Created in Illinois, Comstock-Castle is a company with story and tradition. Their original mission was to provide their clients with the best stoves and grills in the entire country. The company opened its doors after following the thousands of families that moved west. These families did not carry their stoves and needed a trustful provider.

Many years later, Comstock-Castle continue with their goal and are now one of the prime stove manufacturers. They used to work mainly with kitchens for homes but as the market changed, the company evolved too. Nowadays, their main market is the commercial industry. Restaurants, hotels and any kind of business that requires a stove will contact Comstock-Castle first.

What Makes The Difference

Despite how big the company gets, Comstock-Castle remains a family business. The current owners follow the vision Comstock and Castle had back in 1846. One of those rules is the width of the ovens.

A Comstock Castle stove can be 19 1/2 ", 26 1/2 " or 31 1/2 ". Each size offer different possibilities. For example, a 31 ½” allows the air to circulate and the borders will not get scorching as it happens with smaller models. The extra air allows the cook to use the entire stove without issues, this is an advantage that a Comstock Castle stove has over other brands.

The Comstock Castle stove is only fully modular in the market. A modular stove not only saves space but also money. A modular piece includes several different parts with different uses. Griddles, broilers, cheesemelters and burners are some of the option available. If the purpose is not to save space but to have a multifunctional unit, these modular units can be 60”.

The Best Partner

The average Comstock Castle stove is designed for commercial use. Good news is, these incredible stoves can be used at homes. The owner will have to go through an up to code installation process, after that they can enjoy their Comstock Castle stove. Big families could benefit from these type of equipment.

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