UNOX XAEC-10HS-EPR Reach-in Combi Oven/Food Preserver

UNOX XAEC-10HS-EPR Reach-in Combi Oven/Food Preserver


UNOX XAEC-10HS-EPR Reach-in Combi Oven/Food Preserver


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Brand UNOX
Model Number XAEC-10HS-EPR
Weight 136 lbs
Depth 25.88"
Height 23.25"

UNOX XAEC-10HS-EPR Electric Combi Oven

With the UNO-XAEC-10HS-EPR, you can offer your customers all-day dining, high quality slow food meals, no waiting time. The EVEREO by Unox will help to increase table turnover, boost customer satisfaction, and boost profits.

Unox, Gas and Electric Ovens for Cooking

Unox designs and manufactures professional ovens for catering, gastronomy, large kitchens and banqueting, catering chains, fast food, bakery and fresh and frozen pastries and, finally, for installations on large ships and platforms. Unox ovens are designed and manufactured to guarantee an impeccable level of quality in every cooking process.

Unox's research has led to the creation of five intelligent technologies designed to optimize your work, improve your performance and help you to give life to your culinary projects: ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ that measures the amount of food cooked and guarantees perfect cooking in all loading conditions, regardless of the number of trays placed in the oven; CLIMALUX™ that measures the degree of humidity and acts by inserting or removing steam to achieve the desired humidity level; AUTO.Soft that regulates the temperature rise to ensure optimal heat distribution; SMART.Preheating to automatically manage the preheating and always have the exact amount of heat before starting the cooking and, finally, SENSE.Klean, which estimates the degree of dirtiness of the oven and suggests the most suitable washing mode to avoid waste.

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By registering changes in humidity and temperature, it adapts the cooking process to the food-load to deliver an identical and perfect result every time.

*Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.

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CLIMALUX™ uses sensors to measure the effective humidity inside the oven and acts automatically to ensure that the cooking conditions match the set one.

*Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS.

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AUTO.Soft automatically regulates the rise in temperature to make it gentler and guarantee an optimal distribution of heat inside each pan in the oven.

*Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.

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SMART.Preheating automatically sets the best temperature and preheating time to guarantee maximum repeatability of results throughout the day.

*Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.

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SENSE.Klean™ technology estimates the degree of dirt and suggests the best automatic cleaning mode according to actual use.

*Available only for ovens  MIND.MapsTM PLUS.

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From The Manufacturer

Evereo® CUBE Combi Oven/Food Preserver, electric, countertop, (10) 460mm x 330mm (half sheet) tray capacity, touch screen control, MULTI.Time (10) timers, up to 200 programs, left hinged double glass door, LED lights, AIR.Maxi™ airflow, stainless steel construction, cMETus

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