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    FINANCE FOR: $159.05/mo.

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    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  4. $41,927.05

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  5. $39,871.70

    FINANCE FOR: $973.39/mo.

  6. $28,877.00

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  11. Special Price $39,870.53 $39,998.40

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  18. $10,719.84

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  19. $5,408.64

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  25. Special Price $41,319.89 $41,463.36

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  26. $10,296.00

    FINANCE FOR: $251.36/mo.

  27. $11,918.40

    FINANCE FOR: $290.96/mo.

  28. $10,296.00

    FINANCE FOR: $251.36/mo.

  29. $8,528.64

    FINANCE FOR: $208.21/mo.

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We promise a commercial steam kettle is the savior you need in your kitchen! Whether you’re running a cafe, restaurant, or catering business, a steam jacketed kettle will be your new best friend. A restaurant steam kettle is great for high volume cooking operations; you can cook large quantities of pasta, sauces, soups, broths, and chilis. The list that you can cook with a steam kettle goes on and on! There are many steam kettles models and choosing the right one is tricky but no more! Here are some tips on how to easily choose the right steam kettle that suits your kitchen needs the best. 


Introduction to Steam Jacketed Kettles


Thanks to its superheated pressurized steam that runs between an interior and exterior layer of the metal, called a steam jacket, steam kettles can heat larger quantities of food more evenly than a standard stove top boiler. Be aware that not every model of a commercial kettle has the same steam jacket. Some have a 2/3 steam jacket or a full steam jacket to suit the design of the kettle, both can heat your meals perfectly. The ones with a full steam jacket are usually the stationary steam kettle models while most of the tilting steam kettles have a 2/3 steam jacket. 


The size of the commercial steam kettles varies greatly to accommodate the wide range of capacity they offer. The cooking capacity of a steam jacketed cattle ranges from 6 gallons to 40 gallons and can even go up to 80 gallons. Thus, you have to choose from a wide range of steam kettle models. If you are looking for smaller models, a mini steam kettle that you can place on the counter might be the new addition to your kitchen. Don’ forget, here on Chef’s, you can easily purchase a budget-friendly, high-quality countertop steam kettle for sale


Like most of the cooking equipment, steam jacketed kettle models may have different power sources. Depending on your preference, you can either purchase a gas steam kettle or an electric steam kettle. There are a few useful things you can use while you are choosing a new steam kettle. For example, if you want a smaller steam kettle, the one working with electricity might become more beneficial in the kitchen, since you can easily move it around. Daily use and energy costs are factors you should keep in mind as well. 


We’re Thinking About Your Budget, Too!


As Chef’s Deal, we are tirelessly working to bring you affordable high-quality kitchen equipment. We know that as the quality of the steam kettle, the steam jacketed kettle price is important for you, too. So, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a steam kettle for sale


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions on our payment options or how to choose the right equipment for your business. You can call us on our toll-free call center line or use the ChefsBot 24/7. We are happy to help!