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Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Kitchen Equipment in 2023

Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Kitchen Equipment in 2023

Running a successful restaurant requires delicious food, exceptional service, and the right equipment to handle busy demands efficiently. As the restaurant industry evolves, staying up-to-date with the latest appliances becomes crucial to maximize productivity, enhance food quality, and streamline operations.

Chef’s Deal takes pride in serving the foodservice industries of America, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We offer a wide selection of commercial restaurant equipment from the top brands to provide the best equipment at the best prices. We partner with over 300 manufacturers who supply thousands of high-quality products. To help you plan for your upcoming needs, we have compiled a Top 10 list of our best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023.

All this equipment comes with cutting-edge technology, time-tested classics, and the indispensable gear that keeps kitchens running smoothly. From the attraction of merchandising refrigerators and display cases to the mind-blowing flavors of ovens and fryers, each piece on the list is crucial in shaping the culinary landscape.

Table of Contents

1. Atosa USA MBF8507GR 2-Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator

The first on our top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023 list is a 2-section reach-in refrigerator by Atosa USA. Reach-in refrigerators are the cornerstone of commercial kitchens. Quick access to ingredients is crucial in fast-paced foodservice settings for crafting top-notch culinary creations. They contribute to this process by maintaining the freshness and safety of perishable items, minimizing waste, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Atosa USA designed the MBF8507GR 2-solid door reach-in refrigerator with physical, functional, and customizable features that chefs prefer worldwide.

Atosa USA MBF8507GR Overview

Atosa USA MBF8507GR is a mobile 2-solid door reach-in refrigerator with (4) 4-in (10.16 cm) casters. The stainless steel interior and exterior construction improve its durability, while the 3 adjustable epoxy-coated wire shelves in each section offer flexible storage organization. The full-hinged 2 solid doors have magnetic door gaskets for effective sealing and locks for security. Its recessed door handles add an aesthetic touch, and LED interior lighting enhances visibility. The unit covers an 84.1-inch (213.61 cm) vertical and 54.4-inch (138.18 cm) horizontal footprint.   

Performance & Functional Features

Atosa USA MBF8507GR boasts reliable performance, earning it the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment title in 2023. Its self-contained bottom-mount compressor uses eco-friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant to keep the products at safe temperatures. Bottom-mount compressor parts are more user-friendly as they are easier to reach for maintenance and cleaning tasks. The digital temperature controller allows fine adjustments within the 33°F – 40°F (0.56°C – 4.44°C) range. The 1/5 HP motor works silently, while the ENERGY STAR certification ensures energy efficiency and greener operation.

The unit utilizes a down-duct refrigeration system to distribute the cold air evenly across the interior. Automatic evaporation and air defrosting also help maintain consistent internal temperatures, preventing excess water and frost buildup. With an internal volume of around 44 cu ft (1.24 m3), it provides ample storage for fresh produce, condiments, toppings, salads, dairy products, meat, poultry, dessert, prepared foods, and more. Atosa USA supports the MBF8507GR with 2-year parts and labor and a 5-year compressor warranty.


Customizability is another asset of Atosa USA MBF8507GR that places it on top of the list of best-selling commercial kitchen equipment for 2023. The full-swinging 2 doors are field-reversible to left and right hinge locations. The unit’s interior accommodates up to 4 additional shelves (sold separately).

Features of Atosa USA MBF8507GR Admired By Users

The following user reviews are a testament to why Atosa USA MBF8507GR is the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023.

  • Super-fast to regulate the temp needed.
  • Easy to move around, thanks to the heavy-duty casters.
  • Sturdy construction and built.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy to clean, with the compressor at the bottom.

Atosa USA MBF8507GR Pricing

We appreciate the cost of renovating or setting up a new kitchen and facilitate buying with easy-to-pay financing options and free shipping on this product. We also developed a utility-funded Instant Discount Program for ENERGY STAR-rated commercial restaurant equipment to promote energy efficiency and sustainability. 14 states are now eligible for this program. Add Atosa USA MBF8507GR to your shopping cart, fill out the form, and see how much you save.

