Frymaster PF110R Mobile Fryer Filter

Frymaster PF110R Mobile Fryer Filter


Frymaster PF110R Mobile Fryer Filter

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Portable Oil Filter, 110-lb oil capacity, 5' return hose, nozzle screen, reversible 4 GPM filter pump, filter starter kit , stainless steel pan & pump housing, 5' return hose, casters, 1/3 HP, cULus


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Frymaster PF110R Specs

Brand Frymaster
Model Number PF110R
Weight 125 lbs
Width 18.25"
Width 18.25"
Height 26.38"
Depth 24.75"
Design low profile
Construction stainless steel tank & cabinet
Oil flow type with one way pump and hose
Maximum Fat Capacity (approximate) 105 - 110 lb capacity

Frymaster Portable 110-lb. Capacity Oil Filter (PF110)

Why use PF110 Portable Filters?

PF80 is designed to make daily filtration easy, quick and efficient. Frymaster’s durable PF50 portable filters are designed to support routine oil filtration which preserves oil life and maintains consistent fried food quality. Crumbs, sediment, and by-products created by high-heat frying take a toll on oil life unless a daily system of filtration and frypot cleaning is in place.

Filter Details

The filters’ powerful 4 GPM, 1/3 H.P. heavyduty pumpbcirculates the used oil through the filter media to trap the crumbs, sediment, and by-products that compromise flavor profiles and reduce useful oil life. The pump then returns the clean filtered oil back to the frypot. Cleanup is easy, simply remove the filter media.

The 5' wand returns filtered oil with ease, amply reaching the frypot to wash crumbs from the walls and the bottom. The wand suction line heater eliminates clogging with all oil types. Used oil is pumped from and filtered oil is returned to the frypot.

Frymaster PF110 Standard Features

  • Capacity:110-lb. (55-liter) oil capacity
  • Casters:Swivel casters
  • Cleaning:Easy to clean
  • Construction: Durable stainless steel pan and pump housing
  • Cover and Fold-Down Handle:Cover and fold-down handle for safe and easy storage
  • Design: Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Fast: Fast - filters a 80-lb fryer in 5 minutes.
  • Filters: Filters from bottom - minimal shortening heel
  • Handle:Cover and fold-down handle
  • Hose: Heated hose eliminates clogging with all oil types. 5' (152.4 cm) hose with non-heat conducting handle.
  • Motors:1/3 H.P. filter motor.
  • Pump: R4 GPM pump. Reversible pump actively pumps used oil from the frypot and filtered oil back to the frypot.
  • Simplicity: Simple to use
  • Suction Line:Suction line heated for solid shortening.

Frymaster *PF110 Technical Specifications

  • W x D x H :17-1/4” (44 cm) W x 30-1/4” (77 cm) D x 24-3/4 (63 cm) H H
  • Weight: 125-lb & 57.0 kg
  • Power Input Type:Electric
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