American Eagle AE-DM32 Floor Model Dough Bread Moulder, 700-1000 pieces/hr, 15.25

American Eagle AE-DM32 Floor Model Dough Bread Moulder, 700-1000 pieces/hr, 15.25" Roller


American Eagle AE-DM32 Floor Model Dough Bread Moulder, 700-1000 pieces/hr, 15.25" Roller


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Rapid Dough Moulder, floor type, full size, 1.1 oz.-10.1 oz. capacity, produces 700-1000 pieces/hr., 15.25" polypropylene rollers, stainless steel curling chains, polyurethane conveyor belts, gear chain driven, adjustable roller & conveyor, thermal overload protection, cast iron frame with steel panels, white enamel finish, 1 HP, 220v/60/1-ph, 6.0 amps, CE

American Eagle AE-DM32 Specs

Brand American Eagle
Model Number AE-DM32
Weight 567 lbs
Width 53"
Height 42.5"
Depth 26"
Type floor model
Pieces per hour 1000 dough pieces per hour


American Eagle® commercial dough moulders provide your foodservice organization with outstanding productivity, flexibility, affordability and quality. Dough moulder machines save an incredible amount of effort as compared to hand shaping. Moulding dough manually is an extremely time consuming process and can affect the efficiency of your kitchen, dough quality and just as importantly, be very hard on your employees’ hands and upper body. Since dough is the foundation of any great creation, start strong with an overall better product.



Create the perfect shapes for every kind of dough including: pizza, bread, bagels, baguettes, rolls, puffs, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, and any imaginable flour-based delicacies. Expand your offerings by being able to create new products that can be moulded exactly as you need them with state of the art precision and efficiency.

• Fully reversible motors
• 115V standard or optional 220V power
• 1/2 or 1 HP motors
• Cast iron frames with steel panels
• Generous working surfaces
• Emergency stop buttons
• Rust and corrosion resistant coatings

Our heavy duty equipment is made from the finest materials and designed to provide many years of reliable service. Clean up and adhering to sanitation requirements are made easy with our user-friendly designs.


The AE-DM32 commercial dough moulder is perfect for forming dough for bread (such as French Bread, hot dog bread, dinner roll and etc.), pizza, toast, Chinese bun (including spring onion cake, red turtle, Chinese burger bread and etc.), pretzels, and doughnuts. The AE-DM32 features four sanitary polypropylene rollers making a set of upper and lower rollers. The clearance of the upper and bottom rollers can be adjusted accordingly to the volume and hardness of the dough, pressing dough to clear out air bubbles as the dough passes through. Dough is pulled through an initial set of upper and bottom rollers, then passed through a flexible stainless steel curling wire mesh net, and lastly pressed by a mounted pressure board which consistently curls and molds the dough to meet the final desired output. All dough is processed on top and flows in one direction, which allows for the most rapid processing speed possible. An adjustable pressure board is lifted and lowered with one control knob. Easily adjust the board to a precise height that will assure a desired curling finish. The machine can also be used to rapidly sheet dough by raising the pressure board and lifting the curling chains off their holder. An integrated tray holder is positioned above the conveyor belt for easy loading. An optional extended input chute cover is available to meet more stringent safety standards in some work environments. This Dough Moulder requires very little labor to install, and is mounted on four wheels for mobility.

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