Exhaust Hood Packages

Exhaust Hood Packages

A commercial exhaust hood is an important appliance in a professional kitchen. Consisting of a canopy, a capture area and a fan, it extracts the air pollution caused by cooking. If you run a busy restaurant, using a commercial exhaust hood is what you need. Luckily, Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of exhaust hoods to choose from. It’s time to discover them all.

Exhaust Hood Packages - Sub Categories

Makeup-Air Hood Packages

Makeup-Air Hood Packages

Commercial make-up air hood packages with the optional fire system make your kitchen safe for everyone. Keep your kitchen fresh and free of odor with these powerful fan systems.

Makeup-Air Hood Packages - Sub Categories

Ventless Exhaust System

Ventless Exhaust System

Looking for an exhaust hood for your professional kitchen? Chef’s Deal has a fine selection of vented and ventless exhaust hood systems for you to choose from.

Condensate Hood

Condensate Hood

Capturing steam and removing it from the kitchen can be a challenge without a commercial condensate hood. Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of condensate hood types to help you run the daily operation of your restaurant. Discover them all here!

Exhaust Hood Filter, Parts & Accessories

Exhaust Hood Filter, Parts & Accessories

Exhaust hood, kitchen hood or range hood… Whatever you call it, you need one if you run a professional kitchen to remove steam, grease and bad odors. Cleaning an exhaust hood is the real challenge. That’s why Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of commercial hood filters. Here is a brief guide to help you through.

Food Truck Concession Hood Packages

Food Truck Concession Hood Packages

Looking for an exhaust hood package for your food truck or concession trailer? Chef’s Deal has you covered. If you cook in a concession trailer or food truck, you know your vehicle will require concession hoods that comply with the local code of each state in which you operate. Let us help you find the right hood for your needs.

Food Truck Concession Hood Packages - Sub Categories

Cleaning and balancing the air of your restaurant is sure a hard thing. However, if your restaurant is installed with the right kitchen equipment, your team and customers can breathe safely. Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of commercial kitchen hood types that will provide the proper air your restaurant needs. If you don’t know how to choose among different commercial restaurant hood options, have a look at their distinctive features here.


The Hero of Your Kitchen: Hoods


Running a food business is difficult when it comes to choosing the equipment that matches your operational needs. However, there is one important thing beyond the operational needs and that is providing the ventilation system your restaurant requires. We know that a proper ventilation system is a must for food-serving businesses as it helps reduce the risk of fire and other dangerous situations. The system is also able to exhaust heat, moisture, cooking odors, grease, and oil. However, there is only one piece of kitchen equipment that is the heart of this system. A commercial kitchen hood is the hero of your kitchen that keeps the ventilation system working without any problems.


A professional kitchen hood is designed to provide the safety and functionality of your restaurant. If you don’t use a proper one in your kitchen, then there might be some problems you may have to deal with for a long time. Thus, getting informed about the advantages of a restaurant hood beforehand might be handy at this point. Here are some of them:


  • It reduces the amount of heat that piles up throughout the day creating a better working environment for your employees.
  • It balances the air in your commercial kitchen resolving the negative pressure issue.
  • It reduces the risk of fire thanks to the hood fire system.
  • It also improves the lighting in your kitchen.


There is also one other thing you need to know before getting a commercial hood to make a better decision. There are two types of commercial hoods. Choosing the type depends on your needs. If you are looking for a commercial vent hood that will exhaust grease, oil, and smoke in addition to heat, moisture, and cooking odors, then Type 1 hoods are for you. Besides, Type 1 hoods have removable filters that are affordable and easy to clean. That way, it is possible to provide the proper air your commercial kitchen needs without going over your budget and much effort. If you need a simpler commercial vent hood, then Type 2 hoods might be the ones for you. They are more like an exhaust hood mostly used at home. Their function is to exhaust heat, moisture, and odors. As they don’t have a filter like Type 1 hoods, they are a bit more difficult to clean. However, if you don’t have a big kitchen that requires a professional restaurant kitchen hood, Type 2 hoods are more than enough for you.


Here at Chef’s Deal, there are commercial exhaust hood options that are suitable for your needs. You can have a look at the condensate hood, make-up air hood, and other commercial hood options offered by numerous manufacturers and get what you need immediately.


Vent Hood Systems To Create a Professional Kitchen


A commercial hood system might be the most important part of your kitchen ventilation as it helps improve the quality of the air in your restaurant. Besides getting rid of the bad odors cooking may cause, it offers better working conditions for your employees, in the long run, thanks to its advanced features such as exhausting heat which is the nightmare for people cooking food, and comforting the eyes of your team as it provides better lighting. Thus, installing your commercial kitchen with a proper restaurant exhaust hood system is actually a steady investment. If you don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place! Chef’s Deal offers a variety of commercial range hood systems that will turn your commercial kitchen into a more professional one.


There are 3 main components of a vent hood system which are exhaust fan, make-up air fan, and vent hood itself. These 3 components have to work together to get the maximum efficiency. If they work well together, then the grease and oil vapors are managed and the air contamination in your building is prevented. There are clear signs that your vent hood system does not work properly. Here are some of them:


  • Unpleasant odors
  • Instability in temperature control tools
  • Excessive dust on the equipment


If you experience any of the signs above, then it’s time to renew your vent hood system. Before getting a new system for your restaurant, there are some basic questions you can ask to make an easy decision.


  • How large should be the vent hood system?
  • Will the system affect my building badly?
  • How much air should the vent hood system exhaust in the kitchen?
  • What kind of features does my restaurant kitchen require in a vent hood system?


Answering these questions will help you a lot through this process. Chef’s Deal’s detailed product descriptions might be helpful, too. You can have a look at all the features of both the vent hood system and ventless exhaust system types here.


Filters and Accessories Your Restaurant Hood Needs


Finding the perfect hood for your commercial kitchen is amazing. However, a perfect commercial hood is nothing without good care. If you want to maintain the healthy air of your restaurant has, there are some filters and accessories you have to get. At Chef’s Deal, there are numerous commercial hood filters and accessories that match the type of product you have in your kitchen.


An exhaust hood filter is installed between the vent hood and oven so that it can catch and remove the grease, oil, and moisture. That way, they cannot reach the ventilation system and the ventilation system does not become dirty. However, all the commercial hood filters need cleaning. Most of them are affordable and easy to clean. Thus, you may frequently change the filters or clean them to use your vent hood for a long time.


Commercial Kitchen Hoods Offered by a Professional


You have to make an effort to create a perfect commercial kitchen. Installing the right equipment and providing proper ventilation are just a part of it. However, if you work with a professional, it suddenly becomes an easy process. As commercial hoods are considered to be the most important part of your kitchen ventilation. You have to feel like you have made the right investment after you get one.

Here at Chef’s Deal, there are countless high-quality types of commercial vent hoods. Moreover, you can benefit from the financing options that will help you pay without difficulty. Choose wisely among all the products and let us create a monthly payment plan for you to reach the commercial kitchen you have been dreaming about.