Atosa USA MBF8507GR 2-Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator | Best Selling  Commercial Kitchen Equipment

2. Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED Full-Service Red Meat Display Case

The SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED meat display case by Howard-McCray is the second product on the best-selling commercial restaurant kitchen equipment in 2023 list. Howard Mccray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED was also on the 2022 list. The fact that it has been on the best-seller list for 2 consecutive years is an indication of how highly the equipment meets expectations in terms of quality and price performance.

Meat display cases are essential refrigeration units for butcher shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and delis. They maintain optimal storage conditions for preserving the freshness of red meat, poultry, ham, beef, pork, and deli selections. Howard-McCray is one of the leading brands in the market with innovative designs that balance aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that your meat cuts look appealing and stay at the peak of their quality.

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED Overview

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED is a full-service meat display case with self-contained refrigeration. Its black stainless steel structure and white aluminum interior floor enhance durability and visibility. The 2 rows of LED lighting and straight front glass provide a vibrant and attractive presentation of red meat products. Its sliding back doors are easily removable for loading and unloading large meat cuts. The upper and lower shelves are also removable to facilitate servicing. This standalone case is 55 in (139.7 cm) high, 120 in (304.8 cm) wide, and 34.25 in (87 cm) deep, offering an almost 72 cu ft (2.04 m3) storage capacity.

Performance & Functional Features

The energy-efficient performance, user-friendly features, and minimal maintenance requirements earned this Howard-McCray display case the second-best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023. The SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED has a bottom-mount 1/2 HP compressor that operates silently within the to 34°F – 36°F (1.11°C – 2.22°C) temperature range. The full-length gravity coil located at the top of the interior provides efficient and consistent cooling. The humidity coil inside the case under the main deck optimizes humidity levels, keeps the meat moist, and prevents drying.

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED is easy to use with electronically controlled temperature regulation and an auto defrost system. Its air-insulated baffle prevents excess moisture from dripping into the display area. The CFC-free foamed-in-place insulation and thermal insulated front glass save energy and minimize exposure to air and light to prolong product freshness. The unit is constructed from recyclable materials, and its components easily disassemble for recycling or disposal at the end of its lifespan, enhancing sustainability. Howard-McCray supports the SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED with 1-year parts and labor and a 5-year compressor warranty.


With its customizable features, Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED deserved to be the second top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023. It comes standard with a modern and sleek stainless steel finish that complements a variety of retail settings. The 1-in bumper and the outside structure are customizable to a laminate or special color finish. Digital thermometers, drop work shelves, mirrored doors, lit shelves, and security door locks are some options buyers have.

Features of Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED Admired By Users

Users most liked the top-mounted LED lighting rows for improved presentation and the adjustability of the 2 mezzanine shelves for flexible display organization. The unit’s easy plug-and-play installation is another favorite feature. Also, the contrast created by the all-black exterior and white interior boosts impulse sales, attracting more customers.

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED Pricing

Chef’s Deal offers affordable financing plans and price match on this product. Add Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED Full-Service Red Meat Display Case to your shopping cart and see our price. Compare it with any published price and match the same. You can also get detailed information by calling our sales representative.

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED 

3. Centerline By Hobart EDGE12-11 Edge Series Manual Feed Meat Slicer

The third on our top 10 best-selling restaurant kitchen equipment in 2023 list is a meat slicer by Hobart. The brand recently introduced a new product line, Centerline, to deliver user-friendly and affordable food prep and dishwashing equipment, maintaining the global Hobart reputation. EDGE12-11 is a manual-feed electric meat slicer in this line. Meat slicers are indispensable food prep tools in professional kitchens and delis. Manual-feed models are ideal for chefs who prioritize precision and customization in meat preparation as they provide enhanced control and flexibility in the slicing process.

Centerline By Hobart EDGE12-11 Overview

EDGE12-11 meat slicer boasts features that optimize precision and efficiency. Its one-piece anodized aluminum base ensures durability and simplifies cleaning. The single-speed 1/5 HP motor operates powerfully and quietly. Accommodating meat loaves up to 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide and 6 inches (15.24 cm) high, the large product tray and slide rod enhance productivity. The 45-degree angle gravity feed minimizes mechanical pressure and operator strain. This slicer occupies minimal space on the counter or worktable, with 26.32 in (66.83 cm) width by 23.14 in (58.78 cm) depth dimensions.

