Edlund CSR-016B Bar Condiment Holder

Edlund CSR-016B Bar Condiment Holder


Edlund CSR-016B Bar Condiment Holder



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Cold Pan Box, 1/6 pan enclosure, hinged lid with hole, temperature range: 41°F (4°C) up to 8 hours without ice, dishwasher safe, black plastic insert, stainless steel

Edlund CSR-016B Specs

Brand Edlund
Model Number CSR-016B
Weight 5.2 lbs
Compartments 1
Base Construction stainless steel

Edlund Kitchen Equipment/Prep


  • Now you can upgrade your front of the house food bars, buffet tables and beverage dispensing areas and keep products cool and safe. Our new CS series cold pan boxes are perfect for creamers, butter pats, lemon wedges and other condiments. Food stays chilled at or below 40˚F for up to eight hours without messy ice or electricity. Edlund’s stainless steel housing and choice of hinged lids keeps food covered and adds eye appeal while keeping products cold and fresh longer and more sanitary and secure for serving. Inserts freeze for eight hours or overnight before filling with pre-chilled product. Make a cool impression on your customers with Edlund.
  • Crushes up to ten #10 cans per minute.
  • Ideal for front or back of the house.
  • Perfect for iced tea stations or soft serve counters.
  • Keeps contents chilled at or below HACCP guidelines of 41˚F (4˚C) without ice or electricity for up to eight hours.
  • Freeze for eight hours or overnight before filling with pre-chilled product.
  • Stainless steel housing and hinged lid keeps cold pan inserts covered and secure for serving.
  • Sixth-size pan insert in choice of black or white.
  • Dishwasher safe insert made of high impact ABS material and filled with nontoxic gel.
  • NSF Component Certified.
  • Made in USA
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