Squeeze Bottles

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What is a Squeeze Bottle Used for?

A squeeze bottle is used for dispensing liquids, sauces, spreads, condiments, or other pourable substances. This plastic condiment holder and dispenser allows controlled dispensing of its contents by squeezing its flexible walls. The narrow nozzle at the top enhances precision in application, making it convenient for tasks such as decorating desserts or adding condiments to food. A flip-top cap covers the nozzle for easier, one-handed, hygienic operation.

When and Who Invented The Squeeze Bottle?

Squeeze bottles first entered the foodservice market with the Heinz Company’s squeezable ketchup bottles in 1983. Today’s iconic upside-down bottle was invented by Paul Brown in 1991. Since then, condiment squeeze bottles have evolved into a practical solution in kitchens, restaurants, and households with different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Why do Chefs Use Squeeze Bottles?

Chefs use squeeze bottles for practical and aesthetic meal presentation and customization. These bottles enable chefs to dispense liquids accurately when decorating plates or adding finishing touches. Squeeze bottles also help chefs maintain portion control and create visually appealing dishes. The controlled dispensing and the flip-top cap minimize waste and promote hygiene and food safety.

Are Plastic Squeeze Bottles Safe?

Plastic squeeze bottles are safe containers made from food-grade plastics, safe for contact with food, and regulated by health and safety authorities. However, remember that plastic degrades over time, so regularly inspect squeeze bottles for signs of wear, cracking, or other damage and replace them if needed. Consider also renewing your bottle holders with multiple compartments for your squeeze bottles to enhance efficiency, cleanliness, and accessibility.

What are The Capacities of Squeeze Bottles?

You can choose from small 2-4 oz (59.15-118.29 ml) to large 32-oz (946.35 ml) capacities, depending on your needs.

What are The Top Brands for Squeeze Bottles?

Chef’s Deal presents plastic squeeze bottles with colorful caps manufactured by trusted brands, FMP, TableCraft Products, and Vollrath.

  • FMP
  • TableCraft Products
  • Vollrath
  • Crest
  • Winco
  • Hubert
  • Nemco
  • Choice
  • Wilton
  • OXO
  • Fifo Innovations
  • Chef Master


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