T&S Brass B-8K-NS Parts Faucet

T&S Brass B-8K-NS Parts Faucet


T&S Brass B-8K-NS Parts Faucet

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Faucet Parts Kit, includes: (6) LTC removable inserts, (6) RTC removable inserts, (3) LTC cartridges (less bonnet), (3) RTC cartridges (less bonnet), (1) blank push button cap, (2) metering cartridge, (1) cartridge, (10) lever handle screws, (10) springs, (12) top gaskets, (6) packing nuts, (12) Eterna bonnet packing seals, (10) seat washers, (25) bottom seals, (6) seal kits, (10) bottom gaskets, (12) quarter-turn spindle sleeves, with sorting tray & case

T&S Brass B-8K-NS Specs

Brand T&S Brass
Model Number B-8K-NS
Weight 7 lbs
Parts repair kit

T&S Brass B-8K-NS Part and Repair Kit

General Info

B-8K-NS parts kits. Certified to NSF 61-Section 9 and NSF 372.

T&S Brass B-8K-NS Features

  • Barrels, packing nuts, screws, washers, spindle sleeves,springs and blank push button cap
  • LTC and RTC Eterna compression cartridges with spring checks less bonnet to prevent cross flow of water
  • Blank push button cap w/ spanner bit
  • Metering cartridge
  • 238A cartridge
  • Lever handle screw, washer screw, gaskets, seals,packing nut and seal kit
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