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Marc Refrigeration BDL-10 S/C Red Meat Deli Display Case

Manufacturer Sku:MAR-BDL-10 S/C

Marc Refrigeration BDL-10 S/C Red Meat Deli Display Case



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  • Manufacturer Sku: BDL-10 S/C
  • Weight: 980.0000
  • Manufacturer: Marc Refrigeration
  • Width: 118.00
  • Height: 55.00
  • Depth: 35.00
  • Length: 115" - 120"
  • Refrigeration: self-contained

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Want more room for the items that you’re selling and need to keep cool throughout your store? Check out the Double Duty Butcher Case that is 118 inches long. It provides you with the necessary look and feel that you’re after, while keeping your food the freshest that it can be. Choosing the right case for the food that you are selling is essential, and choosing this case can provide the functionality, durability and sleek style that you want out of something that is showcasing the meat in your shop.

Triple paned glass and self contained refrigeration is able to hold the cool air on the inside of the unit, while they both keep the hot air to the outside. The mezzanine shelf is easy to clean off, easy to use to hold all of the meats on it and showcase them while also having enough room for everything that you’re offering to your clients. The fluorescent lights within the unit provide the right lighting over the food, while also being able to bounce off of the back mirrors making the entire unit stand out within the shop.

The stainless steel trim around the outside, side by side with the laminate really make it stand out. It is easy to wipe down and can resist a lot of little fingerprints that might come and go from the shop. The self contained refrigeration system works the best it possibly can when it comes to chilling the necessary food, and providing the freshest in quality. With durability and functionality, you can run your shop with the best, highest quality products on the market.

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(5 stars from 3 reviews)

If you are looking for a case for your deli that looks great, is sleek, and efficient, you should purchase the BDL-10 S/C. I absolutely love my butcher case and am happy that I purchased it. The case provides me with the look I want for my deli and the efficiency I need.

Posted on 6/20/2015

The BDL-10 S/C is a great piece of equipment for any deli and a must have for those who need to display all of their meats. The case is 118 inches long so you have a ton of room to place all of your products. You will be happy with your purchase of the BDL-10 S/C.

Posted on 10/22/2013

If you are looking for a butcher case that also provides you a place to work with your meat, the BDL-10 S/C is the right piece. There is a mezzanine shelf attached to the rear of the case to allow you the ample amount of work room you need. You will love this case for your deli.

Posted on 5/3/2013

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