compressor.

  • Victory Pass-Thru Refrigerators
Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Pass-thru Refrigerators

Victory pass-through refrigerators are designed for the places where you need to reach the refrigerator from both sides. They are accessible from the front and behind, which means an employee can pass any product through it by placing it from one side and another employee taking it from the other side. The dual access will be helpful while transferring contents, and it lets employees work organized. You can trust Victory refrigerators featured with stainless steel exterior and interior, one-touch-defrost, electronic control with touchpoint interface, and energy-saving thermal breaker with all your heart.

  • Victory Roll-in Refrigerators

Victory roll-in refrigerators are what big-volume restaurants or any food service business need because of their huge capacity. They are designed to hold entire sheet pan racks. As the name suggests, roll-in refrigerators cool foods by placing the pans in a rack and simply rolling it in. The built-in thermostats allow setting the proper temperatures for the food.

Victory Refrigeration Company’s roll-in refrigerators are also designed to handle vast amounts of food with high capacity. They are featured with heavy-duty cam hinges, stay-open door feature for easy product loading, fully electronic control with touchpoint interface, expansion valve technology, one-touch defrost, and manager’s lockout feature.

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Air Curtain Refrigerator
  • Victory Air Curtain Refrigerators

Victory air curtain refrigerators create an air seal by blowing a regulated air stream. The air curtain divides the refrigerator’s interior from outside to maintain the hot or cold air inside the unit, resulting in significant energy savings. A Victory air curtain refrigerator has a snap-in magnetic door gasket, heavy-duty cylinder locks, manager’s lockout feature, and complete electric control.

  • Victory Undercounter Refrigerators
Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator

Victory undercounter refrigerators take up a little space in the kitchen since they’re designed to fit under counters, as the name suggests, and they can do almost anything regular-sized refrigerators do without compromising space. And they are less expensive than larger ones too. These commercial refrigerators are also handy to keep constantly needed products because of being easily accessible. Victory Refrigeration Company offers the features of heavy-duty spring-loaded cartridge hinges, low profile horizontal door handles, epoxy coated shelves, stainless steel exterior, and aluminum interior in undercounter refrigerators.

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator
  • Victory Merchandiser Refrigerators

Victory merchandiser refrigerators are designed for displaying beverages or foods while keeping them at proper temperatures. These merchandiser refrigerators offer a pleasing customer experience with functional and energy-saving features. Some of them are the removable sliding glass doors that allow easy cleaning, stay-open doors designed for quickly loading products, interior led light, expansion valve technology, and variable speed compressor technology.

2. Victory Blast Chillers

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Blast Chiller

A blast chiller is a freezer that quickly cools the products by blowing cold air. It cools heated items before placing them in regular refrigerators or freezers to prevent the growth of bacteria. The main feature is the amount of time it cools food down, which is much less than a standard refrigerator.

Victory blast chillers feature special settings that can be adjusted depending on the food’s heat. Some of the main features are central drain for easy cleaning, timed or core probe blast chilling, timed or core probe shock freezing, multi-point sensor temperature display button, core probe heater button, pre-cooling cycle.

3. Victory Warming Cabinets

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Warming Cabinet

Aside from refrigerators, Victory Refrigeration Company offers warming cabinets a great choice. A warming cabinet is where the food is kept warm and ready to serve, and its practicality is to save time in the back of the house. After the preparing and cooking steps, a warming cabinet keeps the food safe and warm until serving, giving you time to proceed. Victory warming cabinets are featured with exclusive secure-temp™ temperature monitoring solution, built-in adjustable humidity control vent, safety shielded strip type heating element, and externally mounted blower. They are designed to provide the proper moisture and temperature with reliable units that will prevent food waste by keeping food fresh and warm for a longer time.

4. Victory Prep Tables

Victory Commercial Refrigeration - Commercial Prep Table

Victory prep tables are the units designed for use as both a prep surface for preparing pizzas, sandwiches, or a different variety of food and a cold storage chamber to keep the ingredients and food, letting chefs produce various dishes without a need of leaving the station. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the needed capacity and available space. Victory Refrigeration Company offers prep tables featured with refrigeration system uses r-290 refrigerant to comply with all environmental concerns, rear-mounted refrigeration system, and full electronic control.

5. Victory Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers are another essential equipment of the foodservice industry that keeps foods at safe temperatures down to -10F. Victory Refrigeration Company offers a range of freezers from reach-in, roll-in, and pass-through, featuring complete electronic control with touchpoint interface, expansion valve technology, manager’s lockout feature, anti-condensate door perimeter heaters, and variable speed compressor technology. You can also have a Victory refrigerator freezer combo, glass door merchandiser freezers, and work-top freezers for your kitchen. All Victory commercial freezers are made of stainless steel interior and exterior.


Taking its place in the industry since 1945, Victory Refrigeration Company soon became a leading manufacturer with quality and reliable commercial refrigeration equipment. The company’s clients are assured an amazing product and superb service since the company designs, engineers, and manufactures only the highest quality refrigeration equipment. Every model they manufacture is equipped with Victory Securetemp Technology, which offers easy and continual monitoring and reporting of the unit’s temperatures. Victory Refrigeration Company is a proud branch of the Ali Group, a leading market in the industry.

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