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Choosing The Right Food Truck Concept

The food truck concept has been one of the most important considerations since the food truck business first emerged. Taking their place in the food service industry by marketing sandwiches and coffee to factory workers, the food trucks have come a long way, and specialty food trucks now offer a wide variety of cuisines, from gourmet food to vegan meals. Hence, starting a food truck business has plenty of opportunities and an easier way to enter the food service business than opening a brick-and-mortar operation.

Owning or renting a vehicle, investing in cooking equipment (or renting a venture directly), and finding the right place are all you need to do. First, you need to decide on the food truck concept you want to establish and make a plan for your business. We gathered the most favored food truck concepts below to help you choose the best one that appeals to you.

Why Own A Food Truck

A food truck is a profitable business with numerous benefits for owners deciding on the right food truck concept. It is easy to operate and a good idea to enter the food service industry. Here are some the simple reasons to start a food truck business:

1. Low Startup Costs

The low initial investment of food trucks makes them a profitable and easy-to-start business type. Having fewer initial costs than a sit-in restaurant is a competitive advantage of operating a food truck rather than a traditional one. Using the money you save setting up a food truck instead of a traditional restaurant, you can focus on other operations such as marketing.

The major cost is purchasing the food truck, and there is an option to rent a truck, additionally reducing the initial costs. The other cost is the food truck equipment, but you may also find ready-to-operate vendors, including all necessary equipment. After a little research, you can decide which one will be useful and cost-effective.

2. Low Operation Costs

In addition to starting expenses, running a food truck operation also requires less than a restaurant. Opening a regular restaurant requires investing in equipment, hiring various staff from cooks to servers and cleaners, and the amounts of tax or rents of the property.

For a food truck, numbered essential food truck supplies will be purchased less costly and mostly at the beginning. The rent of the truck if its rented and the food and supply costs are the only operational costs of a food truck. There is no need for a full staff, and the taxes will be lower. Lastly, a food truck differs from a restaurant in maintenance. A traditional restaurant requires maintenance for furniture, equipment, décor, and the building stuff, which don’t exist for a food truck.

3. Choosing a Location

Choosing where you want your operation may be the best part of operating a food truck business with the right food truck concept. Because of being movable, a food truck operation provides many advantages, such as changing your location to a higher foot traffic and car access area if the current one doesn’t sell at a premium. Additionally, you can join any event and festival, which are the most crowded areas with a high potential of hungry clients. Thus, establishing your business in a central and crowded place will enable you to appeal to more people.

Coffee Food Truck Concept - Chef's Deal

The Most Popular Food Truck Concepts

When you decide to start a food truck, the most essential and fun step is choosing a concept for your food truck.

1. Taco Truck

If to start from the classics, taco food trucks took their place in the industry long ago. This snack-like food is a good alternative to have on the go. You can provide a classic taco made with beef, cheese, and sour cream, add a futuristic touch, and create your unique menu.

2. Ice Cream Truck

Who can resist having refreshing ice cream from the truck while passing by on a boiling hot day? Ice cream trucks are another classic that takes us back to our childhood. You can drive your ice cream truck through streets or set up in certain spots such as fairs. Remember that you may operate an ice cream truck seasonally. 

3. Mobile Coffee Truck

Coffee is an all-time sold item which is a great concept for a food truck. The tired or sleepy workers, caffeholics who can drink coffee all day long, and those wanting to have a coffee break while passing by exist everywhere, ensuring you thrive in the industry. Setting in a place with high morning traffic will be effective.

4. Vegan Food Truck

Vegan food is one of the newest inventions in the food truck industry and all food service businesses. This food truck concept offers vegan food and plant-based dishes. Since there is a huge demand for vegan food, it would be profitable.

5. Hot Dog Truck

Hot dogs are one of the foods that come to mind when one says food truck. We can guarantee that this snack will be sold out, especially if you are located in a crowded area with high foot traffic. Additionally, settling in a fair, amusement park, sports occasion, or event will be reasonable.

6. Gourmet Burgers Food Truck

Another unique food truck concept is the gourmet burger truck. By investing commercial kitchen equipment in your truck, you can freshly cook and serve gourmet burgers with unique ingredients and create your own receipt. To give you an idea, one of the most popular food trucks serving gourmet burgers is Fukuburger, offering exceptional recipes such as a Tamago burger, made with a patty, wasabi mayo, fried egg, and topped with Japanese spice furikake.

7. Waffle Truck

Waffle is a versatile food that can be made with many ingredients, in many shapes, and has many lovers. You can serve it on a stick or a paper tray and use various toppings, from tropical fruits to colorful spread and sprinkles.

8. Pizza Truck

Selling pizza slices is a good idea for a hungry crowd having fun at a fair or for the ones wanting to have a treat while passing by. You can even turn your food truck into an authentic pizzeria by offering different kinds of freshly made pizza.

9. Fried Chicken Truck

A fried chicken truck is a delicious option to create your food truck concept. This not so hard to make that food will be favored in fair places. You can offer tenders, nuggets, or legs with various sauces, to which you can add unique options to make it more attractive.

10. Donut Truck

Donut is an all-time eaten food, making them a good food truck concept to choose from. Donuts will always have lovers, whether for breakfast, a snack on the go, or a dessert near a cup of coffee. The more flavor, the more attraction. With a huge showcase filled with colorful donuts, you will fascinate everyone passing through.

Tips For Picking A Food Truck Concept

Establishing an impressive food truck concept may not seem significant, but it is one of the key points to accomplishing your business and taking it one step ahead. Here are the tips for creating an attractive food truck concept.

Pastry Food Truck Concept - Chef's Deal

1. Be Unique

Being unique while choosing a food truck concept may be the essential point that will make your operation stand out, and that is what you exactly need in this industry. The main point here is to keep the balance between being so unique and common that being so unique may scare customers away.

2. Know Your Target Market

Thinking that everyone will enjoy your food truck will misguide you. Your parking area will determine your target market even if you serve one of the most popular dishes. By analyzing the current customer group, you will know who is your target market and choose a food truck concept that appeals the most to them.

3. Choose a Different Concept From Your Neighborhood

Choosing the same concept as your neighborhood can make your business go down and even fail. The food trucks in the area you want to set up already have won their regular customers. If you serve similar food, they will probably not opt you over their favored one. So choosing a different but suitable concept from the competitors in the same area is an efficient step to make your food truck stand out and achieve a profitable business.

4. Create A Brand

Creating a brand is one of the important steps that will complete the concept of your food truck. Creating an attractive and distinctive logo will attract customers’ attention, and the brand should symbolize your idea. Printing and pressing your brand and logo on the truck’s napkins, tables, and chairs will make your operation more impressive and memorable.

5. Cook What You Know

If you will be the chef of your operation, choose a food truck concept considering what you know and love to cook. Cooking the food you are good at or your favorite food will not only facilitate your work, but also you will be sure about the quality and taste. You can always make additions and extractions to your menu, following the trends and providing seasonal foods.

To Sum Up Food Truck Concept

Determining the food truck concept is essential to the business plan, and you should prioritize it. Establishing a concept that never gets old and appeals to the market of its location will take the business up. Furthermore, choosing the best food truck concept that suits you will make you operate your business with relish and achieve a profitable operation.

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