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BBQ Equipment For The Delectable Taste - Chef's Deal

BBQ Equipment For The Delectable Taste

Barbecuing means cooking at low temperatures and slow cooking times (depending on your type of meat), ending in more tender and flavorful meat. A barbecue is a great way to gather family or friends together, and it is an upbeat activity on special days aside from just offering delightful dishes. For food service establishments with grilled dishes on their menu, indoor or outdoor grills and smokers with various styles and types provide the customers with juicy and tender meats If the BBQ Equipment and tools are chosen and used correctly.

Commercial Grill Types for Best BBQ

1. Wood-Fired Grills

Wood-fired grills are BBQ equipment that uses wood as a fuel source for a fire that is started manually or by built-in burners. The wood gives the meat an authentic flavor, but you shouldn’t forget that wood-fired grills require ventilation. 

Commercial Wood-Fired Grill - BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

2. Commercial Electric / Gas Grills

Commercial gas grills are modern and can be preferred for being able to fire instantly, which is a plus for commercial kitchens. The temperature is more controllable than charcoal grills and easy to adjust. Most gas grills have multiple cooking zones, letting you cook various items at diverse temperatures and saving operating expenses since you can turn them off while not in use.

Commercial electric grills use electric burners for cooking, but since they can not produce the grill flavor, some manufacturers add wood boxes to provide the desired smoke flavors.

Commercial Electric Grill - BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal
Game Changer Smoker TFG-COMM Charcoal Grill- BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

3. Commercial Charcoal Grills

Commercial charcoal grills cook food using solid fuel, which can be hard to fire and control initially for untrained users. After learning how to light, which is relatively easy, you will achieve the natural smokey bbq flavor. It is easy to use because it doesn’t need any electric connection or gas hose and is durable.

4. Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are a kind of smoker that uses pellets to grill, roast, smoke, or braise with a fire started by either a gas or electric burner, producing smokey flavors. They are very versatile BBQ equipment with digital control panels letting you precisely control the temperatures. 

Jade JMG-36 Gas Round Griddle / Fry Top - BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

5. Mongolian BBQ Grills

A Mongolian barbecue grill is a round, iron grill range for stir-frying veggies, fish, and meat. The most distinctive feature is its largeness, which provides enough cooking space for every customer’s different orders. Customers choose the ingredients they want depending on their taste, and each order is cooked separately, also providing a cooking display. 

6. Commercial Outdoor Grills

Undoubtedly, the grills and BBQ equipment designed for indoor use are innovative and useful, but nothing can replace the delight of the traditional way of barbecuing- outdoor grills! Indispensable for warm weather, outdoor grills provide authentic flavored juicy steaks or grilled goods and create an attractive and pleasant environment for customers.

Outdoor grills are made from durable materials that will endure the weather and heavy-usage conditions of outdoor use. The point that affects the taste is the heat source of the grill.

Commercial Outdoor Grills - BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

Commercial outdoor charcoal grills will produce the most intense smokey flavor, but since they will have more smoke, they may not comply with regulations depending on the usage area. 

Commercial gas outdoor grills offer quicker cooking times, and those with radiant heat will make it even faster and produce evenly cooked dishes. The commercial outdoor gas grills can be made of cast iron or stainless steel, and while cast iron keeps the heat for longer, steel ones are easier to clean. 

Lava rock grills are another type, which cook by the heat produced by burners and distributed by the pumice stones, which create smoke by the juices of meat dripped onto them. 

The grate type is another factor affecting the grill’s cooking. The most used kind of grates is stainless steel, which is low-priced, durable, and easy to use. Chrome grates are more durable in preventing corrosion and are less stickable than stainless steel grates. Lastly, cast iron grates retain heat better than others, resulting in less gas usage and better grill marks.

Commercial Smokers for Unforgettable BBQ Flavors

You can grill, barbecue, or smoke food using a grill, but there is some other specialized BBQ equipment for this task. The difference between barbecuing and smoking food is that smoking is done at lower temperatures to ensure the smokey flavor infuses into food thoroughly. A smoker is a piece of BBQ equipment that will do the job better than a grill in a large-scale establishment. Some smokers come with digital controls providing more accurate cooking. Here are the smoker types for a delicious bbq taste to decide which one is more suitable for you.

1. Smokehouses

A smokehouse, or smoker, is a room where meat hung with hangers is cured with smoke inside. A smokehouse can be a traditional type, a building made of concrete, wood, or stone, or a modern type; steel cabinets. Aside from various meat types, it’s also used for fish and cheese.

