Nemco 55450-3 French Fry Cutter

Nemco 55450-3 French Fry Cutter


Nemco 55450-3 French Fry Cutter

SKU NEM-55450-3

Easy FryKutter™, chops many vegetables, 1/2" cut, wall or countertop mount, exclusive short throw handle, superior engineering to improve leverage for smooth, easy cutting in one stroke


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Nemco 55450-3 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55450-3
Weight 12 lbs
Width 8"
Depth 12.5"
Height 15.5"
Size 1/2"
Style square cut

The Nemco 55450-3 Easy FryKutter - 1/2" Cut

Why use Nemco Easy FryKutter ?

It really is as easy as it looks with the Easy FryKutter. Thanks to the exclusive short-throw handle and superior engineering, the Easy FryKutter provides the leverage needed for smooth, easy cutting or wedging in just one stroke. Simply use your natural body motion to eliminate awkward stretching and reduce operator fatigue. These machines are built to last for years under the toughest conditions. And the standard slide-in, slide-out wall bracket fits the same mounting holes as most other machines.

Nemco 55450-3 Suggested Uses

Cut potatoes for French fries, and cut celery sticks. Chop onions, peppers and tomatoes. Wedge tomatoes for salads, potatoes for steak fries and even fruits!

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