Often the most difficult part of running a business is starting off with it in the first place. Whether it is a clothing store, a restaurant, or any other business, it not only requires a well thought out business plan but also the capital to finance it. Commercial restaurant equipment does not come cheap; they require substantial investment which is hard to reap in the first few years of operation. However, restaurant owners do have other cost-effective alternatives, like leasing, or buying used equipment

Go For the Slightly Used Equipment

The lesser the equipment is used, the better it is. We will not suggest you buy any used equipment that has already served 3 years of its purpose. You can easily get your hands on slightly used restaurant equipment at auctions or, used equipment dealers like us.

Opt For Gas Cooking Equipment

It is easier to inspect commercial ranges, and char broilers simply because they have fewer moving parts. You can easily detect any major leaks and/or drawbacks. Make sure it is in good working condition and uses the right type of gas before you spend precious dollars on it.

Go With the Best Brands

Top brands come in quite expensive, and starting off you may not have the cash to finance new equipment. However, with used equipment you can always justify the little extra cost that you pay for the branded equipment.  They are likely to last longer and work better.

Used Fryers? Be Careful!

New fryers compared to the rest of the restaurant equipment are quite cheap. It is always better to buy a new fryer, as used ones are normally big risk. Gas fryers tend to bring in the flammable element which could be fatal in case of a leak or wear and tear; whereas deep fat fryers are usually plagued with a high rate of malfunctioning.

Leave Out the Electric Cooking Equipment

If there is a big risk you can put your newly established restaurant business in, it is buying used electronic cooking equipment. Yes, they are easier to clean and maintain, and also efficient with the energy usage, but they can prove to be expensive in the long run. To keep it simple, if anything goes wrong you’d probably spending a lot of money on technical services by the electricians.

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