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Essential Ashtrays for Hospitality Businesses: Wholesale Solutions

Wholesale ashtrays provide an essential solution for hospitality businesses like bars, restaurants, and hotels, ensuring a clean and convenient space for smokers. These bulk-supplied items are designed for durability and ease of maintenance, catering to high-traffic areas where a practical approach to smoker accommodation is required. Explore a variety of styles to suit any business aesthetic, all at cost-effective prices for industry purchasing.

What Material is Used for Ashtrays?

Commercial bar ashtrays are made from various materials, but the most common types are plastic, metal, resin, and silicone, among which you can choose the best option for your establishment.

Can my ashtray be plastic?

Yes, they can. Plastic bar ashtrays are cheap, durable, and lightweight options for commercial settings, and they can safely hold cigars and cigarettes with their construction from heat-resistant plastics.

Why don't Plastic Ashtrays Melt?

Bar ashtrays are made with hard plastic and contain additives to enhance their resistance against heat.

Are Silicone Ashtrays Safe?

Yes, they are; these silicone ashtrays are safe and feature an easy-to-clean design that will also satisfy your personnel as well as your customers.

Can an Ashtray be Metal?

Yes, it can. Metal is also a proper choice for bar ashtrays since they are sturdy and durable enough to resist heat and beatings.

Will a Resin Ashtray Melt?

No, they will not. Epoxy bar estrays do not melt or emit toxic chemicals.

How do You Clean Commercial Ashtrays?

Commercial metal and glass commercial ashtrays can be cleaned with scrubbing, but plastic, silicone, or glass bar ashtrays need baking soda or vinegar.

What is the difference between a cigar ashtray and a cigarette ashtray?

The cigar ashtrays and cigarette ashtrays differ in their design and construction. Cigar ashtrays have wide spaces and longer diameters since cigars are thicker and longer. Additionally, cigar ashtrays are made from ceramic, crystal, or porcelain.

Wholesale Ashtrays: For The Nearest Ash Collector

Chef's Deal offers steel bar ashtrays from Emu for you to eliminate butt and ash mess with durable and safe collectors. You can also browse our other commercial tabletop accessories to enhance your service and tables.