Cleveland ES263044E Equipment Stand

Cleveland ES263044E Equipment Stand


Cleveland ES263044E Equipment Stand

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Equipment Stand, 44" H, includes common drain and water connection manifold, for mounting (2) stacked 22CET6's OR (1) 22CET3.1 ON TOP OF (1) 22CET6.1, or (2) 22CCT6Á¢Â€Â™s, stainless steel


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Cleveland ES263044E Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number ES263044E
Weight 100 lbs
Height 44"
Height 37 - 48" high
Base Construction stainless steel base
Top Construction stainless steel top
Base Type undershelf

The Cleveland ES263044E SteamChef 3 & 6 Equipment Stands

Cleveland ES263044E Standard Features

  • All stainless steel welded construction with:
      1 1/4˝ square tubing for UNISTAND25 and UNISTAND34
      1 1/2" square tubing ES26304066E and ES26304466G
  • Level adjustable feet (rear feet are flanged for floor bolting)
  • Stainless steel bottom shelf
  • Preset mounting holes for positioning unit into proper location

Cleveland ES263044E Specification

Shall be CLEVELAND, ___________ open type Equipment Stands for mounting one or two SteamChef™ 3's or 6's. All Stainless Steel welded construction with; 1 1/4˝ square tubing for UNISTAND25 and UNISTAND34; 1 1/2" square tubing for ES263044___. Furnished with Level Adjustable Feet (rear feet are flanged for floor bolting). Preset mounting Holes for positioning unit into proper location

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