Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Floor Model Gas Convection Steamer

Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Floor Model Gas Convection Steamer


Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Floor Model Gas Convection Steamer

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Steamcraft® Gemini™ 6 Convection Steamer, pressureless, gas, 2 compartments with individual generators, (3) 12 x 20 x 2-1/2 pans/compartment, third compartment pan storage, manual controls, 60-minute mechanical timer & manual (continuous steaming) bypass switch, left-hand hinged door, controls on right, 1 standard treated & tap water connection, stainless steel construction, 6" adjustable legs with flanged feet, 100,000 BTU total


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Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number 24CGA6.2S
Weight 553 lbs
Width 24"
Depth 33.13"
Height 69.21"
Width (side to side) 24"
Pan capacity per compartment (3) 12"x20"x2-1/2" deep
Interior Finish stainless steel
Type 2 steam generators

The Cleveland 24CGA6.2S SteamCraft Generator Style High Speed Convection Steamers

Why Use Cleveland SteamCraft Steamers?

With an emphasis on greater performance, efficiency and operating ease, SteamCraft is the leading line of steamers that deliver what food service demands today. Fresh nutritious foods in step with today’s trends in healthful eating. We offer high quality, high volume steamers that provide an ideal way to make meals healthy, delicious and appealing. Energy-efficient and cost-effective, the SteamCraft series fits any operation’s menu or budget.

High Performance

Cleveland's advanced boiler-free steam cooking system uses an energy efficient generator to produce more steam, more quickly. Your output is higher yet your kitchen stays cooler. What’s more, this advanced design means there’s less work for you. There’s no tedious cleaning, daily descaling or dismantling to keep it running efficiently.

High Quality

When you see “SteamCraft,”you can count on unsurpassed quality, from the exclusive steamtight doors to the patented steam jets inside. Whether it’s Cleveland's compact 3-pan or high-capacity Ultra 10, every unit is designed to last. You’ll find only SteamCraft is constructed of solid 14-gauge stainless steel for optimum durability. Exteriors are sleek, with smooth surfaces for quick cleaning and easy-to-read controls. The interior cooking chamber is coved to improve steam circulation and simplify cleaning. Plus, tops and bottoms are sloped to eliminate moisture build-up.

Exclusive PowerPak Cooking System

The SteamCraft boiler-free concept guarantees fast, flawless results. The single generator and special steam jets circulate a high volume of steam naturally, without the use of troublesome fans. Models are gas fired or electric steam generated. Cleveland's electric units feature a unique, durable flat bar heating element for significantly longer life.

Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Standard Features

  • 54.5” (1385mm) height to top of upper compartment (lower height makes maintenance easier by lowering the descaling ports)
  • Each compartment has cooking capacity for 3 each 12˝ x 20˝ x 21⁄2˝ Steam Table Pans
  • Doors hinged left and the controls on the right
  • High efficiency independent Power Burner Steam Generators 50,000 BTU's for each compartment
  • Each steam-cooking compartment is independently operated and controlled by a separate stainless steel steam generator, gas valve, Power On/Off Control Levers and a Exclusive, Remote Probe-Type Water Level Control
  • Easy Access Cleaning Port: Each generator has a deliming port located on the outside, top of the unit
  • Generator Steam Standby Mode: Hold generator at a steaming temperature. Allows unit to start cooking quickly.
  • Each compartment has one, 60-Minute Electro-Mechanical Timer with "SureCook" load compensating feature. Manual Bypass Switch for constant steaming.
  • Durable 14 Gauge, Stainless Steel Construction: For compartment door, , cooking cavity and steam generator
  • Exclusive Gemini Drain/Power Control System: Manual 1/2 inch "Ball Valve" type drain that controls main power On/Off and automatically fills generator (located on the control panel)
  • Exclusive Brass Steam Jets distribute even-high velocity steam throughout cooking compartment for faster cooking times
  • Easy, Front -Access Generator Controls comes with a pullout drawer for simple servicing of unit
  • 6˝ Stainless Steel Adjustable Legs with Flanged Feet
  • Approvals: CSA (AGA, CSA) and U.L/NSF#4
  • Compartment Steam Shut-Off Switch when compartment door is opened

Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Optional Features

  • Electronic Timer with Compensating Feature (ETC)
  • Propane Gas (PG)
  • Dissolve Descale Solution, 6 one gallon container w/quart markings (106174)
  • Water Filters
  • Hinged Right Door, controls on right

Cleveland 24CGA6.2S Specification

Cleveland SteamCraft‚ Gemini Model 24CGA6.2S, 54.5" high, Two compartment steamer. Independent steam generators, 50,000 BTU's input per compartment. "SureCook" electro mechanical timer with load compensating feature. Gas valve and water level control system. Exclusive remote probe-type water level controls. Exclusive Brass “Steam Jet” distribution system. Two-piece free-floating compartment door. 14 gauge stainless steel cavity and door. Pullout service drawer for controls and Gemini Drain/Power Control System.

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