Performance & Functional Features

Centerline by Hobart EDGE12-11 meat slicer’s versatility, operation ease, precision, and safety features strengthen its position as the third best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023. It is perfect for slicing meats, cheeses, and vegetables. The 12-in (30.48 cm) diameter chrome-plated carbon steel knife offers limitless thickness adjustments, from paper-thin to 9/16 in (1.42 cm) thick slices. With the poly V-belt drive system, the slicer uses fewer parts to distribute motor power more efficiently, reducing maintenance requirements.

EDGE12-11 has a top-mounted ceramic sharpener. Its 2-stone system sharpens and hones the knife edge in 15 seconds to achieve precise slicing with consistent slice thicknesses. Safety is paramount in manual-feed meat slicers. A knife cover, permanently mounted ring guard, and safety switch in this machine prevent accidental operation. The operation is simple, with a start/stop button. The suction cup feet securely anchor the slicer to the counter or worktable. Its carriage system, knife cover, and meat grip are all removable for cleaning and upkeep tasks.


The EDGE12-11slicer’s precision system provides infinite thickness customizability and consistent cuts of soft and hard foods, including thin, thick, and julienne cuts.

Features of Centerline by Hobart EDGE12-11 Admired By Users

People who bought and used this product highlight its strong build and reliable performance, and the following features below:

  • It cuts big chunks of meat and cheese well
  • It is Easy enough to clean and doesn’t take up too much space
  • It is a workhorse handling daily use
  • It slices perfectly and is easy to clean
  • It is very easy to use and performs great

Centerline by Hobart EDGE12-11 Pricing

Click Centerline by Hobart EDGE12-11 Manual Feed Meat Slicer to see our price and financing plan. Add it to your shopping cart or call our sales representatives for further information.

Centerline by Hobart EDGE12-11 Manual Feed Meat Slicer

4. Southbend BGS/22SC Double Deck Full Size Gas Bronze Convection Oven

The fourth best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023 is a kitchen champion, a convection oven by Southbend. Southbend BGS/22SChas has also been on the best-selling list for 2 consecutive years, showing its high performance and quality and meeting customers’ expectations.

Convection ovens have always dominated professional kitchens with their exceptional performance and reliability. They are popular with chefs and bakers for their ability to evenly distribute heat through fans or blowers across the cooking chamber. Thus, they cook products perfectly from edge to center using less time and energy. Southbend is an international leader in heavy-duty cooking equipment, and this BGS/22SC gas convection oven exemplifies the brand’s commitment to improving cooking capacity and energy efficiency.

Southbend BGS/22SC Overview

The Southbend BGS/22SC is a versatile and high-performance double-deck full-size gas convection oven designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial kitchens. Its stainless steel exterior and porcelain interior boost its longevity. Each deck holds 5 pans on 11-position rack guides per deck. The decks have glass windows and two 40-watt recessed lamps for viewing the foods. Its patented slide-out control panel with solid-state thermostat and 60-minute mechanical cook timer facilitates servicing. The unit comes standard with 6-in (15.24 cm) legs and covers a 66.75-in (169.55 cm) vertical and 38 by 37.25-in (96.52 by 94.62 cm) horizontal space.

Performance & Functional Features

Southbend BGS/22SCoven’s primary strength that entitled it a place in the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023 is its high-volume convection cooking capacity. The double-deck design enables cooking multiple products at different temperatures. The burners generate 54,000 BTU per deck for quick heat recovery. A 1/2 HP 2-speed blower fan circulates this energy inside the oven cavity to ensure even heat distribution. The unique in shot burners allow air and gas to mix through a single large opening, contributing to even baking and preventing clogging.

The BGS/22SC runs on gas power, making it more cost-effective than electric models, within the 140°F – 500°F (60°C – 260°C) range. Fine temperature adjustments are simple with the solid-state controls on the control panel. The high-efficiency doors are fully insulated and heavily sealed with a dual door seal system to retain heat. Overall, the oven’s convection efficiency makes it a multi-purpose cooking appliance, ideal for baking bread, pastries, and roasts; grilling proteins and vegetables with crispy sear marks; roasting meats for tender and juicy results; and thawing frozen food quickly and consistently.


