If you’re in the market for high quality walk in coolers and freezers, you can’t do better than Mr. Winter. At Chef’s Deal, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide each of our customers with unique, powerful solutions for their restaurant kitchen needs, and that has meant stocking our inventory with the industry’s most reliable and trusted manufacturers.  When it comes to walk in coolers and freezers, we knew immediately that this company fit the bill. More than three decades of excellence in both customer service and the products they offer proves it beyond a doubt. 

Mr. Winter has maintained their flawless reputation and competitive edge through simple, straightforward hard work and innovation.  Instead of outsourcing to save money, the company has invested in thoroughly training each one of its workers to help them perform above and beyond customer standards. Here at Chef’s Deal, we want you to trust the products that we sell, and that means we have to trust the manufacturers of those products, and this exceptional company has unequivocally earned our trust. We believe they’ll earn yours, as well.  It’s not only that they excel in the refrigeration business, however. If you prioritize social responsibility, you’ll be happy to know they do as well.

Mr. Winter has a very successful Green Initiatives program to maintain and improve the company’s environmentally friendly profile. Excess materials are recycled whenever possible, including Styrofoam, paper, and cardboard. They use the latest air-powered manufacturing equipment to reduce the amount of energy their factories consume, in combination with energy efficient lighting. So if you choose to support this company, you won’t just be doing yourself a favor—you’ll be doing Mother Earth one, too.  Call us today if you are interested in any of the products from this manufacturer (or any other!). We’d love to hear from you!