Should I Buy New or Used Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

So, you are all set to set up your new restaurant and your financing has just been granted. Once you get the space sorted, the next bit would include bringing in all the different equipment. The important question is - should you pay more money to get new equipment for your restaurant or is it a better idea to purchase used? Let us weigh the pros and cons associated with each of these options.

Should I Buy New Restaurant Equipment?

Buying new restaurant equipment is quite obvious. Since these tools are brand-new, they are less likely to run into problems. They will need less maintenance and you can expect less or no wear and tear on such equipment.

The best part of the new equipment is that they come with a warranty. Thus, you can rely on them and ensure that there will be no downtime.

Just like a new car, the restaurant equipment is actually high in value just out of the showroom. In fact, certain equipment like stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and the likes would actually serve you better as new. Plus, if you are opening a new restaurant, it makes sense to go with new equipment that look good instead of the old and greasy ones.

Advantages of New Restaurant Equipment

  • Low maintenance
  • Long warranty periods
  • Better and improved performance
  • More reliable
  • Improved efficiency
  • Compliant with health standards

Even though used equipment and machines cheap, new equipment could be a much better investment considering it is a new restaurant setup. Even though these are a little expensive, the upfront cost could actually reduce a lot of maintenance charges in the new future. The products are new and ready to be used!

Or Buying Old Restaurant Equipment Makes More Sense?

But what if you want to purchase used restaurant equipment or actually finance these out in order to get your new setup started? What if some of these products or devices are actually not worth the huge investment upfront? With all this and more, let us explore some of the advantages of using used restaurant equipment.

  • Low cost
    The most important benefit here is the costs involved. Used equipment does not drill a hole down your pocket and is easier to afford.
  • Good quality
    Considering the fact that the food industry has a high turnover rate and that regular quality checks are conducted, the used equipment could be as good as new. There are, of course, rust and quality checks that could be taken up before purchasing or renting them. As long as the machines are functional, your money should be worth it.
  • Better efficiency
    Sometimes, the restaurant equipment is such that they do not require a long term investment. Some machines are not worth the money. This could be because they have a short lifespan and thus you could use them for a short while.
  • Negotiation
    Used equipment stand a better chance of being negotiated over. Considering the huge overhead costs involved in setting up a restaurant, you could save hundreds of dollars by changing your ideas here a bit. You could juggle between different sellers and get your work done.

The Next Steps

All in all, the choice of equipment for your new restaurant depends on your requirements and budget. Ideally, buying a new equipment is the right way to move ahead and get started with your restaurant business. Easily available financing options further make the entire buying process easy.
What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.