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Ice Cream Shop Equipment - Chef's Deal

Ice Cream Shop Equipment

Ice cream shop equipment ranges from ice cream makers to cone dispensers, and you need to plan very carefully to ensure you have every ice cream shop equipment you need before you open your store to customers.

Ice Cream Preparing and Storage Equipment

The ice cream preparation equipment you need depends on the types of ice cream you would like to serve at your ice cream shop.

1. Commercial Ice Cream Makers

The most vital ice cream shop equipment you will need is a commercial ice cream maker to produce and dispense the ice cream. You can invest in different models based on the type of product you wish to offer your customers. (You can check out our commercial ice cream machines article for detailed information on what types of ice cream machines are out there and which one is perfect for you.)

ice-cream-maker-automatic-production-of-ice-cream-Chef's Deal

2. Walk-in Freezers

Another important ice cream shop equipment is walk-in freezers. If you plan to open an exceptionally big ice cream shop, you will need a walk-in freezer to store your products. While most walk-in freezers have the same logic, they differ based on condenser types and installation styles.

SaniServ B-5 17inch  Ice Cream, Gelato Batch Freezer - Chef's Deal

3. Batch Freezers

Batch freezers are another way to produce ice cream. As the name suggests, a batch is used to simultaneously cool and blend the ice cream ingredients. The whipping and freezing elements of the machine make it possible to create a delicious flavor in a short time. These will give consistent results over time and ensure consistent quality in the ice cream you sell. 

4. Hardening Cabinet

Hardening cabinets are like blast chillers. They serve the same purpose, and in the case of ice cream, they make sure it freezes without icing. Crystallization can ruin the texture of your freshly made ice cream unless you take care of it with the proper ice cream shop equipment. 

Ice Cream Serving And Display Equipment

In addition to the ice cream production and storage equipment, you will need ice cream serving and display equipment for your establishment.  

Ice Cream Merchandising Cases will help you showcase your products to the customers and make it easier for you to sell them. 

Ice Cream Dishes
are crucial not just for serving but also for the aesthetic experience. Make sure to purchase beautiful dishes that complement the ice creams you offer. The most basic necessities among the ice cream shop equipment you will need are pretty bowls and spoons.

Sundae Dishes
require special attention. Sundaes are very popular, and presenting your best shot in a fun glass will ensure customer loyalty and even some Instagram attention.

Table and seating
will be another consideration if you plan to open a store. You should definitely determine how many tables you can fit into the space you have and what type of seating arrangement you want to create. Restaurant booths are quite popular among ice cream shops, but you can invest in basic chairs and tables if you have limited space.

A note on shop design: Franchising will provide you with a certain interior design, but if you choose to start your own business, you can design your own shop, which could be a lot of fun. You can select the right restaurant design and layout options for your establishment. There are also many different types of restaurant tables and chairs in various colors. You could also invest in bar chairs and open a sitting area near the display. Creating an appealing interior and restaurant ambiance will also help you get more customers.

Trays with ice cream on the ice cream merchandiser with a salesman in the ice cream shop - Chef's Deal

Other Essential Ice Cream Shop Equipment

As in every business, you need to pay attention to the small details that make or break a brand after having the main equipment.

1. Sanitization Supplies

Sanitization supplies are at the top of the long list of ice cream shop equipment you will need. Keeping your store clean and tidy will help you avoid possible health hazards in the future and create a trusting relationship between you and your customers.

Ensure your employees have access to gloves and hairnets before they touch the products, and provide them with sanitizers so they can periodically sanitize their hands. Also, make sure that the tables are wiped off after every customer. Melted ice cream and such can attract pests and make your tables sticky. Nobody wants to see flies flying around in their favorite ice cream shop. 

2. Small Appliances For Serving

It would be best if you also had small appliances for serving ice cream, such as scooping spoons, cone dispensers, topping dispensers, plastic utensils, straws, and condiment stations for your customers to pick toppings from. This ice cream shop equipment will be the backbone of your business.

3. Syrup Pumps

Syrup pumps are items you should not forget. Many customers will want syrups of different kinds on their ice cream. Syrup pumps will come in handy to store and distribute the syrups. 

4. Topping Dispensers

Topping dispensers will serve a similar purpose as syrup pumps. Containing toppings of different kinds, they’ll make it easier for you to top your ice creams. 

5. Cone Dispensers

Cone dispensers are ice cream shop equipment that will store your cones in sanitary conditions. With the help of this piece of equipment, you’ll easily reach for cones and fill them up with ice cream.

6. Commercial Blenders

Commercial blenders are useful items if you like preparing your ice cream yourself or if you wish to offer milkshakes and smoothies in your shop. Make sure to purchase a relatively quiet and high-capacity one if you plan to use it often. 

7. Hot Fudge Warmers or Chocolate Sauce Bins

This essential ice cream shop equipment is beneficial since dipping a cone of ice cream in chocolate and enjoying the mixed flavors have been quite popular for years. With hot fudge warmers, you’ll have a constant source of hot chocolate to dip your ice creams in. You can opt for a dispenser if you wish to use your chocolate on waffles and sundaes. 

8. Topping Bins

Topping bins are an alternative to ice cream dispensers. You can place the topping bins on the counter and let your customers choose. These bins are handy if you serve waffles since there are bound to be many options your customers can browse and choose from. 

other-ice-cream-shop-equipment-chef-making-ice-cream-with-toppings - Chef's Deal

9. Napkin Dispensers

Napkin dispensers are a small detail, but they should not be overlooked. You can place them on the counter for ease of service, hand a napkin with each cone you sell, or place a few on the tables. 

10. Decorations

Decorative items might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when ice cream shop equipment is mentioned, yet aesthetics is vital to a good business. By decorating your shop in line with a certain aesthetic, you can create a signature look that will be associated with your brand and give your shop some identity. Decoration decisions you’ll have to make will range from chairs and tables to napkin designs and wall colors. Creating a unified and beautiful outlook is a lot of fun and will definitely appeal to your customers. 

11. Menu Boards

Menu boards are the ice cream shop equipment customers look for when they enter a shop. Having a visible and beautiful menu board will help you display your diverse menu to the customers.

More on Ice Cream Shop Equipment: Ice Cream Truck Equipment

Ice cream Trucks require a couple of specific pieces of equipment to operate in addition to the general material mentioned so far;

Ice cream truck freezers are obviously the main piece of equipment you will need. There are available in different sizes, and you should get the one that will last you a whole day.

Donper USA D800H Countertop Two Flavor High Volume Soft Serve Machine, (2) 9.5 qt.

Dipping cabinets are especially useful when you want to serve and display your colorful ice cream flavors. Ice cream dipping cases will let your customers browse the options and help you store your ice cream quickly.

Soft serve ice cream machines are only necessary if you would like to offer soft serve. While they might not seem essential, having a soft-serve ice cream machine at your disposal can attract customers and ensure easy access to ice cream in case of a problem with your freezer. Plus, there is a growing interest in soft serve, and the variety of options will get more attention.


Ice cream shop equipment is crucial to a successful and smooth-running business. Suitable commercial ice cream machines and other auxiliary equipment will enhance your workflow, help you store ingredients, prepare perfect ice cream, and quickly serve customers. With the help of the ice cream shop equipment you have, the customers will be coming in dozens to try your colorful products and spend time in your beautiful shop.

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