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Walk-in vs. Reach-in Refrigeration - Chef's Deal

Walk-in vs. Reach-in Refrigeration: Which One is the Best for You?

Refrigerators and freezers are crucial components of commercial kitchens. They store products in the necessary temperatures to ensure they don’t go off and keep your business running. Due to their importance, they are some of the biggest investments you will make while starting a business in the food service industry. Refrigerators and freezers serve the same purpose of storage with different temperature ranges. They are referred to as refrigeration products in general.

Refrigeration options are commonly divided into two categories: walk-in refrigeration and reach-in refrigeration. Both types offer unique qualities to your business and have their advantages as well as weaknesses. It is important to pick the right unit for your establishment to maximize efficiency and get the most out of your investment. 

What are the Differences Between a Walk-in Refrigeration and a Reach-in Refrigeration?

It is important to understand what these two types of refrigeration entail for your business. There are several differences between their features, and insight into these differences can aid your decision-making process. Their strengths and weaknesses can alter based on your expectations; therefore, it would be wise to assess your business’s needs and circumstances before making a purchase.

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1. Convenience 

In terms of convenience, reach-in units come on top. They are easier to operate and use. Your staff can easily reach in and get what they need before losing any time in the walk-in unit. Since reach-ins aren’t as big as walk-ins, you can easily find what you are looking for and lose no time to get your fresh ingredients to your chef. 

2. Space

Walk-in units come in indoor and outdoor models, requiring much space. If you don’tdon’t have enough room for the unit, you should consider reach-in models. Reach-in refrigeration is a better option for tight spaces, and they can still get the job done as long as you don’t try to overfill them. 

3. Customization and Extra Equipment

Walk-in refrigerations are more open to customization. You can be more involved in the design of the unit you will install in your kitchen. Yet, customization means adding extra equipment like shelving, floors, etc. Even though you have fewer opportunities to customize a reach-in unit, most people like that they come with minimum additions needed. 

AmeriKooler QC060872    NBSC 6ftX 8ft Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor, Self-Contained - Walk-in vs. Reach-in Refrigeration - Chef's Deal

4. Initial Price Point

The initial price is a big consideration for new businesses. Walk-in refrigeration units are more expensive than reach-in models, which can be daunting to new entrepreneurs. If you do not have a big business, opt for a reach-in refrigerator and a reach-in freezer initially. However, if you believe a walk-in will be more useful to your business model, remember that this investment will pay off and last you a long time. You can benefit from restaurant equipment financing to devise a manageable payment plan

5. Capacity 

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers have more capacity than reach-in units. The walk-ins are for you if you plan to buy in bulk. However, if your food business needs buying in small amounts, you might only need some of that space, and you can benefit from reach-in models more. Remember that full walk-in functions better than a half-full one, so if you don’t use the space completely, it might be best to invest in reach-ins. 

6. Cleaning and Maintenance 

Both units require regular cleaning and maintenance, which is a big responsibility. Walk-in units will be harder to clean up due to the constant foot traffic and the size of the refrigerators and freezers. Reach-in units are smaller and require less time to clean up. As for maintenance, walk-ins could need more professional help than reach-ins.

7. Installation

Installation operations will take some of your time when building a commercial kitchen. Walk-in refrigeration units are elaborate pieces of equipment that require professional help to install. Based on your space, they could need floor installments, insulation measures, and possibly wiring to connect the unit to electricity. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are more compact and easier to install. 

8. Longevity of the Equipment

When compared, walk-in units tend to have longer life spans than reach-in models. They are sturdier and will last you longer. 

9. Placement

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are usually self-contained and need to be placed within the kitchen to be conveniently within reach. They can increase the heat and the noise in your kitchen while limiting your space. On the other hand, walk-in units are usually installed as adjoining rooms to your kitchen or bought as outdoor units. This can save you much space within the prep area and reduce discomfort for your staff. 

10. Operation Costs 

Most businesses benefit from several reach-in refrigerators and freezers to deal with storage problems. Replacing this system with one walk-in refrigerator/freezer can reduce your bills significantly.

11. ADA compliance 

Walk-in models do not have ADA-compliant variants, but reach-in models have more models, and it is possible to find an ADA-compliant one. 

Is It Logical to Have Both Walk-in Refrigeration and Reach-in Refrigeration Units? 

Yes, this is very common path business owners choose. With both units at your disposal, you can buy in bulk, store in the walk-in unit and use reach-in for daily purposes. 

Pros and Cons of Walk-ins and Reach Ins

Both units have pros and cons depending on your kitchen and business needs. Briefly, here are their potential benefits:

Walk-in Refrigeration Pros

  • More space for storage
  • Customization opportunities
  • Lower operation costs compared to the use of several reach-in units
  • Does not limit the area within the kitchen thanks to outdoor models
  • Has a longer lifespan

Walk-in Refrigeration Cons

  • Higher initial price
  • Cleaning and maintenance are more difficult due to the size and nature of the machinery.
  • Needs professional help to install
  • Less convenient and quick for staff’s use
  • It needs a large area for placement
  • Usually not enough on its own, and a commercial kitchen can still require a reach-in model for day-to-day use.

Reach-in Refrigeration Pros

  • Lower initial price
  • Easier to clean and maintain 
  • Easier to install
  • More convenient for staff use
  • Does not require a big kitchen to be installed.
  • Less additional equipment is needed.
  • Has ADA-compliant models.

Reach-in Refrigeration Cons

  • One reach-in unit is usually not enough for a commercial kitchen, and multiple ones can raise the bills.
  • The capacity is significantly less than a walk-in unit’s.
  • It is not as open to customization as walk-in units.
  • Can make a lot of noise and heat your kitchen, depending on the model
  • Has a shorter lifespan compared to walk-in units.
  • Can limit your space within the kitchen.

Conclusion for Walk-in vs. Reach-in Refrigeration

You will always hear walk-in vs. reach-in refrigerations comparison, but both commercial refrigeration units have specific features and various benefits, and many food service businesses combine these units at the end. You can choose one or both to solve your long and short-term storage needs. It all comes down to your specific requirements and what you look for in refrigeration products, such as cost, convenience, layout, design, and flexibility.

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  • I’m opening a family restaurant soon, and since we will be needing enough cold storage space for our ingredients to prevent them from spoiling, I have decided to get a walk-in cooler for it. I’m glad you told us that walk-ins are perfect if we plan to buy ingredients in bulk since they offer more capacity and space compared to reach-in units. I’ll take note of this while I look for a commercial walk-in cooler provider to get in touch with soon.

  • I’m grateful you said that comparatively speaking, walk-in units often last longer than reach-in ones since they are more durable and will serve you longer. My mom’s finally opening her own oriental restaurant after years of planning and dreaming about it. I volunteered ton help her look for the best equipment so I came here looking for an answer. I’ll make sure we find only the most functional commercial refrigeration service in the market that’ll be worth the investment.

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