Customizability is another key factor in this Southbend oven’s place in the top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023 list. Buyers can specify the gas type between natural and LP gas. The removable rack guides offer 11 different rack configurations for the 5 wire racks with the oven. With optional casters, the unit turns into a mobile oven. Another optional accessory is the stainless steel rear jacket. It provides thermal insulation and prevents heat loss.

Features of Southbend BGS/22SC Admired By Users

The BGS/22SC has garnered glowing reviews from the culinary community. Users have praised it for the following pros.

  • Dial Controls
  • Energy-saving features
  • Fast heating
  • Space-saving design
  • LED-lighted interior
  • Low repair costs
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

Southbend BGS/22SC Pricing

You can purchase the Southbend BGS/22SC Double Deck Full Size Gas Bronze Convection Oven with free shipping, financing options, and price match benefits at Chef’s Deal. We guarantee to match any published price with this item.

Southbend BGS/22SC Double Deck Full Size Gas Bronze Convection Oven

5. RATIONAL ICP 6 Full-Size (LM100CE) Electric Combi Oven

The next appliance on our best-selling commercial kitchen equipment list is an electric combi oven by RATIONAL. Electric combi ovens are multi-purpose tools in professional kitchens, combining the functions of convection ovens and streamers to provide precise and efficient cooking capabilities. The RATIONAL ICP 6 oven boasts advanced features such as intelligent programming, precise temperature control, and automatic cleaning functions. RATIONAL is a renowned brand in the industry, delivering innovative solutions and exceptional quality in combi oven technology worldwide.

Product Overview

The RATIONAL ICP 6-FULL E (LM100CE) is an electric combi oven with remarkable features. The single or combined use of steam and convection allows for multiple cooking methods, including roasting, baking, and grilling. With dimensions of 42.25 inches (107.31 cm) wide, 38.4 inches (97.54 cm) deep, and 29.6 inches (75.184 cm) high, it fits seamlessly on any kitchen counter and accommodates 6 full-size sheet pans or 12 steam table pans. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability, ease of cleaning, and corrosion resistance. The oven is equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen for intuitive programming of up to 1,200 cooking settings using simple drag-and-drop actions.

Performance & Functional Features

This RATIONAL combi oven became one of the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023 mainly due to its intelligent functions. It is furnished with 4 smart assistants that automatically adjust 6 operating modes, 5 cooking methods, 3 manual operation settings, and the 85°F – 572°F (29.44°C – 300°C) temperature range. The result is consistently perfect browning and doneness regardless of the product size, load quantity, and operator skill.

  • iDensity Control optimizes the cooking process by automatically regulating the cooking chamber’s humidity levels based on the type and quantity of the food, giving chefs precise control over moisture.
  • iCooking Suite uses sensors to detect the key features of the loaded food items. It adapts cook times, temperature, and other settings according to the cooking mode or recipe selected by the user.
  • iProduction Manager empowers chefs to plan and manage the cooking process by setting up the desired sequence of dishes and streamlining the cooking of different items together or separately.
  • iCare System integrates a self-cleaning function that automates the cleaning process and provides alerts and reminders for regular maintenance tasks.


Customizability is the most distinctive asset of this combi oven, making it the fifth best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023. Common features include adjustable temperature settings, cooking modes, programmable menus, rack configurations, multi-stage cooking, and individual shelf monitoring. Also, it allows multiple chefs to create their personalized user profiles. RATIONAL offers a large selection of accessories for grilling, braising, baking, or other cooking techniques.

Features of Rational ICP 6-FULL (LM100CE) Admired By Users

The RATIONAL ICP icombi oven has gained worldwide appreciation with additional unique features contributing to cooking performance, convenience, and versatility.

  • Quick and efficient cleaning cycle in just 12 minutes.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi interface for wireless connectivity to the cloud-based networking solution, ConnectedCooking.
  • Built-in USB interface for local data exchange.
  • Compliance with ENERGY STAR and national and international standards for unsupervised operation, ensuring energy efficiency, safety, and reliability.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting inside the cooking cabinet for enhanced visibility and efficiency.
  • Dynamic air circulation facilitated by an intelligent, reversible, high-performance 5-speed fan.

Rational ICP 6-FULL (LM100CE) Pricing

Add RATIONAL ICP 6-FULL E 208/240V 3 PH (LM100CE) Electric Combi Oven to purchase it with free shipping. Call our experienced representatives or chat with our bot to learn more about financing plans and price match policy for this oven.

