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Celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Cheers to everyone out there. Today America is celebrating National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Hats are off to Krueger Brewing Company and American Can Company. They collaborated to introduce the first canned beer in 1935. Their invention started the history behind today’s colorful and entertaining cans you see in glass door merchandising refrigerators. So here we crack open our beer cans to appreciate the value that cans have added to this popular beverage. The rest of the day is yours. Below are some ideas to inspire you to make the best use of the day.  

5 Ideas To Observe National Beer Can Appreciation Day 

Considering the popularity of beer and the benefits of canned beer, you can celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day in many different ways. Everything you do should remind you of those who made it possible to keep beer in cans. Today is just another good reason to share joy with others.  

1. Hypnotize Yourself With a Beer 

To observe National Beer Can Appreciation Day, the first thing you can do is grab a can of beer from your refrigerator and gulp it down without breathing. But no, why hurry? Why toss it off? It’s better to take your time and slurp your beer, shrieking with delight in every drop. A gentle reminder: It would be considerate of you to pay your tribute to those who developed cans after each sip. Thanks to them, it’s now possible to lock this ecstasy in a container, easier to stack and quicker to chill. 

2. Give Beer Cans Gift

Person Holding Beer Cans - National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Giving gifts is a perfect way of sharing your happiness and good wishes with others. You can continue this deeply rooted tradition on National Beer Can Appreciation Day, too. Buying several six-packs for craft beer lovers around you helps spread the value of beer cans and friendship. Beer is known to taste brighter and fresher when it comes as a gift. By offering the gift of beer, you’re making your friends’ beer more flavorful on such a momentous day. Plus, knowing that you make others blissful will increase the joy you’ll get from your beer can. 

3. Share the Joy With Others 

Beer goes much better when drunk with friends on National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Certain things always go best with their pairs. Ham tastes delectable when eaten with eggs. Fish and chips have already become an inseparable pair. Any food would be bland unless seasoned with salt and pepper. What do you get when you pour gin and tonic into a glass filled with gourmet ice cubes? The result is a bright and zesty highball cocktail with vibrant aromas ready to jump out of the glass onto your taste buds. It makes you feel like a dog with two tails.  

Observing National Beer Can Appreciation Day without the company of friends would be like fish without chips or ham without eggs. Gin alone won’t give the same taste as it does with tonic. Similarly, the day would be dull as a dishwasher without the company of friends and beloved ones. Happiness increases when shared, and beer gives greater delight when accompanied by others. You can stack cans of beer in your refrigerator, organize a party for the evening, and invite several friends. Every can of beer shared means more joy spreading around.  

4. Season the Day With Some Bare Facts About Beer

Your party starts with people sitting around your dining table under dim light. You can take the floor and say a few words about National Beer Can Appreciation Day. After exchanging thanks, you can make use of this unique chance to show off your deep knowledge of beer. Below are some truths to help you with this rousing speech. You’ll sound more impressive if you chase down each beer fact with a gulp from your beer can. Slurp your beer, let it rest on your tongue, lose yourself in the mouthfeel it creates, and spout another fact. 

Beer Cans On Shelves
  • Beer brewing tradition has a long history dating back to 5,000 BC. This bad boy, then, is the oldest beverage. 
  • Today, beer drinking is often associated with men, but women were the first brewers in Ancient Egypt. The wine was a masculine drink, while the beer was feminine. 
  • Beer can reveal the artistic creativity in you. Ancient Egyptians knew this. They drank an acceptable amount of beer while constructing the pyramids. Perhaps they couldn’t place those vast stones on top of one another without being a little stoned.  
  • Beer brewing is a serious business. Brewers in Ancient Babylonia couldn’t go light-minded about the process. Bad brewing meant being drowned in it. 
  • Ancient Sumerians brewed beer from malt and bread. That sounds logical. Bread is made of the primary ingredient of the beer: wheat. 
  • The Czech Republic is the world leader in per capita consumption. They owe this to their proverb that goes, “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip… but it’s better to be thoroughly sure”. Let’s book a flight to Prague for the following year’s National Beer Can Appreciation Day.  

