Skyfood Dough Divider DMS-30, 30 pieces

Skyfood Dough Divider DMS-30, 30 pieces

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Skyfood Dough Divider DMS-30, 30 pieces



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Dough Divider, manual, (30) piece (1 oz. - 4 oz.), stainless steel pan & elevated handle, stainless steel construction

Skyfood DMS-30 Specs

Brand Skyfood
Model Number DMS-30
Weight 119 lbs
Width 17.75"
Depth 17"
Height 43.31"
Style countertop / bench model
Power Type manual

The SkyFood DMS-30 Dough Divider

Why Use SkyFood Dough Divider?

Table top model Dough Divider easily divide and evenly cut into 30 individual pieces from as little as 1.16 oz up to 3.5 oz each. SKYFOOD’s DMS-30 will take variable quantities of dough compressing and cutting the dough into identical pieces that can be taken directly to the next process. Simply put in desired amount of dough (from 2.2 up to 6.6 lb), pull handle and individual dough pieces are ready to use. One of the most valuable tools in precision baking today.


Cuts 30 individual pieces from 1.16 oz to 3.5 oz each. No-Bac baked enamel finish. Heavy duty knives made of stainless steel. Standard machine comes with stainless steel pan and knives.

SkyFood DMS-30 Specification

  • Height : 43 5/16 ”
  • Width : 17 3/4 ”
  • Depth: 17 ”
  • Net Weight: 73 lb
  • Shipping Weight : 119 lb
  • Activation : Manual
  • Capacity : 30 pieces
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