Commercial Steamers

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  1. Special Price $2,059.35 $2,283.30

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  5. $6,540.00

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  6. Special Price $1,461.79 $1,548.75

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  9. Special Price $1,559.25 $1,652.00

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  10. $1,324.55

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  11. Special Price $1,465.99 $1,475.00

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  12. Special Price $1,194.63 $1,324.55

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  13. Special Price $2,745.79 $3,044.40

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  14. Special Price $1,431.43 $1,587.10

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  15. $9,335.00

    FINANCE FOR: $227.90/mo.

  16. Special Price $3,206.09 $3,554.75

    FINANCE FOR: $78.27/mo.

  17. Special Price $1,503.27 $1,666.75

    FINANCE FOR: $36.70/mo.

  18. Special Price $1,330.33 $1,475.00

    FINANCE FOR: $32.48/mo.

  19. Special Price $2,234.95 $2,478.00

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  20. Special Price $1,046.38 $1,240.35

    FINANCE FOR: $25.55/mo.

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Cooking shellfish, rice, vegetables, etc. is easier with commercial steamers. Especially, food serving businesses desiring to serve healthier foods for their customers should get a commercial food steamer without hesitation. Here at Chef’s Deal, it is possible to find different types of commercial steamers to fit your different needs. Let’s discover all the features right now!


Steam Your Foods with A Professional


A commercial kitchen steamer is one of the most important parts of your kitchen appliances. It can even be considered as an irreplaceable workhorse in any professional kitchen. Commercial steamer cookers are not only practical for restaurants and cafés but they are also highly used in healthcare centers, college restaurants, casinos and more. Commercial restaurant steamers are mostly used to cook menu items such as rice, shellfish and vegetables easily and quickly. As they cook everything quick and effective, they save you both time and labor. Besides, they eliminate the need for your employees to carry heavy stock pots and thus make them feel happy throughout the day.


The advantages of a commercial restaurant steamer are not limited to these. Here are some other features you might want to consider before you make your purchase:


  • A restaurant steamer helps preserve the flavors of the food.
  • It might be a healthier option as a commercial countertop steamer or a floor-model one uses steam instead of oil and butter.
  • A restaurant food steamer also increases productivity as it cooks faster than the traditional cooking equipment.
  • There are two types of food steamers. One is the gas food steamer and the other is the electric food steamer. A gas food steamer is faster but not portable while an electric food steamer is portable but a little bit slower.
  • Restaurant steamers are also available in either countertop or floor types. If you use frozen food, then you might need a countertop steamer to cook fast and lock the taste. If you cook large quantities, on the other hand, a floor-type steamer might be handier for you.


With decades of experience in the industry, Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of commercial food steamers for sale. You can have a look at your options and make your choice according to your restaurant’s needs. When you reach a decision, it’s time to give us a call to get a special monthly payment plan not to postpone your dreams of outfitting your kitchen with the best commercial steamer models. View all the products now!