RATIONAL ICP 6 Full-Size (LM100CE) Electric Combi Oven

6. Atosa USA ATFS-40 1” Floor Model Natural Gas Fryer

The second half of our best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023 list begins with ATOSA USA ATFS-40 gas fryer. Restaurants, fast-food outlets, caterers, cafeterias, and many other foodservice operators have favored gas fryers for their ability to deliver quick and efficient results. Floor models are ideal for cooking mouthwatering fried chicken, seafood, vegetables, and dough products in large batches. The ATFS-40, manufactured by Atosa USA, reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. With branches or representatives in over 100 countries, Atosa’s fryers and other commercial equipment have been chefs’ top choices worldwide.

Atosa USA ATFS-40 Overview

The ATFS-40 freestanding fryer runs on natural gas, a relatively cost-effective and clean fuel type. It has a compact design with 15.6 inches (39.62 cm) width, 30.1 inches (76.45 cm) depth, and 44.4 inches (112.78 cm) height dimensions. The stainless steel exterior and welded oil tank ensure longevity and easy maintenance. Furnished with 2 nickel-plated fry baskets featuring coated handles, it enables efficient frying of multiple batches in its single 40-lb (18.14 kg) frypot. The 4 casters add more convenience, mobilizing the fryer for versatile placement in the kitchen.

Performance & Functional Features

Atosa USA ATFS-40 fryer’s superior performance, safety, and user-friendly operation distinguished it as one of the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023. Its high-quality thermostat maintains temperature between 200°F – 400°F (93.33°C – 204.44°C), providing precise control for consistent results. The oil cooling zone located at the bottom of the tank captures food particles and extends the oil life. The fryer incorporates a safety valve and a self-reset high-temperature limiting device to enhance safety. The wire mesh crumb screen and basket hanger facilitate cleaning and operation. The 3 independently controlled burners generate 102,000 BTU, allowing efficient and customized cooking.


Atosa USA lets buyers choose between natural and LP gas for this product. Optional accessories to streamline operation include:

  • Leg Kit to provide stability and elevate the fryer
  • Splash Guard to prevent hot oil splatters and spills
  • Joiner Strip to connect multiple fryers seamlessly
  • Fryer Cover to protect the fryer from contaminants during periods of non-use

Features of Atosa USA ATFS-40 Admired By Users

The Atosa USA ATFS-40 combines functionality, quality, and reliability, making it a highly sought-after choice among chefs and restaurant owners in 2023.

  • Fast heat recovery, lowering energy consumption
  • Twin baskets for frying 2 flavors in the same tank
  • Generous oil capacity for pacing up back-to-back orders
  • Manual control of burners separately
  • 1-year parts & labor and 5-year oil tank warranty

Atosa USA ATFS-40 Pricing

Shop online or contact Chef’s Deal sales representatives now to learn all the details of the equipment and available financing options for the Atosa USA ATFS-40 15” Floor Model Natural Gas Fryer. Benefit from a budget-friendly payment plan and free shipping.

Atosa USA ATFS-40 15” Floor Model Natural Gas Fryer

7. Manitowoc IDT0300A 30″ Cube-Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker

All foodservice businesses need a reliable and efficient ice-making solution: Here’s your best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023: Manitowoc IDT0300A ice machine. Ice maker heads are modular commercial ice machines that produce large quantities of ice in various shapes and sizes. This ENERGY STAR-rated Manitowoc ice maker is compatible with ice bins and dispensers. Manitowoc is a trusted foodservice brand with high-tech ice machines that meet global markets’ clean and fresh ice demands.

Manitowoc IDT0300A Overview

The IDT0300A is a reliable, user-friendly, and space-efficient ice maker head, producing 305 lb (138.35 kg) of full cubes per hour. Its space-saving design measures just 16.5 inches (41.91 cm) high and 3 inches (76.2 cm) wide, fitting on top of dispensers and bins, ideal for low-ceiling facilities. It has advanced preventative diagnostics that constantly monitor the machine for reliable ice production. With improved cleanability and programmability, it is both effortless to maintain and cost-effective to operate. The easyTouch® Display, featuring an intuitive icon-based touch screen, simplifies the operation and management.

