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Which Food Truck Equipment Do You Need Primarily?

Food truck equipment is the primary consideration you should pay attention to if you are in the food truck business. Because food trucks are a different and popular way of selling street food. Thanks to their mobility, they can be located near places to cater to more people. You can sell packaged or frozen food as well as dishes you prepare in it. It is also a good option for people to have a quick meal on their way to work.

In recent years menu items quite diversified. As well as cold beverages or street food items, food trucks now sell gourmet or local food and world cuisine species. Due to being a popular, innovative, and inexpensive concept, many of the most familiar names in the country have also entered the food truck field, including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Steak n Shake, White Castle, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and many more.

So we can say that you made the right decision choosing this one of the main components of the street food industry. We are here to answer how you can start and what food truck equipment is needed for your business.

Choosing The Right Food Truck Equipment

How can you outshine the food truck business? Obviously, by catering to all with tasteful dishes and reasonable prices. The most crucial thing in cooking great dishes is the right food truck equipment. A talented chef using quality food truck equipment will attract clients. And here, we listed the proper and qualified commercial food truck equipment that you can operate your business efficiently.

1. Food Truck Preparation Equipment

One of the most used items in the food truck kitchen is the preparation equipment. They might be used to prepare or serve food and will significantly facilitate your work. Here are some of the food truck prep equipment:

Countertop Electric Fryer, Cecilware Pro EL15 Full Pot - Chef's Deal
  • Work Tables: Since you prepare and serve all the food on it, the worktable is the first thing you need in your food truck.
  • Cutting Boards: As you do all your slicing or chopping works on them, cutting boards are vital for your kitchen.
  • Knives and Knife Rack: Using longstanding knives will save you money, and storing them safely using a rack is important.
  • Frying Pans: You can fry, steam, or saute your food with frying pans.
  • Sauce Pans: You can prepare your sauces and broths with saucepans.
  • Turners: Turners can be used while cooking anything on the pan or grill to turn the food and make them cook evenly on each side.
  • Thermometers: These gadgets are essential to know if the food is cooked well.
  • Food Processors: Food processors will help you make sauces, soups, smoothies, and anything that needs to be blended.
  • Can, Bottle, Lid Openers: Open stuck bottles or can lids with almost no effort using openers.
  • Juicers: Who can say no to a cup of freshly squeezed juice? Make your own delicious fresh juice using juicers and let your customers enjoy it.
  • Shredders and Graters: you will probably use grated cheese in most of your foods and grated vegetables for salads or dishes. 

2. Food Truck Countertop Cooking Equipment

When you enter the food truck equipment, you should be careful while choosing the food truck cooking equipment.  Purchasing high-quality commercial equipment from the start will prepare you for success in the future. Quality food truck equipment can withstand heavy use and is sustainable for a long time. The food truck equipment you buy should be organized considering the truck’s space, and the need for the equipment might depend on your menu.  We listed here some of the food truck cooking equipment to help you:

Food Truck Equipment - Microwave Oven
  • Food Truck Ovens: Bake anything you want, from fresh pizza to cheesecake, with a countertop oven and save your space.
  • Food Truck Steamers: Help you to cook dishes quickly and optimize your time.
  • Commercial Grills: A commercial grill is one of the most crucial food truck equipment. You can use it for cooking everything from burgers and tacos to pancakes and vegetables. They are ideal for on-the-go food.
  • Toasters: Make the bread for sandwiches or breakfast items perfectly golden-crusted with toasters.
  • Salamander or Cheese Melters: With the help of salamanders, brown the surface of foods or melt the cheese.
  • Microwaves: Being very practical food truck equipment, microwaves heat everything in minutes.
  • Charbroilers: Give grill flavor and marks to steaks, chicken, and vegetables with the help of charbroilers.
  • Countertop Fryers: Fryer is a must for your truck if you have fries, tenders, or other food that needs to be fried on your menu.
  • Panini Presses: If the sandwich is an item on your menu, you can have a panini press.  It presses and grills the bread giving a crispy crust to both sides at one time.
  • Ranges: Pan fry, boil, or simmer everything with the help of ranges.
  • Food Truck Deep Fryers: Make french fries, onion rings, wings,  and other fried food in food truck deep fryers.
  • Hot dog steamers: Hot dogs can be the favorite fast food at fairs or festivals. Ease your work and make the best hot dogs with our hot dog steamer.
  • Rice cookers: Cooking rice in a perfect consistency is not easy. All you need is a rice cooker if you have rice, sushi, or anything made with rice on your menu.

