Nemco 56450A-2 French Fry Cutter

Nemco 56450A-2 French Fry Cutter


Nemco 56450A-2 French Fry Cutter

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Monster FryKutter, cuts extra large potatoes, 3/8" square cut, 300-series stainless blades, black polymer push block, aluminum cast body, NSF

Nemco 56450A-2 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 56450A-2
Weight 27 lbs
Width 10.75"
Depth 10"
Height 15.19"
Size 3/8"
Construction aluminum
Style steak fry / wedge

The Nemco 56450A-2 Monster FryKutter - 3/8" Cut

Why use Nemco Monster FryKutter ?

Introducing the first potato cutting tool that just eats up the massive “monster” potatoes, delivering a big 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch square cut. The special blade assembly does all the work to minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity, so you can make more money on the big monster appetite of your customers. Even the biggest potatoes fear the Monster! The Monster FryKutter is the first potato-cutting tool capable of taking on the most massive potatoes and delivering a big 1 /4", 3 /8" or 1 /2" square cut product. The special blade-assembly design minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes productivity.

Nemco 56450A-1 Suggested Uses

Improve the yield from your vegetables and maximize profit potential on your orders for French fries or steak fries with this beast. It’s also useful for cutting other large, firm vegetables, including colossal onions, celery, bell peppers and more.

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