Performance & Functional Features

This Manitowoc ice machine has earned its place on the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023 list thanks to its exceptional functional features and performance. The unit uses a self-contained, air-cooled condenser to generate sanitary ice. It consumes only 20 gal (75.71 L) of potable water per 100-lb (45.36 kg) ice production. Here are the unique technologies that boost its popularity and reputation as a top-performing ice maker:

  • Programmable Ice Production: Easily program the machine to be off during specific times of the day, optimizing energy usage. It also enables programming based on daily ice production volume and nighttime requirements.
  • Easy-to-Clean Foodzone: The hinged front door swings out, providing easy access for cleaning. The water trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes are all removable, ensuring fast and efficient cleaning. Selected components feature AlphaSan® antimicrobial for added hygiene.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics: Enjoy 24-hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback, ensuring trouble-free operation and proactive maintenance.
  • Acoustical Ice Sensing Probe: When changes in water condition pose a challenge, this patented technology steps in for a reliable operation, refining the machine’s performance.
  • DuraTech™ Exterior: The superior corrosion-resistant DuraTech™ stainless steel exterior is coated with an innovative clear coat that resists fingerprints and dirt, making it easier to keep clean.
  • Active Sense: This software solution cooperates with the acoustical ice sensing probe for consistent ice harvest in all environmental conditions, improving reliability and overall performance.


Manitowoc offers a range of optional accessories to add convenience, improve hygiene, and optimize this cubemaker’s performance, supplying users with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • LuminIce® II Virus and Bacteria Inhibitor controls viruses, bacteria, and mold within the ice machine for a cleaner and safer ice production environment.
  • External Scoop Holder protects your ice scoop and keeps it within easy reach.
  • Arctic Pure® Water Filters upgrade the quality and taste of your ice by reducing sediment and chlorine odors.
  • iAuCS® (Automatic Cleaning System) schedules and performs routine cleaning automatically.

Features of Manitowoc IDT0300A Admired by Users

Users mostly appreciate the programmable ice production and self-cleaning features of this best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023. Another standout attribute is the gravity-drain function that elevates the ice-making experience through hassle-free water removal. Manitowoc’s extended warranty periods also promote customer satisfaction: 3 years on parts and labor, 5 years on the evaporator, and 5 years on the compressor.

Manitowoc IDT0300A Pricing

Chef’s Deal offers free shipping, price match, and financing options for Manitowoc IDT0300A 30” Cube-Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker. Additionally, you can get discounts if you are in one of the 14 eligible states for the instant rebate program.

Manitowoc IDT0300A 30" Cube-Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker

8. AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC 8′ X 10′ Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler

Our 8th spotlight in the lineup of best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023 is a cold storage solution by AmeriKooler. Walk-in coolers are essential components of any thriving kitchen. They provide expansive storage with efficient temperature control, ensuring the freshness and preservation of perishables.

AmeriKooler, the fastest-growing walk-in manufacturer, effortlessly blends functionality and durability with reliability and innovation to build standard and customized walk-in coolers and freezers for restaurants, food production plants, hotels, caterers, and many other foodservice businesses. AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC ranked #3 on the best-selling products list 2 years in a row. The stellar product shows that customer confidence in Americooler has increased and that the company is paying off by constantly investing in technology.

AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC Overview

The AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC walk-in cooler is a quick-ship model designed for seamless indoor operation and rapid deployment. This floorless unit has NSF-approved vinyl screeds to ease installation and provide strong structural support. It has a self-contained refrigeration system with a top-mount compressor. Its dimensions include an 8 ft (2.44 m), nominal short side, a 10 ft (3.05 m) nominal long side, and a 7.2 ft (2.19 m) nominal height. The spacious interior offers 573 cu ft (16.24 m3) of storage for various foods, including meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.