3. Food Truck Warming and Holding Equipment

Food truck warming & holding equipment are necessary for keeping your food warm and fresh all day long. Here is some food truck equipment:

  • Fry Warmers: They keep the food ready to eat and protect the crisp with fry dump stations.
  • Countertop Warmers: They are necessary to keep the food warm and ready to serve.
  • Kettles (Soup Warmers): Kettles keep soups hot until serving without spoiling their taste.

4. Food Truck Countertop Refrigerators

countertop refrigerator
  • Salad Preparation Refrigerators: They have a cabinet at the bottom to keep the foods cold and a space on top allowing you to prepare salad or sandwiches.
  • Pizza Preparation Refrigerators: They are just like salad prep refrigerators but with a larger workspace.
  • Countertop Refrigerators: They keep foods and canned or bottled drinks at safe temperatures.
  • Ice Cream Freezers: Ice cream freezers, or under-counter freezers, are excellent for keeping frozen items in addition to ice creams.

5. Food Truck Serving Equipment

  • Food Truck Serving Disposables: Including plastic cups, spoons, lids, and containers, they are great in terms of hygiene.
  • Insulated Food Carriers: You can use insulated food carriers to ensure that foods are at safe temperatures.

6. Food Truck Janitorial

Food Truck Janitorials are essential to keep the place you cook hygienic and maintain the equipment.

  • Hand Sinks: Due to state regulations, you should select the number of the compartment with or without.
  • Sanitizing Chemicals: You should consider city regulations and use approved sanitizers for either dishware or surfaces for proper cleaning.
  • Trash Can and Liners: To keep your place tidy and clean, having a suitable trash can and liners for your waste is the right solution.

7. Food Truck Hood

The exhausting hood is a must food truck equipment for complying with local regulations. The food truck exhaust hood is designed to ventilate cooking space, capturing bad smells, grease, steam, and moisture. Some food truck hood packages come with a fire suppression feature, as well, which increases your cooking efficiency and makes it safer.

8. Other Food Truck Supplies

food truck supplies
  • Advertising Supplies: There are menu boards, frame signboards, signs, and LEDs for windows and doors among food truck advertising supplies. You can display your menu and contact information and share your motto and a slogan for advertisement.
  • Foiling and Wrapping Supplies: You can use either aluminum or plastic wraps to serve or store food later.
  • Technological Equipment
    • Food Truck Tracking Equipment: Every food truck owner wants to be discovered. Using the apps made for it, such as Roaming Hunger, Food Moves, or Food Truck Tacker, let your customers know where you are. Using the apps, you will be seen on the maps, meaning more customers will reach you!
    • Cash Registers and Mobile POS: Some people may think after, but a high-quality POS System should be considered just at the beginning of the business. Cash register systems let business owners focus on the front house since they handle the many functions at the back, such as inventory, billing, and payments.

      The mobile POS system helps you process payments and take orders easily and quickly. Enables card use which reduces your work and saves time.


Starting a food truck business is not hard if you take every step right. After deciding to start a food truck business and making a plan, the primary consideration you need is the right legal permission and food truck equipment. For maintenance and durability, purchasing the finest quality food truck supplies is crucial.

Whether you want to store takeaway containers, small equipment that fits your small space, or multipurpose devices in your truck, our selection of food truck supplies for your commercial kitchen is what you are looking for. Food truck equipment is small enough to fit into your mini kitchen, but at the same time, it is pretty powerful, allowing your mobile kitchen to produce a lot of delicious food. By buying the right food truck equipment, save money and time and take your place in the food truck business one step ahead.

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