EmberGlo E2412 Countertop Electric Charbroiler

EmberGlo E2412 Countertop Electric Charbroiler


EmberGlo E2412 Countertop Electric Charbroiler



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EmberGlo E2412 Specs

Brand EmberGlo
Model Number E2412
Weight 97 lbs
Width 12"
Depth 24"
Height 17"
Width (side - side) OA 12"
Grate type cast iron

EmberGlo E24 Electric

Operational Safety:

  • Because EmberGlo’s heating elements are recessed into the bottom of the grate, they are protected from fats and corrosive juices. As a result, they last 100% longer than elements on many competitive units. At the same time, the recessed design absolutely prevents the danger of fl are-up

More Usable Grill Space:

  • EmberGlo features an unsurpassed 655 square inches of net, usable grill space for the 36″ model. The completely fl exible 36″ unit, for example, is three 12″ grate modules with three separate temperature controls (ideal for diff erent thicknesses of steaks, burgers, etc.). You can operate one 12″ section during slack periods and turn on the other sections as you need them during lunch or dinner hours.

Broiling is Fast:

  • Prepare a perfectly branded hamburger in 4 minutes or charbroil an 8 ounce refrigerated strip sirloin in as little as 7 minutes! Compare this to any competitive 36″ model, and you’ll see why EmberGlo off ers more production capacity in the same amount of fl oor space.

Features & Benefi ts:

  • Effi cient heat transfer for quicker recovery
  • Recessed elements prevent fl are-ups
  • Excessive grease drains away, entire top may be loaded
  • Cast grate distributes the heat evenly
  • Grate Ribs brand meat eff ectively without excessive charring
  • Recessed heating elements for complete fl ame-free broiling
  • The uniformity of temperature eliminates the need for product “shifting”
  • More useful broiling area per inch of width than any electric char-broiler, regardless of price
  • 12″ broiling modules with individual controls
  • Grease-Flo drainage system and self-cleaning grate for minimum mess and clean-up time
  • 100% durable stainless steel cabinet construction
  • The unique EmberGlo raised rib design fi nishes the product with a distinctive “char-brand” without burning
  • Lift out panels for faster/easier cleaning
  • Minimal heat radiation into kitchen and/or dining area for greater comfort and lower air conditioning costs

From The Manufacturer

(5700101) Charbroiler, electric, countertop, 12", (1) recessed heating element, individual manual control, Grease-Flo drainage system with raised rib design grate, stainless steel front, sides & 4" legs, 3.0kW, UL, NSF, Made in USA

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