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  3. $1,596.00

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Your kitchen is your safe haven! All the equipment you purchase and the way you design it is totally up to you and how you are going to feel comfortable. Choosing the right appliances will always be a struggle as these kind of equipment are very durable and long lasting. With our years of experience we have developed our every muscle into this process! Whenever you need a little help, don't hesitate to ask us.

All About Functionality


A restaurant work table is an investment you should not skip over while building your kitchen. Having a restaurant kitchen prep table in your kitchen means increased functionality and productivity! They do resemble a kitchen isle, the ones you have at home. But these commercial work tables offer you a lot more functionality with open edges and wheels. The stainless steel work tables we have in our Work Table category are easy to clean, have adjustable bullet feet and are really easy to put together.


But hey, who says you cannot use it your home kitchen? These stainless steel work tables are neutral and very stylish, they add a nice tone to your kitchen and look good with other appliances. Another tip we would like to emphasize would be to consider the size you have for a stainless steel food prep table. If you are free on space, you can even put together two or more stainless steel kitchen work tables to create a larger space for preparing your dishes!

Lifelong Companion


Commercial kitchen work tables will be your lifelong companions in your tasteful journey of making people happy with your food. As they are made from stainless steel and are mobile, you can carry them anywhere in your kitchen for an enhanced work space. With an open lower shelf, these stainless steel table for restaurants offer more storage and easy use than any other work table. It is also much better for health issues as the stainless steel surface is easy to clean, stain and water resistant.


So, check out our Work Table category with many models and decide to make your life easier!