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Commercial Ice Machine Brands and The Types of Ice They Produce

Commercial Ice Machine Brands and The Types of Ice They Produce

Choosing the right commercial ice machine is crucial for any food service or hospitality business, as ice plays a vital role in keeping beverages cold, preserving food, and enhancing the presentation of many dishes and drinks.

With many brands on the market, each offering unique features and specializing in producing different types of ice, selecting the ideal machine can seem daunting. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the leading commercial ice machine brands—Koolair, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Maxximum, ITV Ice Makers, Hoshizaki, Eurodib USA, Blue Air, and Ice-o-Matic—and show the variety of ice types they produce. From classic cubes to soft flakes and everything in between, understanding the capabilities of each brand and the types of ice best suited for your business needs can make all the difference in delivering top-notch service and quality to your customers.

infographic - Commercial Ice Makers and Types of Ice They Produce

1. Koolaire 

Koolaire is a well-established ice maker brand. Their strong suit produces the standard ice forms many businesses need. 

Types of Ice Koolaire Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice.

2. Manitowoc

Manitowoc is a fairly versatile brand when it comes to the types of ice their machines produce. You can purchase a plain ice maker or an ice machine with a bin from Manitowoc and gain access to many different ice shapes. Nugget and flake ice models are especially in demand.

Types of Ice Manitowoc Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Nugget, Flake.

3. Scotsman

Scotsman is a brand known for its range. Whether their machinery or service, Scotsman appeals to many different needs. While many machines can be used to produce gourmet ice, Scotsman’s thimble cube models set themselves apart with their performance. If you hope to get ice for your high-end restaurant or have chewable nugget ice ready for your shakes, you can look into Scotsman for both.  

Types of Ice Scotsman Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Nugget, Flake, Gourmet Cube.

4. Maxximum

Maxximum can be considered equal to ice cubes on the ice maker market. Their dedication to ice cubes runs deep, and their models mainly focus on producing high-quality cubes. If you all need a straightforward path to get good ice cubes, Maxximum can be the one for you. 

Types of Ice Maxximum Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Round.

5. ITV Ice Makers

ITV is a flexible brand. In addition to regular models, they also have “adjustable” models. You can use one machine to produce several different types of ice. Just adjust it to your liking and start working. 

Types of Ice ITV Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Flake.

6. Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki is preferred by many establishments. Alongside many types of ice their machines make, they also have models for crescent ice. Crescent ice is a popular type of ice, and being one of the few brands that offer a machine for it makes Hoshizaki unique.

Types of Ice Hoshizaki Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Crescent, Nugget, Sphere, Flake.

7. Eurodib USA

Eurodib USA takes pride in the ice it offers. While the labels of the models aren’t as embellished, the cubes they produce are called compact crystal ice. Made with an elegant form and a crystalline finish, these cubes are preferred by those who want a stylish touch to their business.

Types of Ice Eurodib USA Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Flake

8. Blue Air

Blue Air is another brand that offers crescent ice. While their collection might not be as varied as some other brands, having crescent in their repertoire makes them a front-runner in the ice machine markets. 

Types of Ice Blue Air Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Crescent

9. Ice-o-Matic 

Ice-o-Matic is a reliable brand with a wide range of ice makers. You will easily find a model that fits your requirements among their many ice machines. 

Types of ice Ice-o-Matic Ice Makers Produce: Full Dice, Half Dice, Nugget, Flake.

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