At the end of this inspiring paired speech of a sip of beer – a fact on beer, it would be kind of you to remember and thank all the ancient and modern brewers. On National Beer Can Appreciation Day, special thanks should go to every single person who contributed to the process of canning the beer. Cans made beer portable. Canned beer takes up less space, and it chills faster. Canned beer does deserve appreciation. 

5. Bear the Beer Talk 

Beer Cans Of Different Breweries

Beer gets tastier with a bit of conversation. As the event host, you have already enjoyed your attendees with your never-ending knowledge of beer. Now it’s time for some beer talk. You have done your turn, so you’ll have to bear what others may say. This year’s National Beer Can Appreciation Day might be more memorable when you let your guests speak as if they were the most brilliant people in the world. Can you do more than bear their beer talk? You’d better look like you’re interested no matter how absurd their babbling might be. 

4 Ways To Promote Business on National Beer Can Appreciation Day 

America is rich in national days, with more than 1,500 days on the calendar. Every day can offer a golden opportunity to grow your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or store. Why should you miss the boat on National Beer Can Appreciation Day? Before delving into how you can benefit from today, here’s a suggestion for you to start the day. You can celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day first with your employees, who have stood by you through the good and bad times. Today is also National Compliment Day. So why not flatter your staff with beer and a few nice words? 

1. Grocery Stores

Beverage Air, Merchandiser Refrigerator - Chef's Deal

National Beer Can Appreciation Day is a perfect time to outfit your store with glass door reach-in refrigerators and open-air merchandising coolers. These items are ideal for displaying beer cans. Your customers can enjoy the eye-catching designs of different beer cans before they indulge in the taste inside them. Cool-looking beer cans in your glass door merchandising refrigerators can captivate shoppers, inviting them to buy more. You could even design promotional sales campaigns: for example, one free can for a six-pack. 

2. Bars, Pubs, And Nightclubs

You can decorate the walls and windows with visuals about National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Craft beer lovers will flow into your place to appreciate the canned beer. They don’t even need the motive to consume beer, but today, they will naturally be more motivated to get some bad boy in cans. It would be better to find a unique way to attract more people: Entertainment blended with a triumph of drinking beer. 

Organizing beer pong would be meaningful in honoring National Beer Can Appreciation Day. A fun activity enriched with a sense of competition could also make clubbers as happy as Larry. You only need a table and a ping pong ball. Two or more players throw the ping pong ball across the table. There are 10 cups filled with beer – from beer cans, of course – on each side of the table. When one player lands the ball into the cup, the opponent player has to drink the beer in that cup. You can offer the winner of each round a free four-pack. 

3. Restaurants

National Beer Can Appreciation Day is a time for people to appreciate distinct designs of beer cans. It is also a day to make up reasons to feel jubilant and share the joy with others. You can achieve this with a Glass Door Aluminum Beer Can Froster filled with beer cans of well-known breweries. Yet, the diner in the restaurant shouldn’t see its contents. 

Hoshizaki, One Glass Door Undercounter - Chef's Deal

After announcing the significance of National Beer Can Appreciation Day, you can say that you’ll play a “Do you know your beer can?” game. It is based on how much people can remember about the look of their favorite beer can. Walking through the tables, you can ask diners questions about the design of their favorite beer can. A correct answer means the diner can go and grab that beer can from your beer can froster. 

4. Hotels

Hotels can think of more romantic ideas to observe their National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Here’s an inspiring idea, but you can sure be more creative. You can place an undercounter reach-in refrigerator in the rooms with married couples. Two beer cans inside the refrigerator would be a sweet surprise for them. Drawing a heart on the glass door of the reach-in refrigerator with the wife and husband’s names can make them feel more special. You’ll get positive feedback on online booking websites. 

Final Thoughts About National Beer Can Appreciation Day 

National Beer Can Appreciation Day is both an invention and beverage day. Aluminum cans facilitated the distribution and storage of beer. Canned beer is easier to carry, store, and chill than bottled beer. That’s why over 60% of the beer brewed in the USA is sold in cans, twofold versus bottles. The good news is you don’t need to worry about the piles of beer cans because they are recyclable. Beer is America’s most popular alcoholic beverage. It’s better in a can than in a bottle, and National Beer Can Appreciation Day is here to remind this pure fact.

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