  • Outdoor Smokehouses

Smokehouses designed for outdoor use generally consist of a room to hold the meat, a firebox, and draft control. Smokehouses provide tender meats with exquisite smoky flavors. An outdoor smokehouse allows you to slow cooking or smoke meat, veggies, or fish in your backyard. Most outdoor smokehouses have wheels for easy moving, and the temperature indicators easily control temperatures. 

  • Indoor Smokehouses

An indoor smokehouse will get the job done for an establishment that demands to provide smoked meat but has no area for a grill. Indoor smokehouses use gas for cooking and smoking, and their vertical shape helps you to maximize space. They not just cook or smoke a large quantity of food at a time but also produce crispier food thanks to skewers used instead of shelves. The sturdy walls help to retain the heat, which cuts down on energy costs. Additionally, an indoor smokehouse can be used any time of the year.

Game Changer Smoker GC20V2 Electric Smoker Oven- BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

2. Smoker Oven

Smoker ovens are BBQ equipment designed to cook, smoke, and roast food, and most of them have a holding feature to keep cooked food at safe temperatures until serving. Most include a wood chip container to produce the smoky flavor that other barbecue equipment provides. The lower temperatures decrease the shrinkage, and they are simple to clean.

Jade JCBBQ-24 Chinese Pork Roaster/Smoker - BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

3. Indoor Pig Roaster

Indoor pig roasters are BBQ equipment designed to cook large-sized pigs or multiple shelves of meat at once, making them ideal for heavy use in large operations. They use gas as the fuel source, and in order to provide even cooked products with a perfect crust, they have two burners distributing the heat thoroughly.

4. Offset Grill

It is one of the oldest meat smoking techniques, which consists of a barrel where the meat is cooked and a firebox with fuel linked to the barrel. The smoke created inside the firebox provides a smokey flavor and crispy crust. The large barrel can take a huge amount of food, and the heat can be easily controlled.

5. Smoker Grill

A smoker grill is a piece of ideal BBQ equipment for smoking and barbecuing with adjustable temperature settings. It is designed for outdoor use, and the slidable trays allow filling wood or charcoal easily.

Smoker Grill - Ideal Bbarbecue Equipment - Chef's Deal
NU-VU SMOKE13 Smoker Oven- BBQ Equipment - Chef's Deal

6. Vertical Pellet Smoker

A vertical pellet smoker cooks and smokes food by placing it right above the fire and the chimney above the food, making the smoke pass all over the food and then go out. This process produces a more intense and rich smokey flavor. This BBQ equipment is capable of smoking, slow cooking, and barbecuing food using wood pellets as the fuel source and electricity.

Equipex FM-2 Countertop Smoker- BBQ Equipment- Chef's Deal

7. Smoke Gun

A smoke gun produces smoke for a finishing touch to small food items such as cheese or cocktails. They are easy to use with compact size and can be used for displaying to attract customers.

Barbecue Tools and Supplies

To use BBQ equipment efficiently and provide luscious smoked and barbecued food to your customers, you need several tools and additions to complete the task fully.

  • Barbecue Brushes and Bottles: You can easily apply sauces or coatings to meat, veggies, or other items you want to barbecue or smoke using a barbecue brush. The bottles will keep the sauces or oil and provide easy use by the lids. 
  • Forks, Knives, Hooks: The BBQ forks help you grab meat for easy slicing or placing it on the grill. Special knives provide easy cutting, and hooks will let you simply upturn meat.
  • Gloves:  Safety is the priority in every operation. Protect yourself and your employees by wearing heat-resistant gloves while firing a barbecue. 
  • Shredding Claws: They are called claws because they are designed in the shape of a paw, and their purpose is similar to a paw, to shred. You can transfer and shred the newly cooked, hot, tender meats without burning yourself and faster than a fork would do.
  • Scrapers and Turners: Scrapers and turners will help you turn the patties or fish and serve them easily when cooked.
  • Skewers: You can keep little pieced foods together while barbecuing, create better-looking service or make kabab using skewers. 
  • Thermometers: Most BBQ equipment, such as grills or smokers, come with built-in thermometers, but some may not. Using thermometers to control the heat to provide perfectly cooked dishes will be helpful. 
  • Tongs: Tongs are another BBQ equipment or tool that can be used for turning the food on the barbecue for even cooking or picking when cooked. 


Barbecue is excellent in terms of both mouth-watering dishes and the atmosphere, mainly consisting of our loved ones. This cooking method has a considerable place in commercial kitchens such as steak houses that are established specifically to offer juicy and tender steaks and meat. Consequently, no matter who you are cooking for, if you use the right BBQ equipment and tools, it is not hard to cook the meats or other food to perfection.

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