Performance & Functional Features

This walk-in cooler’s performance and functionality, advanced by panel construction, insulation strength, door design, and interior illumination, made it one of the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023. All these features and the eco-friendly R448a refrigerant coordinate to maintain internal temperatures at 35°F (1.67°C). The other properties that support its robustness and efficiency are:

  • Laminated 26-gauge zinc-aluminum (Acrylume®) coated steel exteriors and interiors, providing durability and corrosion resistance
  • AK-XPS4 rigid foam insulation for long-term energy efficiency with a closed cell, void-free waterproof design that surpasses Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA) standards
  • The impressive R-29 value, indicating its superior thermal resistance
  • A three-sided magnetic gasket and a flexible double wiper on the door’s bottom edge for a more positive seal
  • A heavy pull handle, key lock, inside safety release, and a door closer for smooth closing
  • Exterior-mounted digital LED thermometer for monitoring temperature easily
  • LED interior illumination for increased visibility
  • A comprehensive installation kit that includes shop drawings, instructions, a hex wrench, PVC press-fit caps, and a light globe


The unit comes standard with a 30-inch (76.2 cm) centered swinging solid door that measures 76 in (193.04 cm) and is furnished with 2 heavy-duty, super cam-rise spring-assisted hinges. Buyers can specify the door width as 30 or 36 inches (76.2 or 91.44 cm). Door location and hinge side are in multiple configurations depending on your choice: door centered on length or width side with left or right-hand hinge.

Features of Amerikooler QC081072**NBSC Admired By Users

Considering AmeriKooler’s reputation as producing the most durable and energy-efficient insulation systems, it is no wonder that this walk-in won a place in our best-selling commercial kitchen equipment rating. The brand backs up its walk-ins with unmatched warranty periods.

  • 1 year on original parts and labor
  • 5 years on doors and floors
  • 15 years on panels
  • 50 years of thermal warranty on insulation

Amerikooler QC081072**NBSC Pricing

Walk-ins are among the most expensive commercial kitchen equipment. So, look for price reductions through campaigns and coupon codes. Also, with an attractive financing plan, you pay little and earn more. Add the AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC 8’ X 10’ Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor to your shopping cart and match our price with any published price.

AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC 8' X 10' Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler

9. True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 Three-Section Glass Swing Door Refrigerated Merchandiser

The restaurant business is not just storing, preparing, and cooking culinary masterpieces. You also need appliances to showcase your creations. That is, addressing your patrons’ eyes before their stomachs is crucial. This merchandising refrigerator by True has successfully performed this task as one of the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023. Refrigerated merchandisers are pivotal in presenting and preserving dairy products, soft beverages, ready-to-go sandwiches, and other perishables with precision. They maintain freshness, entice customers, and boost sales. True has stellar recognition as an international leader in glass door merchandisers.

True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 Overview

The True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 merchandiser’s integration of durable construction into an aesthetically appealing design elevated it as a prime contender in the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023. With dimensions of 78.63 inches (199.7 cm) high, 78.13 inches (198.4 cm) wide, and 29.88 inches (75.9 cm) deep, this 3-section merchandiser offers a spacious 72 cu ft (2.04 m3) capacity. The build quality of the cabinet, shelves, and doors make it a refrigerated marvel.

  • Non-peel or chip black powder-coated cold rolled steel exterior for a robust and permanent finish
  • An attractive white aluminum interior liner with a stainless steel floor
  • 12 adjustable, heavy duty PVC coated wire shelves for flexible storage organization
  • 3 self-closing double-pane thermal insulated glass swing doors with black powder-coated frames
  • Positive seal, torsion type closure system, and removable magnetic door gaskets for a secure closure
  • LED interior lighting for even illumination throughout the cabinet

Performance & Functional Features

True prioritizes premium insulation and greener refrigeration systems to provide colder product temperatures and reduced utility expenses while brilliantly displaying packaged foods and drinks. The self-contained, top-mounted compressor generates 1 HP. It uses eco-friendly R290 refrigerant to preserve products at optimal temperatures between 33°F and 38°F (0.56°C and 3.33°C). The electronically commutated evaporator and condenser fan motors operate exceptionally efficiently, reducing energy consumption through a more consistent airflow. The cabinet’s high-density polyurethane insulation furthers energy efficiency and sustainability.


