Portion Control Serving Spoons

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Perfectly Even Portions with Portion Control Serving Spoons

Portion control serving spoons ensure you always serve evenly-sized portions. Consistency can be crucial for many customers because they want to adjust the calories they get at each meal. Therefore, sizing portions accurately and evenly is essential for restaurant operators. You can take into consideration below when browsing portion control spoons.

  • Choose the right type – perforated or solid – depending on what you serve.
  • A coated handle can be better for a more comfortable grip.
  • A dishwasher-safe material makes cleanup easier.
  • Match the capacity with the sizes you serve.


These kitchen hand tools make sure every customer gets the same amount. If you run a buffet line, you can use color-coded portion control serving spoons to prevent flavor transfer. You can also check out other serving utensils at Chef's Deal.