Founded in 1982, Robot Coupe has been one of the leading brands in the foodservice industry. It is one of the best-known brands for its innovative approach to the products developed. Consisting mostly of commercial slicers and mixers, Robot Coupe products are an irreplaceable part of professional kitchens. If you are looking for the commercial products of Robot Coupe to set your kitchen up, Chef’s Deal is the right marketplace to get them. Have a look at all the products here and own your commercial kitchen needs immediately.


Prepare Food in the Most Professional Way Possible


When you hear the name Robot Coupe, it is possible to think of their food preparation equipment. There are classic Robot Coupe food preparation products that have been an important part of many commercial kitchens. Let us dive into these products and help you discover the needs of your restaurant kitchen.


Preparing the food before cooking starts is an exhausting process. Thus, you must use commercial kitchen equipment that will make this process a lot easier if you own a food serving business. One of the most practical pieces of industrial preparation equipment is vegetable prep machines. Robot Coupe offers different prep machines in different sizes that have various advanced features. For instance, the famous Robot Coupe CL50 is a strong one. It comes with an pusher and has an introduction port where you can put any kind of fruit and vegetables. Besides it is very easy to clean when you’re done preparing the vegetables. The lid helps you get even the smallest food particles left. Just like CL50, Robot Coupe CL52 is also a very durable and practical prep machine. If you are looking for a more ergonomic one, then it might be the one for you. There is another prep machine that you might be interested in if you want a more advanced model. Robot Coupe R 2 N is both a bowl cutter and a vegetable prep machine. It comes with different sizes of blades and a large feed that allows slicing bigger fruits and vegetables. You may also have a look at Robot Coupe R 2 Dice as a different option for your kitchen.


Mixers and blenders are other important pieces of commercial food prep equipment. Robot Coupe offers a wide range of blender and mixer products. Before deciding on the product you are going to get, there are some questions to be asked:


  • What is the amount of food you prepare daily?
  • What should be the material of your blender or mixer?
  • What type of jar should the blender have?
  • What type of handles makes the food prep operation easier?


It is for sure that answering these questions will help you through the buying process. Besides, you can have a close look at all the advanced features Robot Coupe mixer models at Chef’s Deal. For instance, Robot Coupe MP 450 Turbo is famous for its durability and ergonomic features. Thanks to its new power cord winding and “Easy Plug” system, it saves some space in your kitchen. Robot Coupe MP 450 also has sharp blades that will help you make flawless dishes for your customers. Another lifesaver in your kitchen could be the Robot Coupe immersion blender models. These commercial blenders are designed for heavy-duty use. They will make the working conditions of your kitchen team better with their advanced features. If you are looking for renewing your kitchen tools, you may start with the crucial ones like Robot Coupe blender models offered by Chef’s Deal.


Meet an Extraordinary Product: 2 in 1 Blixer


Food processors, vegetable and food preparation units, slicers and mixers are what Robot Coupe is famous for. However, there is one product that the brand has developed and integrated into the industry. Blixer is a 2 in 1 product that has the abilities of a food processor and a blender. Introduced in 1998, Blixer has been a lifesaver in many commercial kitchens. Besides commercial kitchens, Blixer has been helpful for hospitals where the kitchen staff has to process foods for patients with different needs. It is even helpful for patients who need to be fed through tubes as it can make the smoothest purees.


Even if Robot Coupe Blixer is a handy product for hospital kitchens, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make delicious foods with it. As it helps make the smoothest and maybe the creamiest purees, it is a practical product for gourmet chefs. The food they prepare with Robot Coupe food processor helps you serve flawless food for your customers. Include Blixer into your professional kitchen equipment and see the difference it is going to make both in your daily operation and the taste of your food. At Chef’s Deal, there are different types of Blixer starting from 4,5 liter to 60-liter capacities.  Also, you may even find countertop or floor Blixer models. It is up to you whether you need Blixer on your countertop or on the floor. More so, as Blixer is made out of stainless steel, it is a durable product that every commercial kitchen needs. If you love adopting anything innovative to your kitchen, Robot Coupe Blixer is definitely something worth trying. Discover all the Blixer models here at Chef’s Deal and feel the difference in your kitchen today.


Innovate Your Kitchen with Robot Coupe


As a brand that adopts an innovative perspective in every product it develops, Robot Coupe is definitely the one to choose if you think about setting your commercial kitchen up with the latest technologies. From Robot Coupe food processor models to blenders, Robot Coupe juicer models to the famous Blixers, there are countless options the brand offers for you and Chef’s Deal, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, brings Robot Coupe products all in one place. Vertical cutters, hand immersion mixers, food processor accessories, and even juice extractors are waiting for you here.


When you decide on which Robot Coupe product you are going to get, contact us for a monthly payment plan special for you. That way, it is possible not to go over your budget and set your professional kitchen up within the shortest time. Have a look at all the products here and become a part of the Robot Coupe family today.