Nemco 8027SX-230 22

Nemco 8027SX-230 22" Hot Dog Grill


Nemco 8027SX-230 22" Hot Dog Grill

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Roll-A-Grill® Hot Dog Grill, roller-type, (10) GripsIt coated rollers, (27) hot dogs capacity, (540) per hour, aluminum and stainless steel construction, (2) switches, (7) heat control settings each, (1) motor, 950 watts, SCHUKO CEE7-7, 230v, 4.1 amps, CE

Nemco 8027SX-230 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 8027SX-230
Weight 38 lbs
Width 22.25"
Depth 16.25"
Height 7"
Production per hour 500 - 599
Exterior Finish stainless steel & aluminum exterior
Hot Dog Capacity 20 - 29 hot dogs
Type roller

The Nemco 8027SX-230 Manual Roller Grill - Holds 27 Hot Dogs, w/Gripsit

Why use Nemco Grill?

Let profits roll! Everybody loves a NEMCO Roller Grill hot dog. Plus, these surprisingly versatile machines are also great for such ethnic favorites as egg rolls and tamales. The 360° roller rotation prevents residue buildup, while individual roller heating elements ensure heating consistency. Removable drip pan makes for easy cleaning. Electric power requires no ventilation system. Seven heat settings offer convenient temperature control. For optimum roller performance capability, look for GripsIt models that include nonstick properties with grip-and abrasion-resistant additive.

Nemco 8027SX-230 Standart Features

  • More grill choices: 10 to 75 hot dog capacity
  • Even temperature across all rollers
  • Chrome and GripsIt rollers available
  • Slanted roller grills available for added merchandising (see Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grills)

Nemco 8027SX-230 Suggested Uses

Ideal way to cook hot dogs, tamales, tornados, taquitos, egg rolls, and sausages.

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