The hinge location is customizable for all the 3 doors. The black exterior is standard, with white and stainless steel finish options. Similarly, buyers can specify their interior design from black or white aluminum liner with black or white shelving. Custom graphics are also available for a more decorative presentation matching your décor. Additional optional accessories are:

  • 6-in (15.24 cm) standard or flanged legs
  • 4-in (10.16 cm) diameter casters
  • Additional shelves
  • Wine racks
  • Pricing Strips

Features of True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 Admired By Users

The True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 merchandiser’s most notable and admired features that rendered it best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023 include:

  • Spacious and versatile presentation with 3 glass doors and 12 adjustable shelves to create attractive displays
  • LED interior lighting for an eye-catching and well-illuminated showcase
  • High-quality insulation and electronically commutated fan motors for a more energy-efficient and sustainable operation
  • Industry leading warranties of 3 years on parts & labor and 7 years on the compressor

True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 Pricing

Since refrigeration units constitute a significant portion of equipment expenses, explore discounts and payment plans to ease your budget burden. For instance, Chef’s Deal’s instant rebate program on ENERGY STAR-certified appliances covers this True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 refrigerated merchandiser. So, you can get extra discounts if you are in one of the 14 eligible states. Also, you will find available financing options with a free shipping offer, which lowers your procurement costs.  

True GDM-72-HC~TSL01 Three-Section Glass Swing Door Refrigerated Merchandiser

10. Blakeslee UC-18 Door Type High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

Crowning our exclusive compilation of best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023 is the Blakeslee UC-18 Door Type High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher. With their compact design and efficiency, they seamlessly integrate into tight spaces while delivering high-performance cleaning capabilities. Blakeslee, the trusted manufacturer behind the UC-18, is most renowned for its high-temp dishwashers that provide high NSF and ANSI-approved sanitation standards. Blakeslee UC-18 has impeccable features to elevate dishwashing efficiency in the heart of your restaurant.

Blakeslee UC-18 Overview

Blakeslee UC-18 door-type is a high-temp machine designed for commercial use with long-lasting 304-grade stainless steel construction. Washing up to 30 racks per hour, this undercounter dishwasher is a real workhorse for tight spaces. It occupies a small footprint and easily fits under any countertop with its compact dimensions of 23.5 inches (59.69 cm) wide, 24 inches (60.96 cm) deep, and 33.25 inches (84.46 cm) high. It is specifically engineered to sanitize dishes, glassware, and utensils efficiently with minimum chemicals. A built-in booster rises the rinse temperature by 70°F (21.11°C), providing a final rinse temperature of 180°F (82.22°C).

Performance & Functional Features

Blakeslee UC-18 dishwasher’s ease of operation and handy features boost its best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023 title. Its 6.5kW booster heater joins detergent and rinse-aid dispensers to improve sanitation. The stainless steel upper and lower wash/rinse arms apply varying spray patterns. The machine performs a 3-stage filtering system for hygienic cleaning. The easy-to-read top-mounted controls guarantee user-friendly operation. Water consumption from its generous 7.1-gal (26.88 L) wash tank capacity ranges from 0.60 to 0.74 (2.27 to 2.8 L) gal per rack.


This Blakeslee model offers 2 wash cycles. Use the 120-sec cycle for lightly soiled dishes and the 180-sec cycle for heavily soiled dishes. Its built-in drain pump allows more flexible installation options, as it facilitates wastewater drainage even when the machine is not situated near a floor drain. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in kitchens with limited spatial configurations.

Features of Blakeslee UC-18 Admired By Users

As one of the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2023, this machine is highly regarded by users for its exceptional features.

  • It applies efficient sterilization, and the dishes dry faster.
  • Its space-saving design is a valuable asset in tight kitchens.
  • The Perfecta-RinseTM function extends the wash cycle time to guarantee a thorough 180°F (82.22°C) final rinse.
  • It operates quietly at just 59.3 dB.

Blakeslee UC-18 Pricing

Carefully compare different retailers’ pricing policies when purchasing the Blakeslee UC-18 Door Type High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher. Chef’s Deal price match on this item. Enter the price you would like to pay and the URL where to match the price. Free shipping and an affordable financing plan would also lower the purchase cost.

Blakeslee UC-18 Door Type High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher, 30 Racks/Hour capacity

The Bottom Line

Wrapping up this exploration of the top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment 2023, it is evident that these products have captured foodservice operators’ hearts and trust. From walk-in coolers to refrigerated merchandisers, deep fryers to ice makers, the appliances on this list truly embody the pinnacle of innovation and practicality. As you strive to upgrade operations, the best-selling commercial kitchen equipment of 2023 is a surefire way to stay ahead of the competition and deliver top-notch service to customers. Chef’s Deal, your trusted partner, supports you all along the way with financing fitting your budget.

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