Peerless Commercial and Industrial Ovens has been of the leading brands in the commercial kitchen equipment industry since 1919. Over a hundred years of experience in the industry is making Peerless one of the top choices of many in the food business and services when it comes to finding reliable and sustainable ovens. Founded in Columbus, Ohio as a gas stove selling company, Peerless is one of the few family-owned manufacturers of kitchen equipment. By purchasing a Peerless oven, you'll join the family!

There Is a Peerless Oven for Every Kitchen!

You can find a Peerless oven that will suit your kitchen perfectly thanks to its rich catalog! Each type of Peerless ovens saves your money, space, and time in the kitchen. With their energy-efficient burner system, “Power-Pack” even the Peerless gas range ovens reduce the energy costs. You can purchase a Peerless electric oven if you prefer using electricity as the fuel source. The space-saving feature of a Peerless deck oven enables them to fit in a small commercial kitchen. You can stack them up and increase the capacity without any additional space. Investing in a Peerless pizza oven does not mean that you are just buying a pizza oven. You can easily remove the decks and turn your pizza oven into a baking or roasting oven in minutes.

Find Your New Peerless Oven on Chef's Deal!

As Chef's Deal, we offer a wide range of Peerless ovens for you to find the right one. The gas models such as Peerless 2324P, 2348P and C131P have all unique specifications. For example, the Peerless 2324P gas deck-type pizza oven with its four decks is a suitable choice if you are looking for a model with large cooking capacity. If the Peerless 2324P is not enough, you can opt for the wider model, Peerless 2348P doubling the cooking capacity. Peerless C131P gas countertop pizza bake oven is the top choice of many who does not want a deck type of oven.

If you have any questions about the Peerless products, shipment and financing, contact us using the ChefsBot on our website or call us on our toll-free call centerline.