Kitchen Cutlery

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Kitchen Cutlery: The Handy Option for Food Prep

Kitchen cutlery is an essential factor to consider when planning the daily operation of a commercial kitchen. Your chefs and staff do a lot of cutting, chopping, and dicing for food storage, preparation, and service, so it is crucial to have necessary and correct cutlery knives, forks, and cutters to facilitate the daily tasks and speed up the whole process.

Features and Advantages of Kitchen Cutlery

Considering the special and diverse needs of restaurants, caterers, cafes, and other foodservice establishments, commercial cutlery suppliers design and produce specially manufactured professional kitchen utensils to help you with the right tools that generally bear the following features:

  • Professional kitchen cutlery is primarily made for commercial use, which brings frequent and rigorous use. They are mainly made from stainless steel to ensure durability.
  • Commercial kitchen knives, forks, and cutters are corrosion-resistant, while the smooth surface offers easy cleaning.
  • Since there are numerous uses of kitchen cutlery in a commercial foodservice establishment, you see a diverse range of professional kitchen knives and cutlery to help with your food prep and service.

Available Kitchen Cutlery

You can check the commercial kitchen cutlery below to find the right tool to help you efficiently carry out food prep.

1. Chef Knives

Chef knives are used to chop vegetables, fruits, meat, or fish; hence, you should carefully select the right commercial kitchen knives among the most frequently used kitchen utensils. Commercial chef knives are made from stainless steel and feature ergonomic, non-slip, and easy-to-use handles, and you can have a look at the professional kitchen knife sets to completely equip your kitchen with all the necessary tools.

2. Paring Knives

Paring knives are short kitchen cutlery used to peel vegetables and fruit without wasting too much of the edible part.

3. Meat Slicing & Carving Knives

These commercial kitchen knives are long and sharp kitchen cutlery that perfectly and smoothly cut meat, steaks, and ribs.

4. Pot, Meat & Carving Forks

Carving forks present a practical use by holding the turkey, chicken, or meat still while cutting them.

5. Specialty Cutlery

We also offer a rich assortment of various knives for you to perfectly slice the pizza with a pizza cutter, while cheese knives are ideal for cutting cheese without cracking it.

6. Commercial Knife Sharpeners

Your premium quality will get dull in time, making your tasks harder and slower. Therefore, you are recommended to have a commercial kitchen knife sharpener to make it sharper and extend its lifetime.

7. Knife Storage & Safety

Kitchen cutlery is mostly sharp commercial kitchen equipment and may cause injuries if not stored properly. So, you can check the storage options below to keep them clean and organized while ensuring safety in your kitchen.

  • Commercial Cutlery Holders and Racks
  • Kitchen Knife Sterilizers
  • Knife Bags, Rolls & Cases


Chef's Deal presents a comprehensive solution to all kinds of needs of the foodservice businesses, and we also retain a large collection of kitchen cutlery to help you with your daily tasks efficiently and rapidly. You can also browse other smallware options to equip your kitchen fully.