Given the location of our only physical branch persons’ might at first assumed that they won’t get to experience the joy that our Nashville customer base is privy to; however, this is not currently, nor will it ever be an issue as the Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company ships to several States across the country.

Therefore if you are any restaurant owner you know has a restaurant in Memphis, getting Memphis Restaurant supply from the Chef’s Deal Restaurant Company has never been easier. At Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company we stock everything a restaurant owner might need for their kitchen and provide easy access. 

Essentially Memphis restaurant supply can be delivered to any restaurant in Memphis. This can be achieved by the simple click of a mouse and within days a client will have the restaurant supplies the need to keep their customer happy. Chef’s Deal Restaurant Provides a diverse collection of Memphis restaurant supply; however there are a few that stands out, in terms of frequency of sales and they are as follows.


One of Chef’s Deal Equipment Company’s best sellers for Memphis Restaurant supply is Refrigeration products. The Chef’s Deal Equipment Company’s refrigeration products are arranged into categories such as blast chillers, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, ice cream dipping cabinets, reach-in dual temps, bar refrigeration, and walk-in coolers and freezers.

Ranges and Ovens

Chef’s Deal Equipment Company is a company that specializes in the provision of restaurant equipment, therefore it goes without saying, that ranges and ovens would be one of our top sales in Memphis restaurant supplies. We at Chef’s Deal Equipment are aware of the important role ranges and oven plays at any restaurant location and over extensive commercial ovens and ranges are reflections of that knowledge.

Our extensive commercial oven collection falls under categories such as:

  • Cheesemelters
  • Combi Oven
  • Conventional Ovens
  • Cook and Hold Ovens
  • Countertop Ovens
  • Rotisserie

The Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company’s collection of commercial ranges falls under three main categories; gas ranges, heavy duty work ranges, and stock port ranges and consist of but is in no way limited to the following items.

  • 36 Inch Range
  • 48 Inch Range
  • Town Equipment 224800 Range, Wok, Gas
  • Town Equipment M-5-SS Range, Wok, Gas
  • MVP Group SRSP-18 Range, Stock Pot, Gas
  • Comstock-Castle SRSP18 Range, Stock Pot, Gas


Commercial Fryers are also very popular among the clients of Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company. At Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company, we stock corn dog fryers, countertop fryers, floor fryers, French fry warmers, funnel cake fryers, portable oil filtering machines, and pressure fryers. Some equipment that that falls under these categories is as follows.

  • Comstock Castle CDFL-1 Corn Dog Fryer
  • Grindmaster Cecilware EL T500 Fryer, Electric, Countertop, Split Pot
  • Comstock Castle 18HF Fryer, Gas, Floor Model, Full Pot
  • Hatco GRFF French Fry Warmer
  • Winston Industries LP46 Pressure Fryer, Electric