This low energy glass and ware washing equipment company started its journey back in the early 1970s in Garden Grove California. CMA Dishmachines started by designing and manufacturing dishwashers under their old trademark Energy Mizer and they fully provided service of ware washing to the foodservice industry by using a network of chemical distributors. CMA started small in the business with a small, 2500 square feet manufacturing area in Westminister, California, and grew their business much much bigger. They now have a 100,000 square feet of an area to manufacture their ware washing equipment.  Always striving to be on top of their industry, they make sure to offer wonderful customer service, come up with creative ideas, futuristic designs and that their products are always top-quality. They take into consideration what their customers tell them they need and the customers' ideas as well.

CMA Dishmachines now produce high temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing dishmachines as well as conveyors, ventless dishwashers, glass washers, under counter and upright high-temperature machines, under counter and upright low-temperature machines. the Dishmachine company also has accessories for their products such as clean series dish tables, universal pedestal, hot water assurance system, left and right dish tables, dishracks, wine glass racks, pan racks, pre-rinse tools, beer growlers, washer racks, drain boards, workstations, chemical dispensers  and temp sure booster heaters.

CMA Dishmachines has made it their mission to assure their products are the highest of quality possible as well as their service. Making sure to deliver more than what was promised and way more than what the customer might expect out of them. Fully committed to their work, their customer reviews seem to show how well everything is managed on their end with trouble-free customer service, wonderful quality of products and steel warranties that will make you happy to have purchased your restaurants' dishwashing equipment from them.