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Consulting, Design, Layout, and Financing: 4 Game Changer Services That Make You Choose Chef's Deal

4 Game Changer Services of Chef’s Deal: Consulting, Design, Layout, and Financing

Establishing a food business and growing or renewing it due to changing trends is challenging. Many issues are needed to be careful while in operation. Choosing a location for your restaurant, establishing the place, designing, and creating menus, purchasing the most efficient commercial restaurant equipment, logistics, and equipment layout, and doing all these with a constant plan and budget are challenging questions. Here, Chef’s Deal comes into play when your questions increase.

We collect these issues under consulting, design, layout, and financing headings to offer the best service for your business. Since you are in this competitive food business world, getting professional help is crucial to be one step ahead in the food service industry compared to your competitors.

Since 2003, Based in  Nashville, Tennessee, we have provided food service solutions to hotels, restaurants, bars, institutions, schools, country clubs, grocery, and convenience stores for contractors, consultants, architects, hospitality groups, and other customers. As a part of Pride Centric Resource Buying Group, we have more than 200 manufacturer partners, and we serve with our significant buying and transfer power for our clients. But our service is not limited to this only. We provide our customers with exceptional free consulting, design, and layout services, and we also make it easy to establish, redesign, or grow your business with our finance partners.


You can have the budget and talent, but no business experience, or you may want to expand your business to a new area, cook meals from a different cuisine, or change your restaurant. Then you may need professional fresh eyes and consultation for your business.

Chef's Deal Free Consulting Service

  • You can cook delicious dishes, but it may not be enough to succeed in the food business because business management is different from cooking and needs field experience and business skills. If you have the right consultancy just by your side, you can solve the problems more accessible and quicker.
  • Expanding your business has many risks since every place has its own challenges. With a good consultation, you can profit in many ways, for example, by purchasing the right equipment you need.
  • Different cuisines need different restaurant equipment. With an expert, you can have the most suitable and affordable commercial kitchen equipment among many choices.
Free Consulting - Chef's Deal

With more than 90 years of combined market and fieldexperienced staff, Chef’s Deal offers free consulting services to increase your business efficiency. We take care of your business as our own and care with every detail. We prepare an action plan and balance your wants with your needs. Our free consultation covers:

  • Equipment Selection: We analyze commercial restaurant equipment needs due to your budget, menu, location, and possible incentives that you may get
  • Increasing The Function And Efficiency By Menu Engineering And Space Optimization
  • Layout
  • Equipment Training For Staff
  • Budgeting
  • Logistic Planning
  • Demand/Capacity Planning
  • Maintenance (Equipment Maintenance, Usage of Filtration Systems)
  • Food Safety
  • Storage Management and Shelving
  • Complying With Local Codes

Design: Show us Your Food Service Space, Chef’s Deal Design it For You

Restaurant designs are changing due to local and global trends or some health concerns, and constant innovation is also a requirement for any establishment for profit. We keep tracking these trends and concerns and support our clients with our experience.

Even though ingredients, foods, and equipment are similar, every restaurant, every bar, and every kitchen is unique; so does the solutions that Chef’s Deal provides for you. The field-experienced CAD staff of Chef’s Deal, who knows the industry well, enables your restaurant to reflect your vision and dream concept with all details with their 2D and 3D drawings and plans.

Our unique design plans begin with the logistics and inventory and continue with food entry point, storage, preparation, cooking, and delivery. Workflow, energy-saving, and safety are the main issues, and the critical point is planning properly the back of the house that affects the front of the house. Furthermore, along with the rising trends, it should be taken into account that customers want flexible and fast service in more comfortable dining spaces.

Restaurant Kİtchen Design - Chef's Deal

Our project-based, environment and customer-focused design service include:

  • Concept Design
  • Electric, Gas Connections, Fire Suppression Solutions
  • Waste Handling Solutions
  • Mechanical, Electrical, And Plumbing (MEP) Coordination
  • Plan and Design Documents
  • Cost Estimate
  • Equipment Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Employee Break Room Design


Your restaurant and kitchen layout shows your proficiency in the foodservice business and determines your flow in the restaurant. Labor efficiency, workflow, energy efficiency, and ergonomy of your all storage, food preparation, cooking, cleaning/washing stations, and service area design are critical issues that needed be handled. Your menu, flexibility, modularity, sanitation, back-of-house supervising, staff communication, and air ventilation are other layout considerations. While arranging all these, keeping the restaurant design and layout simple for staff to handle and navigate is crucial. As a result, all equipment and materials should be settled in a pattern for a successful business. 

Popular layout types can be applied directly or adapted to your place, or your space can be planned uniquely due to the place’s shape, size, capacity, and service type. A successful and strategic layout is essential for kitchen/restaurant safety, and the professional staff of Chef’s Deal is ready to help by sharing their experience.


Restaurant Financing - Chef's Deal

Your restaurant, bar, food truck, or coffee shop will pay you back when it functions efficiently. But managing cash flow during establishing a business or investing in an existing restaurant/bar is challenging. Choosing the right restaurant equipment enables this process to occur fast. Restaurant equipment financing improves your cash flow by providing affordable monthly payments while using the restaurant equipment. Our financing institution partners, lenders, and financing specialists offer secure, flexible funding choices with the best payment terms for you.

Why should you apply for financing? Because financing,

  • Improves your cash flow.
  • Manages your budget.
  • Preserves your credit lines.
  • Saves your cash reserves.
  • Enables you to deduct the money you spend on restaurant equipment. (tax benefits)
  • Is easier than getting a bank loan.
Who can apply for financing - Chef's Deal

Who can apply for financing:

  • Startup business
  • Established business
  • Low credit scores
  • High credit scores
  • Small or Medium Business

Conclusion: Why Should You Choose Chef’s Deal Services?

Experience: Chef’s Deal has more than a total of 90 years of combined market field experience in the commercial restaurant equipment business. We know the inner workings of the restaurants and kitchens; we know the equipment, keep track of the food business trends, understand the clients, and do our job with passion and success; finally, we guide you toward your goals and dreams.

A Committed Technical Staff: Chef’s Deal’s highly skilled staff do their job with passion. Teamwork makes all processes more manageable than having individuals make them separately.

New Trends: We follow the latest trends and adapt quickly to our business due to market conditions.

Complying With Local Codes: We help with local codes, and we provide highly-valued service and save your time and money. We help our customers comply with local and state health, fire, and food service business regulations at their establishing businesses and equipment.

Equipment Installation: We don’t just supply you with the equipment but also help them successfully install it.

Employee Training for Equipment Use: We help you train your staff to use your equipment more efficiently.

You can complete the online form, send an email, write to the chatbox, or call us to explain what you need. Then the related department of Chef’s Deal will reach you and provide an efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and profit-focused consultancy, design, layout, and financing plan for you.

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